Looking for Sponsors? 3 easy ways to find an NFT Castle sponsor

Your search for a sponsor ends here! 

We are going to talk about how you, as an Esports player, can find the right NFT Castle sponsor, quicker, and start playing Castle Defense right away. 


A professional Esports player of Castle Defense, will know how tricky it was initially to find a castle. But as time passed by we have introduced key updates to the game and also focused on community feedback, to make Castle Defense a wonderful experience.

An NFT Castle owner goes by many names such as sponsor, or castle owner. In our world, we call the NFT Castle owner as the Sponsor. A Sponsor is the person who buys an NFT Castle from our NFT Castle Market for a price. The castle is then listed for renting where Esports players can rent the castle and earn XP for themselves and for the castle as well. As a result, the value of the castle increases, thereby benefiting the player as well as the sponsor.

Do you really need an NFT Castle?

In the Castle Defense ecosystem, an NFT Castle is important to advance to the later stages of the game. Of course, an Esports player can play along without renting a castle, but as the game progresses, the difficulty level increases and in such cases renting an NFT Castle becomes a wiser choice.

Rented NFT Castles come with upgraded weapons such as upgradable lightning and cannon towers. With such upgrades, it’s easier to battle enemies and proceed to different stages of the game.

Also, without a castle, it’s not possible for a player to play Daily Challenges or 1V1 Challenges. Therefore, to have a wholesome Castle Defense experience, it’s important to rent an NFT Castle.

This brings us to our main point : How can one find an NFT Castle sponsor?

In this post we will talk about 3 easy ways to find an NFT Castle sponsor. So read on to know more.

3 easy ways to find an NFT Castle sponsor


1) In-game renting of an NFT Castle

The first easiest way to find a sponsor is as simple as it sounds. A player can rent any sponsor’s castle directly from the menu of Castle Defense

Here’s how. On the main menu of Castle Defense, there will be an alert section on the top of the screen if you do not have an NFT Castle. Upon clicking the link, you will come across the upgrade screen, where a list of castles will be displayed.

As highlighted earlier, a lot of features have been added to Castle Defense for a seamless user experience. One of the notable update, is while renting a castle. 

We have added 4 filters where players can filter out castles based on XP, Newly minted castles, Manual Contracts and Automatic Contracts.

Here’s what you can expect while using the filters:

XP(H): This filter arranges castles with higher XP in ascending order.

New Castles: Using this filter will display newly minted castles. These are new castles purchased from NFT Castle Market and do not have any XP on them.

Manual Contracts: These are castles that require the sponsor’s review. In other words, if you want to rent this type of castle, your rent request will be reviewed by the owner of the castle where he/she will view your gaming history, XP earning ability, etc. The renting of such a castle depends on the discretion of the sponsor.

Automatic Contracts: These are castles that don’t require the sponsor’s review. You can rent the castle immediately and start playing Castle Defense right away.

It’s now easy for a player to find the right castle but if you are still looking for alternate ways, there are 2 more as listed below.



2) Networking through Pocket Arena’s Official Telegram

Our official telegram is a home to over 7,500 Castle Defense enthusiasts which comprises of players and sponsors, who network with each other. As a result, players have found sponsors and vice versa. 

Apart from providing a platform to interact with each other on Telegram, we also provide game updates and customer support regarding Castle Defense and other casual games offered by Pocket Arena. 

We would recommend you to join our Telegram if you are a player looking for sponsors or if you’re a sponsor looking for players.


3) Networking through Pocket Arena’s Official Discord

We started our Discord server in the month of August 2021 and the community on Discord has been growing rapidly. At the time of writing this article, we have crossed 4,500 members on Discord. 

Our Discord is categorized into multiple channels for efficient communication among users. For instance, if you visit Discord you will find a lot of users interacting with each other in our country specific channels like the ones for Philippines, France, Vietnam, Korea, and Japan.

So if you join our Discord server, chances are you can find a sponsor by networking with the right people across channels.




Hope this helps you in finding the right NFT Castle sponsor. The filter update to castle renting has made things easier for anyone seeking to rent a castle, and we feel now it will be easier to rent an NFT Castle in Castle Defense. 

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