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What is POC?

POC is an ERC 20 crypto token created for Pocket Arena dApps.

In 2018, POC was recognized by the Swiss financial supervisory authority FINMA as a cryptocurrency for the Pocket Arena platform, PA-Dapp games and PA Wallet as utility tokens.

In 2020, We made a very big technical upgrade to POC and Pocket Arena. It applies DLT (Digital Ledger Technology) called “Hyperledger Fabric”. Another name for DLT is Private Blockchain.

Since March 2021, the POC has started to operate within a DLT based Pocket Arena Wallet (PA Wallet).

Even though POC runs on the Ethereum network for listing or wallet interoperability, when it comes to Pocket Arena dApps and in-game asset transactions, it is operated under a PA Wallet based on Hyperledger Fabric. So the speed is very fast, approximately 1-2 seconds, and transaction fees are zero.