Introduction to mPOC

We are pleased to introduce a new POC category — mPOC to enrich the user experience and fun for Castle Defense and to extend the utility of POC.

mPOC is a short name of membership POC which is basically, the POC that is transferred from Metamask into PA Wallet. Either the purchased POC (currently from Pancake Swap) or the aPOC or bPOC withdrawn to your Metamask wallet, can be deposited back into PA Wallet for the purpose of upgrading your NFT Castles and topping-up your Arena Pool XP via mPOC.

In this guide we will highlight aPOC, bPOC and talk about the uses and features of mPOC.

  • aPOC is nothing but wPOC which was acquired by playing PVE mode of Castle Defense before launching PvP mode (of Castle Arena) and has undergone a prudent audit by the team at Pocket Arena.
  • The audit is carried out as per the following rules: XPs earned from playing max 20 times per hour is allowed whereas XPs earned from playing more than 20 times per hour is cancelled.
  • bPOC is the shortened version of battle POC which is converted from tXP which is acquired in Castle Arena, by participating in battles.
  • tXP earned and accumulated can be converted to bPOC.
  • mPOC is the POC that the user deposits from MetaMask wallet to PA account.
  • mPOC is that it can be withdrawn without any limitation.
  • mPOC can also be spent for buying items like Epoint, player XP, Castle, Castle Item, Attack Strategies and more.

mPOC’s use and features

  • No withdrawal limitations
  • Can be spent in NFT Castle market.
  • Faster transfers from metamask to PA wallet.

Details mentioned in this guide are subject to change at any time with/without prior notice. Please follow our social media channels and TG for more information.

Pocket Arena Newsletter — Released on 12th May 2022

40 Forest Land Giveaway

We have lined up an exciting campaign from this week onwards, as there are in total 390 Forest lands plots available. Here is the 1st series of campaigns for 40 lands to be given away for 20 winners! The Forest Land Giveaway is an opportunity for NFT Castle owners to own a piece of precious land on the virtual land map of Lucerne and earn passive income. So , Click on the link to enter this contest in Gleam. Please note. The 20 eligible winners have to have an existing player rental contract and should not own a piece of land during the duration of the contest.

Giveaway link here

Rule Breakers got banned!

We at Pocket Arena are constantly on the lookout for suspicious activities occurring in the Pocket Arena ecosystem. Rule breakers such as multi account players, bot/macro players, cheaters have been manipulating battles, discouraging and taking advantage of other honest players.

To give a perspective to all our stakeholders involved, we have a total of over 85,000 PA signed-up accounts which are verified. Over the last one week we have detected over 1600 accounts to be malicious and we have already taken steps and have banned them.

Also we managed to block most macro used battles which resulted in the Public Pool significantly lower than before. Now, we have a higher attack success rate after the marco players have been blocked. Honest skilled players will win and earn the most!

Sneak Peak into NFT Castle Town

Our team has been really busy and equally productive over the last weeks. Our development squad have now presented the chat feature which will be integrated into NFT Castel Town. This feature will be accessible via NFT Emoji Avatars and will allow users to chat with each other. The preview screenshot above shows the chat feature in action. The first debut of Castle Town may be in Q3 2022!

Spectator mode coming soon

In yet another development update announcement, we are glad to present the “Spectator Mode” which will be coming very soon to Castle Defense. Spectator mode will allow users to watch a replay of the recent battle they have been engaged with. Apart from watching a rerun of the battle the Spectator Mode will also assist users to fine tune their attack strategies and help them win battles.

At the same time, we are gearing up for Esports Broadcasting to pick the most exciting battles for broadcasting on a daily basis.

We are still looking for the eligible esports broadcasters who could work with the Pocket Arena team. Are you interested? Please email to

Full announcement here:

Update in the tXP to bPOC process

There is an update in the tXP to bPOC conversion process. A maximum of 55,555 POC per day can be exchanged and only accumulated POC (38 POC/minute) can be exchanged. In addition to this only a certain threshold can be exchanged at a time (subject to change).The exchange button will also disappear then reappear after a time interval of 10 mins.

Full announcement here:

3rd/4th Hall of Fame winners are here!

We are proud to announce that MattX from the Gryphons Guild is the 3rd Hall of Fame winner of NFT Castle Defense.

PA TikTok is open and follow us!

We are glad to announce that we have expanded our social media presence to TikTok, where we will be sharing exciting content. Do follow us to know more about Pocket Arena and other developments.

Follow us on TikTok:

Castle Arena New Term Explained — tXP/cXP and others

Castle Defense V. 2.2.18 has been launched. It comes with quite a few updates, but here are some key highlights to look into.

With the Castle Arena new revenue share system, we have introduced the new XP system as well as a new category of POC — called “bPOC*” means battle POC.

The new XP system is aimed at encouraging players to return to play daily. Let’s start with the terminologies:

  • tXP = refers to temporary XP acquired after the launch of Castle Arena.
  • cXP = refers to Castle XP formed after XP (existing XP from pre-Castle Arena which expires in 30 days), and tXP are clubbed together, which expires in 180 days.




What is tXP?

  • tXP is the XP earned in PVE Stage and Daily Challenge once Castle Arena is launched.
  • tXP is collected/shown in the Arena Pool.
  • Daily max. emission from Daily Challenge and PVE Stage is 250 tXP per user per day. (It does not mean the daily max earning per user is 250 tXP. There is NO max limit of tXP earnings for users in Castle Arena)
  • The tXP in the Arena Pool will be divided into the following: 80% will be used in Castle Arena battles and 20% will be used to upgrade castle items.
  • Your tXP can be used as the entry fee to attack/defend in Castle Arena battles.
  • tXP will also be the reward of a successful attack/defense.
  • The tXP reward can be used again as entry fee in Castle Arena battles.
  • The tXP reward can be converted into bPOC* (battle POC) for Metamask wallet withdrawal.

The total Castle XP (cXP) to be used to upgrade castle items will be the combination of the Castle XP earned in Castle Defense (pre-Castle Arena) and the Castle XP (tXP) mentioned above. This cXP will expire in 180 days.

*There will be another article published soon about how to withdraw bPOC. Upon the next PA wallet ver. release in a week, bPOC withdrawal will be enabled.

Setting — Telegram Chatting


In this new version, you can communicate with the owner or the player via Telegram. Please note this is a quick solution but we are implementing our in-game chatting feature to be launched with Castle Town.

Besides, at the new PvE structure, upon completing stage 10, the castle is granted with an available land plot.


NFT Emoji Avatars, Castle Defense Items Upgrade Guide, Pocket Arena Esports Broadcasters Recruitment and more.


December, Week 4 has passed and we’re about to enter 2022. During the past week, a lot has happened at Pocket Arena with regards to bringing important updates to our community.

Let’s just have a detailed look at the major happenings last week.

Reserve Your own NFT Emoji Avatar for NFT Castle Town – 100 Avatars 



The first edition of 100 NFT Emoji Avatars are coming to NFT Castle Town! NFT Castle Town in the virtual city of Luzern is an exclusive area for peace and commercial activities. Whilst most of land plots (such as Forest, Desert, Snow, Fantasy) will be Esports battlefields, there will be no furious battles happening here in the City land(Castle Town) as this area is for inhabitants to settle down and go about their daily city lives in the Pocket Arena Metaverse. In this Pocket Metaverse, you will need your own avatar to represent yourself in order to do various commercial and non-commercial activities in this Castle Town. 

We are starting a special reservation event for the FIRST 100 unique NFT emoji avatars on a first-come-first-serve basis for those who buy min.1000 USD of $POC and stake for 3 months

Read the full article here:


$POC Trading Competition — 3rd Run


The end of the 1st and the 2nd run of the $POC Trading Competition brought about the introduction of the 3rd round. The 3rd round has already started from 23rd Dec 2pm UTC. In this 3rd round, we will reward the Top 5 Buyers and Holders of $POC from 30th November 2021 to 3rd January 2022 with the highly valued NFTCastles with XP included.

Read the full article here:


Castle Defense Items Upgrade Guide



We have now introduced crucial item upgrades to these in-game characters and towers. With these upgrades the characters and towers can now be equipped with gear to increase their power, customize their abilities, and unlock new abilities. In this post we will talk about the Knight, the Wizard and the towers featured in Castle Defense and their items upgrade. 

Read to know more:


Pocket Arena Esports Broadcasters Recruitment



Our Castle Defense PvP battle — “Castle Arena” battle for the land of Luzern, Switzerland starts in Jan 2022 with 5000 NFT Castles, players, guilds. The biggest fun part would be watching the highlights of the Esports match of the day. So keeping this in mind we have decided to recruit professional eSports Broadcasters in different languages. Successfully recruited broadcasters will be compensated in USD or EUR with bonus as a contractor of Emoji Games. To sign up for a professional eSports Broadcasters program please fill the form below.

Pocket Arena Esports Broadcasters Recruitment Form


Introducing Castle Defense Guilds – Castle Defense Warriors



In our first Castle Defense guild introduction, we are proud to introduce “Castle Defense Warriors”. Headed by Guild Manager “Martyn” and assisted by Assistant Guild Manager “Khughe”, Post-Covid is opening a new era of Esports and bringing worldwide gamers together. Pocket Arena Team is proud that we are at the forerunners in this new path. We welcome new guilds from different countries. The min. required guild members for a guild establishment are 20 people.  

Guild Application

Pocket Arena has been featured on Cointelegraph, the leading international crypto media.


As it currently stands, there is a lot of hype around the metaverse concept. While market excitement exists, fundamental considerations are still being overlooked, namely, the desire for others to be a part of it. Would the metaverse need to be futuristic in context, closer to the real world, composed of online avatars or designed for gamers? Surprisingly, among the top answers is esports. Here’s why.

Read the full article here:

Play-to-earn NFT gaming portal and platform combines the metaverse with esports to encourage participation

As it currently stands, there is a lot of hype around the metaverse concept. While market excitement exists, fundamental considerations are still being overlooked, namely, the desire for others to be a part of it. Namely, the desire for others to want to be a part of it. This leaves an important question on the table: how can pioneers in this industry excite people enough to want to spend a substantial amount of their time and money in a digital format. Would the metaverse need to be futuristic in context, closer to the real world, composed of online avatars or designed for gamers? Surprisingly, among the top answers is esports. Here’s why.

By providing the world, and more specifically, gamers, the opportunity to battle with each other and earn real rewards, some incentive is given for people to participate in this digital space. For this reason, the concept of “play-to-earn,” or P2E, becomes crucial in providing power back to the players that support the game, rather than one of two members of the gaming duopoly that exists today.

Therefore, this business model takes an open economy, provides financial benefits to all participants in it and further guarantees that any games earned don’t ever leave the player’s possession. While this covers the earning aspect, something needs to be said for the entertainment factor. Without the introduction of competition and winning, the metaverse is little more than an online shopping center with spending opportunities, a world that one can only spend so much time in.

Pocket Arena is shaping the narrative with the vision to create an easy-to-use and trusted gaming ecosystem for tournaments and casual games, where anyone can be rewarded for their efforts. By taking esports and the metaverse and combining it with NFT castles into this old-school strategy or castle defense game, Pocket Arena was born.

Positioned for an upwards trajectory

The difference is rather than allowing metaverse entrance through the sale of land plots that can be purchased by people who already have a large amount of capital at their disposal, the game is targeted to reward those with good gaming skills. Therefore, land plots are provided to esports players to enhance, a decision that has guided the rest of the initial game development.

The team’s flagship game, Castle Defense, already accounts for more than 10,000 daily active users that span across the globe, including participants from the Philippines, Vietnam, India, the United States and South Korea, spending on average 30 min per user in the Pocket Arena. With initial success, the game’s evolution will include the introduction of guilds, or in other words, groups of professional esports players who come together to manage NFT castles and further increase their in-game value. The NFT Castle price was initially sold at 49 EUR, and currently, these are being traded at 800EUR depending on the strength level of the Castle by showing 3.3 times of value increase within three months time.


With the introduction of a new land feature, the opportunities to own NFT items and earn will increase, making the 2D metaverse all that more interesting. The emergence of esports battles and the metaverse will create an experience much more enticing for users.

Opening the land map

Pocket Arena has announced the closing of a $2.14 million private round by selling 3.3% of the total supply of Pocket Arena Token (POC) from several industry-leading investors, including Signum Capital, Unanimous Capital, Legion Ventures, LD Capital, Ethereal Capital, Brotherhood Ventures, Exnetwork, Halvings Capital, Master Ventures, Calamari Ventures, Minted Lab and Standard Merchant, as well as leading influencers such as Slavik Junge, Alexander Kondrashov, Evan Luthra and others.

Alongside this funding, Pocket Arena Token has successfully listed on PancakeSwap (CAKE), allowing users to cash out and trade. With strong backing, the team has recently released their Land Map, where the 5000 NFT Castle owners are able to look at and choose a plot of land for their own NFT Castle. This PvP (players-versus-players) battle called Castle Arena will kick off in mid-January 2022.

Emoji Games, the company behind Pocket Arena, has been in the mobile gaming industry since 2005 as a long-term partner of Samsung Mobile and working with many global companies such as Meta (formerly Facebook), Kakao Games, Electronic Arts, Sega, Namco and others.

Article Link:

Introducing aPOC

The team at Pocket Arena has been working hard to create a sustainable and fair gaming ecosystem. In other Play2Earn gaming projects, we have seen multiple cases where users can be manipulative in nature.

In the Pocket Arena ecosystem, our users enjoy playing games in a legitimate way but we have experienced a handful (less than 5%) of users who are abusing this ecosystem and harming other users only by exploiting the games.

Even though these malicious users are not many in terms of numbers, we have investigated that they have exchanged enormous amounts of total XP into wPOC that damages most of other healthy users and investors.

Why aPOC?

Since the launch of NFT Castle Defense, we have been serving a number of notices and warnings to users, that bot gaming activities are not allowed in Pocket Arena.

Back in Sep 2021, we audited Castle XP, downgraded quite a few NFT Castles and reduced their XP which was acquired illegitimately. i.e by multitap gaming, bot playing, etc.

In order to create a sustainable, healthy and fair esports gaming ecosystem, we are also starting an audit for players wPOC to detect those which have been collected in illegitimate ways.

Therefore we are introducing “aPOC” which means audited, KYC’ed and approved POC which can be cashed out into Metamask wallet and can be used to buy NFT Castles and other NFT items in Pocket Arena.

How to transfer my wPOC to aPOC

After the successful completion of the above 2 steps, then only wPOC will be converted to aPOC. Users with aPOC will be allowed to do the following:

– Withdrawal to your Metamask wallet (New fee policy — You must have at least 20 POC in your Metamask wallet to withdraw your POC next time.).

– Purchase of NFT Castle in the P2P NFT Castle Market and other NFT items in Pocket Arena.

Most of Pocket Arena users who did not use bots/multitab playing have nothing to worry about, because this audit will only hamper the accounts who have practiced malicious activities. This process will benefit the most of users and investors who want to enjoy and grow this Pocket Arena together.

Pocket Arena Esports Broadcasters Recruitment

Our Castle Defense PvP battle — “Castle Arena” battle for the land of Luzern, Switzerland starts in Jan 2022 with 5000 NFT Castles, players, guilds.

The biggest fun part would be watching the highlights of the Esports match of the day. So keeping this in mind we have decided to recruit professional eSports Broadcasters in different languages.

Successfully recruited broadcasters will be compensated in USD or EUR with bonus as a contractor of Emoji Games. To sign up for professional eSports Broadcasters program please fill the form below.

Pocket Arena Esports Broadcasters Recruitment Form

If you are eligible, we will contact you after some days via our official email address —

$POC Trading Competition

In order to celebrate the successful launch of $POC on PancakeSwap, we will be starting a $POC trading competition on PancakeSwap. The trading competition will be running in 3 series during the next 4–5 weeks. The 3 competitions will have different criteria of winners. The 2nd and the 3rd competition will start, right after the 1st competition is closed.

1. What is this competition about?

We would like to encourage $POC trading on PancakeSwap and give attractive rewards to those who showed the biggest buy within the time frame.

Daily Biggest Buyer — 1 biggest $POC buyer until 14:00 UTC of the next day (CUT-OFF TIME) will be awarded with one fresh NFT Castle. — In total, 7 fresh NFT Castles

Announcement for daily winner — Daily winner announcements will be made via Pocket Arena’s social media channels. (During weekends, the winners will be announced on Monday)

Weekly Biggest Buyer — Top 14 biggest $POC buyers until 16th December 2021, 14:00 UTC (CUT-OFF TIME) will be rewarded with in total 14 special numbered NFT Castles with XPs inside.

NFT Castles with special serial numbers and XPs are as listed below:

Announcement for the weekly winners : will be made on 17th December 2021. Top 5 winners can choose their preferred castles from the above list. As per order of winners, the 1st winner will choose their own preferred castle followed by 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th.

For the rest 9 winners, the castle will be randomly decided by the Pocket Arena Team.

2. Date and time of the $POC Trading Competition

This 1st competition will start from 9th December 2021, 15:00 UTC until 16th December 2021, 14:00 UTC.

Starting Date/Time

UTC, Time Zone Thu, 9 Dec 2021 at 15:00

Zürich, Switzerland Thu, 9 Dec 2021 at 16:00 CET

New York, USA Thu, 9 Dec 2021 at 10:00 EST

Seoul, South Korea Fri, 10 Dec 2021 at 00:00 KST

Closing Date/Time

UTC, Time Zone Thu, 16 Dec 2021 at 14:00

Zürich, Switzerland Thu, 16 Dec 2021 at 15:00 CET

New York, USA Thu, 16 Dec 2021 at 09:00 EST

Seoul, South Korea Thu, 16 Dec 2021 at 23:00 KST

3. Requirement

Participants are required to submit the following information in order to participate, minimum 24 hours ahead of CLOSING TIME (UTC, Time Zone Thu, 16 Dec 2021 at 14:00).

  1. Name,
  2. PA ID — EMAIL
  3. BSC address to trade in PancakeSwap

This can be done by entering the details in the Google Docs Form

4. Rewards Claim

Castle claim for all winners > after all the winner announcements on 16 Dec , the winners can send email to from your registered PA email with the Metamask wallet capture such as shown in the screenshot below.

5. More information about $POC

Current circulating supply of $POC= 656,985 POC (0.065%)

Total/max. supply of $POC = 1,000,000,000 POC

Current Daily Active Users : 9–10K on daily basis as of 01 Dec 2021

Top 5 countries of users : Philippines, Vietnam, US, India, Thailand

$POC main investors : Signum Capital, LD Capital, Unanimous Capital. See more details here

Start trading $POC NOW:

DEXtool info:

Signum Capital invests in Pocket Arena

Singapore-based MAS registered crypto investment firm invests in Pocket Arena, a mobile-first Play-to-Earn NFT games portal and platform that supports skill-based tournaments and user-generated #NFT gaming with an NFT Marketplace.

Founded in 2017, Signum Capital comprises a team of crypto enthusiasts with complementary backgrounds and interdisciplinary perspectives. The Signum team is ready to assist the founders to deploy their ideas, and to facilitate the adoption of their products both inside and outside the crypto community.

Signum Capital is a registered fund management company with the Monetary Authority of Singapore.

About Pocket Arena
Pocket Arena’s vision is to create an easy-to-use and trusted gaming ecosystem for ordinary people to enjoy playing, grow digital assets and become the world’s biggest NFT DApp Mobile Gaming Platform.

Pocket Arena: The journey thus far and what’s ahead


You might not know this about us, but Pocket Arena has been around, in one form or another, for quite a long time. Emoji Games, Pocket Arena’s parent company, arrived on the scene in 2005 with the introduction of their try-and-buy micropayment solution to be used by game developers. This development was part of what secured us partnerships with Samsung, Gameloft, Namco, EA, Sega, and Ericsson.

Developing games is our specialty. We went on to create branded mini-games (BMGs) that could be installed within mobile shopping apps to increase daily users. Since then, BMGs have been integrated by more than 100 brands including BMW and KFC. We have also developed many hyper-casual and casual games at the recommendation and request of game publishers. As part of Emoji Games, we have delivered more than 1.5 billion games in 55 countries wide since our inception. 

However, we are not ready to stop there. All of the experience gathered over the last 17 or so years, as part of Emoji Games and beyond, is now being used to develop new blockchain gaming experiences. Over the next few months, we’re going to see new games, new updates, and new features for our community that will continue to bring value to their playing experience. 


          What’s In The Pipeline For Castle Arena 

          Community Building 

          What’s Coming Up 

What’s In The Pipeline For Castle Arena 

One game that takes up a lot of our time is Castle Defense. Our team is always hard at work collaborating with each other to bring you the next set of updates for our flagship game. 

Our guild feature already has registered members from over different nationalities and we’re looking to expand to even more. Guilds are going to be a huge part of the Castle Defense ecosystem, allowing castle owners and players to share XP and build trust between each other for their mutual benefit. Castle Defense will also see the introduction of the new Luzern map, which will host 99 different Guilds and consist of 11,444 land plots with space for a maximum of 5000 NFT castles. Spectator mode will also soon be introduced to the castle defense experience. In order to open Castle Defense to a bigger market, Pocket Arena will be integrating the Euro-pegged stablecoin eEUR. Users will be able to buy NFT castles with eEUR and also withdraw eEUR to USDT.

With all these new features being added to the game, the next few months is set to be a very exciting time for NFT Castle Defense. We expect to see a huge amount of players earning XP on our platform and it is for this reason that we will be introducing our XP audit program. This audit will be for the P2P Castle market and will verify the amount of XP a castle has earned as part of the game. The amount of XP attached to a castle will determine how effective it is in gameplay and therefore, how valuable it is. With this in mind, verifying the XP of a castle will create a healthy and sustainable eSports ecosystem for everyone involved. 

Community Building 

Another area that Pocket Arena is always working on is our community reach. We have over 7000 members on our Telegram, almost 13000 followers on Twitter, and more than 4000 followers on Facebook. Because of the amount of value in our games, it is vital that customer queries and complaints are answered in a timely fashion. Customers should not tolerate any lingering uncertainty concerning digital assets that might be very valuable to them. With this in mind, these social networks will be used to deliver excellent customer support and ensure that we can always be in contact with our community. 

Our community has also recently passed a very special Milestone. In October 2020, the peak daily average user (DAU) of Axie infinity was 5,500. This October our DAU passed that number to reach 6,224. Since last year, Axie Infinity has gone on to become the biggest name in blockchain gaming. Having reached this milestone and seeing very high retention levels Axie’s is a journey we hope to emulate in the coming year.

What’s Coming Up

One of the biggest developments in our Pocket Arena story is soon to be upon us. Within the next few months we will be announcing the launch of our IDO which will finally see our POC token go on public sale. We’re all very excited about this so we can’t wait to see who decides to take part. 

Castle Arena remains our biggest focus though and the new features that include maps, playing styles, and land for our players to capture, are sure to bring even more value into the space. Those looking to get involved should be quick though because once the 5,000th NFT castle is minted we’ll be pausing our NFT sales for a few weeks. P2P sales will continue though allowing investors to continue to realize value from their own gaming assets.

Join our community

We have a tight-knit community of gamers on Twitter, Facebook, Telegram and Discord. Follow us to stay updated and informed with our latest and upcoming activities.