Presenting Emoji Games in the PA Metaverse

Pocket Arena as a Play-To- Earn #NFT Esports platform aims to fundamentally increase the accessibility and usability of Esports gaming services and provide users with a virtual social life experience within NFT Castle Town. We have discovered that the combination of esports with the metaverse offers quite a number of advantages and rich experiences to our users.

In case you didn’t know, #PocketArena Team which has been a leader in brand gamification in the last 7 years before we jumped into blockchain gaming, developed many casual games (over 80+) for many brands. These games are all in-house developed and all IPs are owned by Pocket Arena Team. We are now utilising our immense gaming assets for Pocket Arena, specifically in Castle Town.

In Castle Town, there will be various buildings such as City Hall, Pharmacy, Police, Restaurants, Cafe, Arcade etc that will be coming into being as the core elements of NFT Castle Town.

This Arcade Building will be the central hub for all casual games where any user can enjoy Esports against other players.

Even in other castle buildings, there will be various gamification and XP earning/burning mechanisms using Emoji Avatars. Here you will need to use Emoji Avatar in order to participate in the Casual Esports. Either you can own yours or rent from other people. If you rent an Avatar from other users, you just need to share XP profits by 20% with the owner.

For example, this Super Pill game will be customised with your Emoji Avatar. You can check how this Emoji Game will be created by using our games studio easily.

Pocket Arena — A Driving Force in the Estimated Exponential Growth of Metaverse


The Metaverse Future

Boosting Esports via a Blockchain-enabled Metaverse

Utilizing blockchain and NFT technology, everyone can now enjoy and participate as an Esports team. That is the reason why Pocket Arena has formed its own guild organisation structure where group of pro-players can play against other guilds and the highlights of the match of the day will be broadcasted once Castle Arena kicks off.

Pocket Arena — A Prominent Player in This Journey

A brief history and goal..

Pocket Arena contributing towards the growth

Pocket Arena Evolves Into Esports-based Metaverse

The Metaverse tends to be a buzzword for many successful early-stage projects. 

However, what would be the driving force that motivates people to go to the Metaverse and why would people want to spend substantial time and money in the metaverse, especially gamers? Simply put, the answer is ESPORTS.

When it comes to gamers, the Metaverse makes more sense when it is combined with furious battles against other players and real rewards from gameplay. This is the core element of driving gamers into the Metaverse.

Without the introduction of eSports, the Metaverse can be considered a boring shopping center with only spending opportunities, no earning potential, and no competitions.

As for Castle Arena, our upcoming virtual land in Luzern will have 6 different land tiers that NFT Castle owners will be allocated to. As Pocket Arena is truly dedicated in valuing Esports players, we decided not to sell land plots, but rather provide land plots to be taken and benefitted by Esports players and guilds. This was decided from the initial game design.

We believe in rewarding good gaming skills exhibited by pro-players, while not being too commercial by selling land only to those who have enough capital. That is the Esports spirit and the philosophy of the team behind Pocket Arena.

Our journey so far and the plan ahead:

  • Our flagship game, Castle Defense, has 7-8k Daily Active Users from all over the world. The top 5 countries include Philippines, Vietnam, US, India and Thailand (data current as of 24th November 2021).
  • Fresh 5000 NFT Castles (98 EUR per Castle) have been sold out organically. Currently, only P2P Castle Markets are available for sale at the price range of EUR 400-500 (with a max EUR 500 price cap) depending on the embedded value of each Castle (e.g. XP).
  • In Dec 2021, the initial 5000 castle owners will be allocated land plots in Luzern, Switzerland for free. The lower their castle number is, the more central land they can choose. There the castle owners can earn passive XP income from the land they battle and win over from PvP battle. 
  • Castle Arena (another name “Guild Wars”) will be kicking off in Jan 2022. In total 99 Guilds will be formed for the Luzern battle. The Castle owners can ally with guilds to defend their land. The new XP revenue share and the mechanism will be as below.


NFT Town Center in Q1 2022

Within the city of 183 land plots, there will be only 28 Castles placed for battle. The 155 plots of the majority land plots are designated as the NFT TOWN CENTER, where the Metaverse components will be introduced. 

The Town Center will be a settlement zone for people to do business and trade rather than fight furious battles. Within the City, only 28 Castle owners can attack the King. The “King” land (marked in red) will consist of 4 land plots and there will be only ONE castle owner who could take this “Kingship”.



Town Center will consist of NFT buildings, such as a city hall, pharmacy, church, restaurant, cafe, school, casino, metal mining district etc. These town buildings and elements will be implemented as NFTs and available for sale and trade. 

The users of these NFT buildings will have to pay a tax or fee for their usage. One of the most interesting components of the Town Center would be a “mining district”, which is the place to mine basic metal resources to build weapons and equipment for knights (players).

Of course outside of the City, there will be lots of PvP battles going on. Additionally, in most land plots, there will be some NFT decorative items that users can purchase and trade to decorate their land plot to attract good ESports players. 

Most importantly, for all the NFT items trading, $POC will become the key cryptocurrency to be implemented under the Pocket Arena economy within Q1 2022.