How to withdraw wEUR

Users who have sold their NFT Castles or the users who earned the eEUR from their contributions can now withdraw their wEUR from their Pocket Arena wallet. The process is rather simple and we have created this step by step guide and a Google Form to facilitate this withdrawal.

Step 1:

Visit the link below to gain access to the wEUR withdrawal application form.

Step 2:

Sign up with your Email ID. Please provide the email ID which you have used to sign up to Pocket Arena.

Step 3:

Enter your Pocket Arena ID (also known as the PA ID) in the field. Your PA ID will be below your display picture. You can use the “copy” functionality to avoid typing manually and past this number from the clipboard to the field in the Google Form.

Step 4:

Enter the usable amount of wEUR you intend to withdraw. Usable amount, is the wEUR which has completed 6 weeks after receiving the same, and this figure will automatically be displayed under the Usable Amount section.

NOTE: You can withdraw anywhere from 200 wEUR up to 800 wEUR once a day. No separate KYC required.


Terms and Conditions of wEUR withdrawal

1. Only in USDT (TRC20 Tron Network) : This is important! Your USDT wallet must be TRC20 wallet (under TRON network).

1.1 If you provide us with your wallet address in another network. you will lose USDT forever and in this case we will not be responsible.

1.2 Therefore, you must provide us with a multichain external wallet address (NOT Metamask) supporting TRC20 tokens. Trustwallet is an example of a multi chain wallet.

1.3 You need to have at least 1 TRON in the wallet in order to activate the wallet.

2. Service Fee: 6.25% service fee against a singular wEUR withdrawal.

3. FX rate from EUR to USDT : at the time of processing.

4. Min/Max withdrawal amount : Min: 200 wEUR. Max: 800 wEUR per day.

5. Processing time : 3-5 working days (No Sat/Sunday, No public holidays in Switzerland)

6. Your wEUR must be in the PA wallet for at least 6 weeks.

Please note from Dec 2021 the withdrawal of wEUR will be done within the Pocket Arena Wallet directly.

Privacy Policy applies

How to Deposit POC From DCoin to PA Wallet

In this post we will talk about how you can deposit POC from Dcoin to your PA Wallet. Follow the steps listed below to know the entire transfer process.

  • Visit to view your assets. Ensure you are logged in or have entered the correct login details when you are prompted to. 
  • To view all your POC investments, type “POC” in the search field located on the right side of the balances menu. You can check the reference image below.

Once POC is displayed, navigate to “Manage” and click on the 3 dotted icon. You can check the reference image below.

  • As shown in the above image, click on “Withdraw” from the dropdown menu. As soon you click withdraw, you will be navigated to the withdrawal page.
  • Enter the public key correctly in the “Withdraw by Address” field. The public key will be as follows: GDPVRT6SSYDJDFBXLUJYZIY4O24GIZU6ODOEAT5CZRMSUCK3BZI3PURK
  • POC Memo must also be entered correctly. Ensure you enter the correct public key here. Otherwise POC won’t be deposited to your PA wallet.

NOTE: POC Memo is different for each PA account. Your POC Memo can be viewed by clicking -> POC Classic -> Dcoin  banner, in your PA Wallet. Please check the reference image below.


Points to remember:

Dcoin incurs a fee.

Minimum withdrawn quantity is 300 POC.

Withdrawal fees will be applicable.

This Withdrawal service is only supported until 15th October 2021.

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