A new games jumps into Pocket Arena

Jumping frog, a BMG favourite has made its PA debut thanks to KDA Gyeonggi Dental Association. This new version is built on the Pocket Arena eco-system, which means that the game can support eSports, along with rewarding users for achievements.

If you have not played Jumping frog before, the rules are simple. Survive. The player must navigate their frog across the pond as far as they can go, by jumping from one lily pad to another. Be careful though, as not all lily pads are created equally, and so some sink when the weight of the frog is upon them, causing the player to make quick decisions as where to jump next.

Additional points can to obtained by collecting power-ups along the way.

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Click image to play.

Cricket Championship joins PA

We are proud to announce a new member to the PA family, Cricket Championship.

Debuting on Micromax’s M!Browser in the very near future, Cricket Championship allows you to test your batting skills on the pitch. Upon launch, Cricket Championship will be offering multiple chances to win cash prizes throughout the week, so make sure you are ready by downloading the latest version of MBrowserllanow, if you have not done so already.

Android download

Bricks Breaker Quest coming to Pocket Arena

Bricks Breaker Quest (BBQ), a fan favourite on the Facebook gaming platform, boasting almost 2 million players, is coming to Pocket Arena…very soon.
The port will be the fourth title which has now made its way over on to the ever-growing platform that rewards players for playing single and multiplayer games.
Test your skill and challenge your friends, as you work out the best angle of attack before unleashing a barrage of high speed balls around the level, with ramping difficulty as you progress, while unlocking countless upgrades, power-ups and developing your strategy along the way.Can’t wait for the Pocket Arena version? Play now on Facebook Messenger