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What are the benefits for end-users of Pocket Arena?

Easy access and easy & fun play : End-users can easily create a PA Wallet by simply providing an email and password on the web browser. No download and no installation is needed. PA games are simply playable on any browser on mobile or on PC.


Multiplayer mode with eSports : There are high quality games with different genres, available also for multiplayer modes. From time to time, there will be a PA championship with big prizes for the winners.


Real world rewards and secure game item exchange : The more users play, the more POC they shall earn. They can spend POC on buying virtual game items or participating in PA special events such as PA championship. POC owners can also exchange the POC into other cryptocurrencies at a later point of time when the POC gets listed on a cryptocurrency exchange. When this happens, the POC will become a real world value to the end-users.

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