How to Buy POC on PancakeSwap

PancakeSwap allows us to swap tokens and in this article we will provide you with some basic wallet information around PancakeSwap and how to buy POC on PancakeSwap, which includes setting up your wallet and adding POC tokens to your wallet.

BSC Smart Contract Address:

Direct link to buy POC on PancakeSwap

You can click the link below and view the BUSD/POC trading pair directly. Please add POC and BUSD once you are prompted to add them in your Metamask when you do the trade/swap.

BUSD/POC trading pair

Currently it is shown as “Unknown Source”. No worries. We are working with Trust Wallet and the BSC Team to get verified and add our logo.

Tick “I understand” and “Import

After “Import”, you should be able to see POC in your Metamask wallet.

Recommended Wallet

It is recommended to use the MetaMask wallet on your PC browser. The PC browser can preferably be Google Chrome.

You will have to set up Metamask wallet by installing the MetaMask extension for your Chrome browser. Log in to ,select the “Download” option and then click on “Install MetaMask for Chrome”

You will then be directed to the chrome web store where you will have to click on “Add to Chrome” to add the extension to your Chrome browser.

After this you will be directed to set up your MetaMask wallet by importing Secret Recovery Phrase or creating a new wallet and Secret Recovery Phrase. After following these steps your MetaMask wallet will be ready and the icon will appear next to the Chrome address bar.

Adding the Binance Smart Chain Network Compatibility to your Wallet

Since we will be using MetaMask with PancakeSwap to send POC to wallet, we will need to convert MetaMask to Binance Smart Chain compatibility.

MetaMask is an Etherum wallet so you need to add Binance Smart Chain capability to MetaMask so that you can use Binance Smart Chain tokens also known as BEP20 tokens.

To do this click on the MetaMask extension in chrome, followed by clicking the circular profile icon located in the top right corner. Then click on settings.

Under settings select “Network” and “Add Network”

Enter the following details as shown below to add the Binance Smart Chain network to your Metamask wallet.

Network Name: BSC Mainnet
Chain ID: 56
Currency Symbol: BNB
Block Explorer URL:

Once this is done, click on save and this is how the wallet will look like with the Binance Smart Chain compatibility added.

Please Note: And before swapping, you must connect MetaMask.

Adding POC token to MetaMask

To add POC token to your MetaMask click on “Import Tokens” and enter the following details as shown below.

Token Contract Address: 0x1b6609830c695f1c0692123bd2fd6d01f6794b98
Token Symbol: POC
Token Decimal: 18

Adding BUSD token to MetaMask

PancakeSwap supports BUSD so your MetaMask must have BUSD. To do this, click on “Import Tokens” and enter the following details as shown below.

Token Contract Address: 0xe9e7cea3dedca5984780bafc599bd69add087d56
Token Symbol: BUSD
Token Decimal: 18

After setting BUSD, withdraw BUSD to MetaMask on a Crypto Exchange such as Binance, and must select BSC (BEP20) as Network.

You can check the POC price and the transactions on this website below.

$POC PancakeSwap listing Date and Other Updates

We have finally decided the PancakeSwap listing date for our $POC token. The date is as follows:

$POC PancakeSwap listing Date: 30th November 2021, 10AM CET

POC- BUSD pair

BSC Smart Contract Address (newly updated final one)

Currently, we are implementing advanced anti-bot measures to prevent malicious bot activities that could happen on PancakeSwap. 

Also, the beta version of wPOC withdrawal process on the new PA wallet may be open from the 1st of December 2021. We believe security is the most important thing in this withdrawal process and we are currently implementing crucial security and validity measures such as two factor authentication and bot user detection. 

This updated new PA wallet with wPOC withdrawal function will be in its beta stage, and may require continuous bug fixing and function updates. For that reason, the withdrawal process would require some manual verification and this process could take a couple of days depending on the withdrawal requests. 

Please note the newly updated smart contracts addresses for POC on ERC20 and BEP20 as below. We had to re-deploy the smart contracts due to a minor bug which was rectified and confirmed by our auditor, Hacken.

See the full report.



We have detected there are already a few fake POC addresses created by scammers on BSC. Please be aware of these fake addresses and always check the legit address of POC. 

In other important updates, we regret to inform you that the previously postponed IDO on PAID Ignition Network will NOT be rescheduled. Also no other IDO platform is pursued.