Introduction to mPOC

We are pleased to introduce a new POC category — mPOC to enrich the user experience and fun for Castle Defense and to extend the utility of POC.

mPOC is a short name of membership POC which is basically, the POC that is transferred from Metamask into PA Wallet. Either the purchased POC (currently from Pancake Swap) or the aPOC or bPOC withdrawn to your Metamask wallet, can be deposited back into PA Wallet for the purpose of upgrading your NFT Castles and topping-up your Arena Pool XP via mPOC.

In this guide we will highlight aPOC, bPOC and talk about the uses and features of mPOC.

  • aPOC is nothing but wPOC which was acquired by playing PVE mode of Castle Defense before launching PvP mode (of Castle Arena) and has undergone a prudent audit by the team at Pocket Arena.
  • The audit is carried out as per the following rules: XPs earned from playing max 20 times per hour is allowed whereas XPs earned from playing more than 20 times per hour is cancelled.
  • bPOC is the shortened version of battle POC which is converted from tXP which is acquired in Castle Arena, by participating in battles.
  • tXP earned and accumulated can be converted to bPOC.
  • mPOC is the POC that the user deposits from MetaMask wallet to PA account.
  • mPOC is that it can be withdrawn without any limitation.
  • mPOC can also be spent for buying items like Epoint, player XP, Castle, Castle Item, Attack Strategies and more.

mPOC’s use and features

  • No withdrawal limitations
  • Can be spent in NFT Castle market.
  • Faster transfers from metamask to PA wallet.

Details mentioned in this guide are subject to change at any time with/without prior notice. Please follow our social media channels and TG for more information.

Launch Schedule Announcements: Castle Arena, and more


Our team has been working extremely hard these past few months to deliver the best service and optimal performance to our users. However, on account of some unforeseen circumstances, we have some important announcements we would like to share with you.

Castle Arena Launch

As Castle Arena was in its final Quality Assurance phase, the launch was expected sooner than later. However, due to some unexpected quality issues detected, our developers need some time to fix them. As a result, Castle Arena launch has been pushed to mid-Feb (tentatively Feb 15). We apologize for the inconvenience.

Issue From the Last Audited Castle and the Compensation

It has come to our knowledge that some errors were encountered regarding previously audited Castles’ XP and Item retrieval process. We will fix this error for those who own these affected castles, and the compensation will be made to the owners before the Castle Arena launch date.

New Map Castle Sales — Kanton Zug

The new map Kanton Zug with a new batch of castles ( 800 Castles) is tentatively scheduled for March 2022 ( exact date will be announced). Kanton Zug is internationally recognized as a “crypto valley” and is home to a cluster of top tier crypto projects like Ethereum foundation, Polkadot, Cardano, Near protocol and… now Pocket Arena (Emoji Games) among others!

We have recently moved our domicile from Luzern to Zug! The land size of Kanton Zug (239 km²) is much smaller than Kanton Luzern (1,494 km²), so the allocated Castles will be 800 only.

The price for the new Zug map castle is EUR 149 along with 150 EUR worth of POC staking for 3 months.

NFT Emoji Avatars

The launch of 100 Limited-Edition NFT Emoji Avatars is going as planned, and they will be available by the end of Jan for selection for those who reserved.

Castle Arena New Revenue Share Structure

This article will highlight the updated XP share structure in NFT Castle Defense and Castle Arena. Before we discuss the XP flow, let’s talk about the concept of Land,Castle Arena and how they are co-related to each other. 

Land in Castle Arena

If you own an NFT Castle, you are entitled to receive land for your castle for free. With this land you can fight battles with an aim to acquire your opponents land and earn passive income from that captured land. 

To know more about the introduction of land to Castle Arena read the article below.

Land Map Viewer and Land Selection

The new XP share structure

XP are in-game experience points earned in Castle Defense mainly through Daily Challenges, PVE Stage and Castle Arena. The figure below shows the new XP share structure for Castle Arena

To understand how the new XP share works, we will break down the figure below into the following sections:


  • XP Earned and distributed through Daily Challenges and PVE (Player versus Environment) stage.
  • XP Earned and distributed through Castle Arena.
  • XP distributed according to the Player and the Castle Owner contract.
  • Using Player XP in case of insufficient Arena Pool XP



XP Earned and distributed through Daily Challenges and PVE (Player versus Environment) stage.

As mentioned earlier in Castle Defense, XP’s are earned through Daily Challenges and PVE (Player versus Environment) stages. All XP’s earned here are immediately stored in the Arena Pool.


From the Arena Pool, 80% of XP will be distributed to the Arena XP, which will later be used for entry fee for Castle Arena, and 20% to the Castle XP, which will be used for Castle update. But this Castle XPs will expire after 180 days.

XP Earned and distributed through Castle Arena.

In Castle Arena there is no limit on the number of matches hence no limit on the XP earning capacity. You can set your own attack and defense in Castle Arena. If the attacker wins the match, he gains the opponents lands and both entry fee XPs and if the defender wins, he gets both entry fee XPs. The same is highlighted in the figure below.

After winning, 90% XP will be distributed to the Temporary Space and 10% XP will be distributed to the Public Pool. 

From which, the 90% is converted into 100% and then from that, 20% goes back into the Arena Pool supply, and then the remaining 80% is distributed to the Castle owner and player as shown below.

XP distributed according to the Player and the Castle Owner contract.

Continuing from the above figure, 80% XP is distributed between the Owner of the NFT Castle and the Player in accordance to the terms agreed in the contract. 

Talking about the public pool in Castle Arena, the 10% is converted into 100% and then every 24 hours, the XPs will be automatically distributed between current landowners. 

The distribution breakdown of how much XP goes into each area of land is shown below. 

The land in each area is divided as follows:

It’s important to note that there are less land slots available for higher tiered lands. So, the XP percentage from the public pool is split between fewer castles, hence why the king land slots, shown here with 3%, is the most powerful in the game.

Using Player XP in case of insufficient Arena Pool XP

If the Arena Pool does not have enough XP for Castle Arena, the player can use its own XP (The participation ratio is 2:1. This means that to use player XP once, you have to play 2 times with Arena Pool XP) and in this case, the distribution breakdown is different. 

85% XP will be distributed to the player, 5% will be distributed to the castle owner and 10% will be distributed to the Arena Pool. 

NFT Emoji Avatar for NFT Castle Town

The first edition of 100 NFT Emoji Avatars are coming to NFT Castle Town!

NFT Castle Town in the virtual city of Luzern is an exclusive area for peace and commercial activities. Whilst most of land plots (such as Forest, Desert, Snow, Fantasy) will be Esports battlefields, there will be no furious battles happening here in the City land(Castle Town) as this area is for inhabitants to settle down and go about their daily city lives in the Pocket Arena Metaverse. As published in our previous article, this NFT Castle Town will constitute the Pocket Arena Metaverse where NFT town buildings will be built in Q1 2022. $POC (including XP) will be used as a sole cryptocurrency of all Pocket Arena Metaverse ecosystem from Jan 2022 onwards.


In order to bring the Pocket Arena Metaverse to life, we are excited to introduce NFT Emoji Avatars to represent yourself and express your characters and emotions in NFT Castle Town.

By default the basic Avatar (two characters only) can be rented for all Castle town inhabitants, like below.

We are in the process of minting different NFT Emoji Avatars to represent various personalities and feelings. These NFT Emoji Avatars will be initially on sale by Emoji Games at the price of 98 EUR in January 2022. The avatars move like a 3D character which will enable various movements.



Initial examples of NFT Emoji Avatars. The first 100 edition will be published by the 2nd week of Feb 2022 

NFT Emoji Avatars will be gamified via our game studio and earn XP. Anyone will be able to create, gamify & monetize own NFT avatar, powered by POC.

Also, like the NFT Castle, each NFT Emoji Avatar will have its own serial number to ensure only limited numbers are minted. The NFT Emoji Avatar will also be tradable P2P in the NFT marketplace.

We are starting a special reservation event for the FIRST 100 unique NFT Avatars on a first-come-first-serve basis for those who buy min.1000 USD of $POC and stake for 3 months

How To Reserve the first 100 edition of NFT Emoji Avatar

1. Purchase min. 1000 USD of $POC at Pancakeswap starting from 23 Dec 2021 — Your purchase should be from 23 Dec 21 onwards. Click here to the POC-BUSD pair link on Pancakeswap.

2. Fill out the NFT Emoji Avatar Reservation Form to request the reservation ticket.

3. We will confirm to you the successful reservation via our customer email ( in a few days.

AND then, as soon as the $POC staking system is live in Jan 2022, you can proceed with the staking of the $POC you purchased worth of min. USD 1’000. Note: The rewards would be at 130% APR for 3 months of $POC staking.

$POC Staking system (connecting your Metamask) is currently under development. The system will go live in late Jan 2022 under the Pocket Arena website — the exact date will be announced a few days prior to the launch.

The first 100 editions of NFT Emoji Avatar will be published and available for your selection by the 2nd week of Jan 2022. The 100 reservation ticket holders can choose their preferred avatar by ordering their ticket numbers.

Terms and Conditions apply

  • You need to hold the purchased POC until the staking is completed in Jan 202. Your NFT Emoji avatar will be sent to your account after the staking is complete and after you pay EUR98.
  • The submitted wallet address that bought POC in Google Form should stay the same by the time of staking the POC in Jan 2022. If the address is changed, you will no longer be eligible.
  • We will inform you of the closing of this event once the first 100 applications are successfully reserved.
  • This reservation ticket is not a lottery, but this is a 100% guaranteed ticket to purchase one of the first 100 NFT Emoji Avatars at 98EUR under this terms.
  • 100 unique avatars will be available for your selection in Jan 2022 (Dates to be decided)
  • The earlier your reservation ticket number is, the wider selection you can enjoy to choose your preferred avatar from the selection list. Once you are reserved successfully, we will send you the confirmation via your email.
  • The selection will be communicated via email by order of the ticket number. You will need to send us your 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4rth, 5th priority from the selection list. If you do not reply within 24 hours, then you can still select, but the next ticket numbers will have a selection choice earlier than you.
  • One account with one unique wallet address will get a successful reservation ticket

Pocket Arena Evolves Into Esports-based Metaverse

The Metaverse tends to be a buzzword for many successful early-stage projects. 

However, what would be the driving force that motivates people to go to the Metaverse and why would people want to spend substantial time and money in the metaverse, especially gamers? Simply put, the answer is ESPORTS.

When it comes to gamers, the Metaverse makes more sense when it is combined with furious battles against other players and real rewards from gameplay. This is the core element of driving gamers into the Metaverse.

Without the introduction of eSports, the Metaverse can be considered a boring shopping center with only spending opportunities, no earning potential, and no competitions.

As for Castle Arena, our upcoming virtual land in Luzern will have 6 different land tiers that NFT Castle owners will be allocated to. As Pocket Arena is truly dedicated in valuing Esports players, we decided not to sell land plots, but rather provide land plots to be taken and benefitted by Esports players and guilds. This was decided from the initial game design.

We believe in rewarding good gaming skills exhibited by pro-players, while not being too commercial by selling land only to those who have enough capital. That is the Esports spirit and the philosophy of the team behind Pocket Arena.

Our journey so far and the plan ahead:

  • Our flagship game, Castle Defense, has 7-8k Daily Active Users from all over the world. The top 5 countries include Philippines, Vietnam, US, India and Thailand (data current as of 24th November 2021).
  • Fresh 5000 NFT Castles (98 EUR per Castle) have been sold out organically. Currently, only P2P Castle Markets are available for sale at the price range of EUR 400-500 (with a max EUR 500 price cap) depending on the embedded value of each Castle (e.g. XP).
  • In Dec 2021, the initial 5000 castle owners will be allocated land plots in Luzern, Switzerland for free. The lower their castle number is, the more central land they can choose. There the castle owners can earn passive XP income from the land they battle and win over from PvP battle. 
  • Castle Arena (another name “Guild Wars”) will be kicking off in Jan 2022. In total 99 Guilds will be formed for the Luzern battle. The Castle owners can ally with guilds to defend their land. The new XP revenue share and the mechanism will be as below.


NFT Town Center in Q1 2022

Within the city of 183 land plots, there will be only 28 Castles placed for battle. The 155 plots of the majority land plots are designated as the NFT TOWN CENTER, where the Metaverse components will be introduced. 

The Town Center will be a settlement zone for people to do business and trade rather than fight furious battles. Within the City, only 28 Castle owners can attack the King. The “King” land (marked in red) will consist of 4 land plots and there will be only ONE castle owner who could take this “Kingship”.



Town Center will consist of NFT buildings, such as a city hall, pharmacy, church, restaurant, cafe, school, casino, metal mining district etc. These town buildings and elements will be implemented as NFTs and available for sale and trade. 

The users of these NFT buildings will have to pay a tax or fee for their usage. One of the most interesting components of the Town Center would be a “mining district”, which is the place to mine basic metal resources to build weapons and equipment for knights (players).

Of course outside of the City, there will be lots of PvP battles going on. Additionally, in most land plots, there will be some NFT decorative items that users can purchase and trade to decorate their land plot to attract good ESports players. 

Most importantly, for all the NFT items trading, $POC will become the key cryptocurrency to be implemented under the Pocket Arena economy within Q1 2022.


$POC PancakeSwap listing, Backers Announcement, $POC Audit Report and More This Week

We are about to enter the weekend. As usual, a lot happened this week at Pocket Arena. Here is are our weekly roundup.

$POC PancakeSwap listing date and other updates

We have finally decided the PancakeSwap listing date for our $POC token which is 30th November 2021, 10AM CET. Currently, we are implementing advanced anti-bot measures to prevent malicious bot activities that could happen on PancakeSwap.

Read the announcement:

Backers Announcement

We have announced the successful closing of a $2.14 million private round from leading blockchain investors. The backers include Signum Capital, Unanimous Capital, LD Capital, Legion Ventures, Ethereal Capital, Calamari Ventures, Brotherhood Ventures, Halvings Capital, Exnetwork, Master Ventures, Standard Merchant, and Minted Lab.

Read the press release:

$POC Audit Report

We are pleased to announce that our $POC, ERC20/BEP20, cross-chain token has got a “Well-Secured” rating by leading smart contract auditor,

Around October 2021, we contacted Hacken for a Smart Contract Code Review and Security Analysis. Following which security assessment of Pocket Arena’s smart contract and code review was conducted.

The smart contract was scanned for commonly known and more specific vulnerabilities such as Reentrancy, Ownership Takeover, Timestamp Dependence, Gas Limit and Loops and more.

View the full report:

Daily Active Users of Pocket Arena

Here are Pocket Arena’s Google Analytics stats from 1st November to 11th November 2021. Our Daily Active Users (DAU) is in the range of 5K-6K unique users with an average session duration (Average Playing Time) of 39 minutes. The retention rate stands at a commendable position of 45%. These numbers exclude users playing Castle Defense on Android, which if included can add approximately 2K Daily Active Users, to the figures above. Then DAU (Daily Active User) are about 7–8K all together.

To know what gets users back to Castle Defense, visit the link below.

Country wise Telegram groups on

Over the past weeks as per our Google Analytics we have been witnessing users across the globe, spending time on Pocket Arena’s web properties. These properties consist of the website, Blog, Castle Defense, Casual games and more). We are experiencing increased activity from users from the Philippines, Vietnam, USA and Thailand to name a few. As a part of our community building efforts we have set up country wise Pocket Arena groups on Telegram so that users can communicate and network with people from their own countries. We have listed all LEGIT Pocket Arena country wise Telegram groups on our listed below. Do take a look and join in.

About Pocket Arena

Pocket Arena’s vision is to create an easy-to-use and trusted gaming ecosystem for ordinary people to enjoy playing, grow digital assets and become the world’s biggest NFT DApp Mobile Gaming Platform.

Website |Linked InTelegram Twitter Facebook | Linkt.ree | Discord

Play to Earn NFT Gaming Portal and Platform Pocket Arena Raises $2 Million

Play to Earn NFT gaming portal and platform Pocket Arena has announced the successful closing of a $2.14 million private round from leading blockchain investors. The backers include Signum Capital, Unanimous Capital, LD Capital, Legion Ventures, Ethereal Capital, Calamari Ventures, Brotherhood Ventures, Halvings Capital, Exnetwork, Master Ventures, Standard Merchant, and Minted Lab.

Additionally, 58 global KOLs (Key Opinion Leaders) and over 160 crypto community groups and channels participated, including the leading influencers such as Slavik Junge (2.9M followers of Tiktok), Alexander Kondrashov (2.5M followers of Instagram), Evan Luthra (2M followers of Instagram), and many other strong KOLs who own various crypto communities from Japan, Thailand, Vietnam, South Korea, Italy, Romania, South Africa, Philippines, India, Turkey, Russia, Latin America and so on.

One of Pocket Arena’s flagship games, Castle Defense, has attracted more than 6,000 Daily Active Unique Users representing scholars/players from all over the world. The most played countries are Philippines and Vietnam with the average playing time of 40 minutes, all of which occurred before the POC token was launched.

Hyong S. Kim, the CEO of Emoji Games, the company behind Pocket Arena says,

“We are excited to have the support of a global network of VCs, influencers, and community members. Community is key to the ecosystem behind Pocket Arena and Castle Defense and everything we do is focused on providing an exceptional gameplay and experience for our users and fans.”

The private round sold 3.3% of total supply of $POC, which is subject to the condition of 3 months lockup and 12 months vesting period.

Article source:

How to withdraw wEUR

Users who have sold their NFT Castles or the users who earned the eEUR from their contributions can now withdraw their wEUR from their Pocket Arena wallet. The process is rather simple and we have created this step by step guide and a Google Form to facilitate this withdrawal.

Step 1:

Visit the link below to gain access to the wEUR withdrawal application form.

Step 2:

Sign up with your Email ID. Please provide the email ID which you have used to sign up to Pocket Arena.

Step 3:

Enter your Pocket Arena ID (also known as the PA ID) in the field. Your PA ID will be below your display picture. You can use the “copy” functionality to avoid typing manually and past this number from the clipboard to the field in the Google Form.

Step 4:

Enter the usable amount of wEUR you intend to withdraw. Usable amount, is the wEUR which has completed 6 weeks after receiving the same, and this figure will automatically be displayed under the Usable Amount section.

NOTE: You can withdraw anywhere from 200 wEUR up to 800 wEUR once a day. No separate KYC required.


Terms and Conditions of wEUR withdrawal

1. Only in USDT (TRC20 Tron Network) : This is important! Your USDT wallet must be TRC20 wallet (under TRON network).

1.1 If you provide us with your wallet address in another network. you will lose USDT forever and in this case we will not be responsible.

1.2 Therefore, you must provide us with a multichain external wallet address (NOT Metamask) supporting TRC20 tokens. Trustwallet is an example of a multi chain wallet.

1.3 You need to have at least 1 TRON in the wallet in order to activate the wallet.

2. Service Fee: 6.25% service fee against a singular wEUR withdrawal.

3. FX rate from EUR to USDT : at the time of processing.

4. Min/Max withdrawal amount : Min: 200 wEUR. Max: 800 wEUR per day.

5. Processing time : 3-5 working days (No Sat/Sunday, No public holidays in Switzerland)

6. Your wEUR must be in the PA wallet for at least 6 weeks.

Please note from Dec 2021 the withdrawal of wEUR will be done within the Pocket Arena Wallet directly.

Privacy Policy applies

How to Grow Your Crypto Portfolio From Gaming

You must have heard this….

“There’s never been a better time than now to invest in crypto.”

Whoever says this, in a way, is right. Crypto is on the lips of every major economy and business leader. People are jumping on the crypto bandwagon mostly by investing in cryptocurrencies and/or Non-fungible Tokens (NFT’s).

Blockchain games have also become a mode of earning crypto rewards. Thanks to the Play-to-Earn model games. Technically, rewards earned and accumulated by playing NFT Games can be called as a user’s crypto portfolio.

Now that everyone’s talking about crypto and investments, how do you join in?

In this article, we’ll talk about how you can grow your crypto portfolio from gaming and most importantly, within the Pocket Arena ecosystem.

What is a crypto portfolio and how does it work?

That’s a good question. A crypto portfolio is nothing but a collection of online currency or instruments. Let’s put it in this way… say for instance you have invested in several cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, NFT’s etc. All these investments put together collectively are termed as your crypto portfolio. It’s as simple as that.

When it comes to Pocket Arena, we have created a healthy ecosystem where eSports gamers (players) and investors (sponsors) play skillfully, have fun and in-turn get rewarded for their continuous efforts due to our Play-to-Earn model.

Similarly, a crypto portfolio works in the same way where a person grows his investment over time by using skillful growth techniques.

Start Your Crypto Portfolio on Pocket Arena

XP’s and owning NFT Castles are 2 aspects of how a user can get started with their crypto portfolios on Pocket Arena. XP’s have become a valuable asset, especially in Castle Defense where players upgrade Castles with earned XP and more importantly, exchange XP for POC.

Our Players earn XP from our flagship game, NFT Castle Defense and other casual games as well. The best part is, unlike legacy gaming, the XP earned can be used by the player to exchange it for POC, an ERC20/BEP20 utility token, a key currency of Pocket Arena NFTs.

Our Sponsors on the other hand, have made fruitful investments in NFT items, predominantly by owning NFT Castles. The castle is rented out by the sponsor to players who use it in-game to battle across different levels. By doing so the value of the NFT Castle increases and XP is shared between players and sponsors as well.

Growing Your Crypto Portfolio on Pocket Arena

The best way to grow your portfolio on Pocket Arena is by earning XP and/or investing in an NFT Castle. Due to our Play-to-Earn model, players start earning XP the moment they sign up and start playing any Pocket Arena games.

We have players and sponsors who have built a strong crypto portfolio on Pocket Arena. Apart from playing other casual games, players have accumulated XP by playing NFT Castle Defense too.

Sponsors have also built a strong portfolio by investing in NFT Castles. By purchasing an NFT Castle with a EUR 98 investment, sponsors have seen their NFT properties grow in value over time. Lucky are those who had taken advantage of our NFT Castle sale where castles were sold for a discounted price of EUR 49!

Now that all 5000 NFT Castle’s are sold out, castle sales are restricted only to the P2P market, where castles are listed for sale from EUR 100 to EUR 500.


Better late than never. It is wise to get started and create a decent crypto portfolio. Follow the steps below to get started on your Crypto Portfolio on Pocket Arena.

  • Create your Pocket Arena account,
  • Rent a castle from the main menu
  • Earn XP by playing NFT Castle Defense in Adventure Mode, 1v1 Challenges (castle required) or Daily Challenges (castle required).
  • All XP earned will be stored in your Pocket Arena Wallet where you can later convert it to POC or wEURO.

NFT Castles are also good investment instruments as they are fetching sponsors good returns. But as for now sale of newly minted NFT castles on NFT Castle Market is paused as we have recently concluded our targeted sale of the 5000th castle.

So what does your Crypto portfolio look like?