Castle Arena New Term Explained — tXP/cXP and others

Castle Defense V. 2.2.18 has been launched. It comes with quite a few updates, but here are some key highlights to look into.

With the Castle Arena new revenue share system, we have introduced the new XP system as well as a new category of POC — called “bPOC*” means battle POC.

The new XP system is aimed at encouraging players to return to play daily. Let’s start with the terminologies:

  • tXP = refers to temporary XP acquired after the launch of Castle Arena.
  • cXP = refers to Castle XP formed after XP (existing XP from pre-Castle Arena which expires in 30 days), and tXP are clubbed together, which expires in 180 days.




What is tXP?

  • tXP is the XP earned in PVE Stage and Daily Challenge once Castle Arena is launched.
  • tXP is collected/shown in the Arena Pool.
  • Daily max. emission from Daily Challenge and PVE Stage is 250 tXP per user per day. (It does not mean the daily max earning per user is 250 tXP. There is NO max limit of tXP earnings for users in Castle Arena)
  • The tXP in the Arena Pool will be divided into the following: 80% will be used in Castle Arena battles and 20% will be used to upgrade castle items.
  • Your tXP can be used as the entry fee to attack/defend in Castle Arena battles.
  • tXP will also be the reward of a successful attack/defense.
  • The tXP reward can be used again as entry fee in Castle Arena battles.
  • The tXP reward can be converted into bPOC* (battle POC) for Metamask wallet withdrawal.

The total Castle XP (cXP) to be used to upgrade castle items will be the combination of the Castle XP earned in Castle Defense (pre-Castle Arena) and the Castle XP (tXP) mentioned above. This cXP will expire in 180 days.

*There will be another article published soon about how to withdraw bPOC. Upon the next PA wallet ver. release in a week, bPOC withdrawal will be enabled.

Setting — Telegram Chatting


In this new version, you can communicate with the owner or the player via Telegram. Please note this is a quick solution but we are implementing our in-game chatting feature to be launched with Castle Town.

Besides, at the new PvE structure, upon completing stage 10, the castle is granted with an available land plot.


Key Development Roadmap, Pocket Arena Investors series 2 and more

Pocket Metaverse comes to birth in Q1 2022 within the City zone of virtual map in Luzern, Switzerland. Our current 80,000 users will need an avatar in Castle Town. Two default avatars are provided for free for everyone, but it will look all the same. In order to show yourself with your own NFT character and to take part in the NFT town activities enabling you to earn extra XP, you will need an NFT emoji avatar. Like the initial NFT Castle value has increased significantly after only a few months, NFT avatar might be the same. 2022 would be the year of NFT as everyone predicts!

Reserve the limited edition of NFT emoji avatar NOW!!

The full 100 limited NFT avatar set will be available on Jan 22 on a first-come, first-served basis.

The much-awaited major addition to Castle Defense is here in the form of Castle Arena. In this old-school tower defense strategy game, users can now own land, defend or attack other lands and create or join guilds to plan strategic attacks with 5000 NFTCastles, players and guilds. All of this action is bound to take place across five playable areas on the virtual map of Luzern, Switzerland. These 5 areas are Forest, Desert, Snow, Fantasy and City.

Read the full article here

2021 proved to be a breakout year for team Pocket Arena with the following milestones achieved. For us, the New Year means a year of new possibilities and new ventures. So let’s look ahead to the excitement to come in the first few months of 2022.

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Pocket Arena gathered over 17K users just over the course of last week. Out of those 17K, about 10K were new users with an impressive retention rate of 51%. Our top user countries for the week were Philippines, Vietnam, Romania, South Korea and the US. Moreover, the site alone (app data not included) had a massive 300K views last week.

What happens when an NFT Castle is traded in the NFT Castle Market after Castle Arena is launched? Under the new profit-sharing structure of NFT Castle sales, there is a gross revenue-sharing that is based on sold castle price. Upon the sale of an NFT Castle, 4% of the profit goes to Emoji Games, and 96% of the profit goes to the owner of the NFT Castle.

For more info visit:

Pocket Arena is proud to have Signum Capital, a growth-focused investor team, in our list of esteemed investors.

Signum Capital is a MAS (Monetary Authority of Singapore) registered crypto investor that supports game-changing projects like Pocket Arena. They believe that Pocket Arena can bring sustainable P2E gaming platform which requires FUN part first than rewards part.

Read the announcement here:

Pocket Arena Guilds are gaining a lot of traction of late with the formation of new guilds. In the past week, we have announced a new guild named 1PH-PRODIGY based in the Philippines. This week we introduced Ace Guild. There are more guild announcements in the pipeline, so do follow our Twitter to stay updated.

Castle Defense Items Upgrade Guide

In-game item upgrades are important if you want to progress from one level to another in any game. Upgrades give you an extra edge over the competition and allows you to strategically plan your attack.

Castle Defense fans will know the two popular characters of our flagship game. The Knight and the Wizard, who are essential in battling across various land stages of the game along with the Cannon Tower and the Lightning Tower.

We have now introduced crucial item upgrades to these in-game characters and towers. With these upgrades the characters and towers can now be equipped with gear to increase their power, customize their abilities, and unlock new abilities.

In this post we will talk about the Knight, the Wizard and the towers featured in Castle Defense and their items upgrade. Read to know more.

What is a Knight?

Brave Knights will fend off a spectrum of monsters marching towards your castle. Nothing is better than a traditional mounted armored soldier when it comes to close combat. Equip this defender with multiple items in order to enhance his battle abilities, both offensively and defensively.

What is a Wizard?

Gallant Wizards will cast powerful spells on enemy hordes and protect your castle from damage. Wizards come in handy when resisting attacking monsters from a distance. As you progress in the game, you can equip the Wizard with various items by using your XPs, upgrading his abilities as well.

Knights Retrofit Upgradable Items

There are five items if a player wants to upgrade the Knight. The items available are as follows:

Knight’s Sword

A steel sword that’s designed for battles against monsters.

Iron Helmet 

The helmet covers the head of the Knight and offers a great protection against damage.

Iron Amour

A steel chest that’s designed for brave knights who battle monsters at the forefront.

Iron Boots

A pair of heavy iron boots better suited for knights.

Knight’s Ring

A rare piece of jewelry that brings immortality to its wearer.

Wizards Retrofit Upgradable Items

There are five items if a player wants to upgrade the Wizard. The items available are as follows:

Wooden Wand

A staff made from the branch of an ancient tree which holds vast magical powers.

Wizard Hood

A mystic hat, made specifically for wizards, to boost their attack speed.

Fabric Robe

An exclusive robe for wizards that protect them from various dangers.

Leather Boots

A pair of leather boots better suited for wizards.

Book of Fire

A book containing a powerful magic of fire for magicians.

Cannon Tower

Cannon Towers are very effective against ground attacks, but cannot defend against aerial attacks. By equipping with the Destruction Machine item, Cannon Tower can be upgraded to a Destruction Machine which reinforces the bomb shrapnel to pierce through a huge part of enemies’ armor. 

Lightning Tower

Lightning Towers are very effective against aerial attacks, but less effective against ground attacks. By equipping Storm Tower item, Lightning Towers can be upgraded which inturn  improves the chain power and range, as well as create a static field around itself to strike all incoming enemies at max level.The amount of damage and attack range of a lightning tower is more than that of a cannon tower.

XP required to upgrade Castle Defense Items

XP is required in order to upgrade the knight, wizard and towers with additional items. These upgraded items will enhance damage, attack speed and range thereby allowing players to complete land battle stages and progress to the next round.

The following table below lists out the amount of XP required to upgrade the Knight, Wizard, Cannon Tower and Lightning Tower.


Pocket Arena Evolves Into Esports-based Metaverse

The Metaverse tends to be a buzzword for many successful early-stage projects. 

However, what would be the driving force that motivates people to go to the Metaverse and why would people want to spend substantial time and money in the metaverse, especially gamers? Simply put, the answer is ESPORTS.

When it comes to gamers, the Metaverse makes more sense when it is combined with furious battles against other players and real rewards from gameplay. This is the core element of driving gamers into the Metaverse.

Without the introduction of eSports, the Metaverse can be considered a boring shopping center with only spending opportunities, no earning potential, and no competitions.

As for Castle Arena, our upcoming virtual land in Luzern will have 6 different land tiers that NFT Castle owners will be allocated to. As Pocket Arena is truly dedicated in valuing Esports players, we decided not to sell land plots, but rather provide land plots to be taken and benefitted by Esports players and guilds. This was decided from the initial game design.

We believe in rewarding good gaming skills exhibited by pro-players, while not being too commercial by selling land only to those who have enough capital. That is the Esports spirit and the philosophy of the team behind Pocket Arena.

Our journey so far and the plan ahead:

  • Our flagship game, Castle Defense, has 7-8k Daily Active Users from all over the world. The top 5 countries include Philippines, Vietnam, US, India and Thailand (data current as of 24th November 2021).
  • Fresh 5000 NFT Castles (98 EUR per Castle) have been sold out organically. Currently, only P2P Castle Markets are available for sale at the price range of EUR 400-500 (with a max EUR 500 price cap) depending on the embedded value of each Castle (e.g. XP).
  • In Dec 2021, the initial 5000 castle owners will be allocated land plots in Luzern, Switzerland for free. The lower their castle number is, the more central land they can choose. There the castle owners can earn passive XP income from the land they battle and win over from PvP battle. 
  • Castle Arena (another name “Guild Wars”) will be kicking off in Jan 2022. In total 99 Guilds will be formed for the Luzern battle. The Castle owners can ally with guilds to defend their land. The new XP revenue share and the mechanism will be as below.


NFT Town Center in Q1 2022

Within the city of 183 land plots, there will be only 28 Castles placed for battle. The 155 plots of the majority land plots are designated as the NFT TOWN CENTER, where the Metaverse components will be introduced. 

The Town Center will be a settlement zone for people to do business and trade rather than fight furious battles. Within the City, only 28 Castle owners can attack the King. The “King” land (marked in red) will consist of 4 land plots and there will be only ONE castle owner who could take this “Kingship”.



Town Center will consist of NFT buildings, such as a city hall, pharmacy, church, restaurant, cafe, school, casino, metal mining district etc. These town buildings and elements will be implemented as NFTs and available for sale and trade. 

The users of these NFT buildings will have to pay a tax or fee for their usage. One of the most interesting components of the Town Center would be a “mining district”, which is the place to mine basic metal resources to build weapons and equipment for knights (players).

Of course outside of the City, there will be lots of PvP battles going on. Additionally, in most land plots, there will be some NFT decorative items that users can purchase and trade to decorate their land plot to attract good ESports players. 

Most importantly, for all the NFT items trading, $POC will become the key cryptocurrency to be implemented under the Pocket Arena economy within Q1 2022.