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Is the Pocket Arena team able to make this happen?

Since 2013, the PA teams have been developing the basis of Pocket Arena eSports AI and providing branded games for different international brands through the product of www.brandedminigames.com. With a solid technical backgrounds in HTML5 gaming and blockchain technology, we have been building this Pocket Arena since 2013.

With the recent launch of the advanced HTML5 games at Facebook Instant Games and KakaoTalk, we are boasting a DAU of over 600,000 for our games. Also with a solid partnership with Mobirix (mobile) and FHL games (PC) for developing PA games, we are the unique blockchain game platform provider who is approved by the Swiss finance regulatory body. Our utility token, working platform and dapps are also part of the ecosystem reviewed by this body. Pocket Arena SDK will be offered to 3 party game developers for free by Q3 2018 and we continue to make partnerships with various worldwide game developers, major messenger apps (Facebook, Kakao Talk, WeChat), esports organisers, international brands.

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