Castle Arena New Term Explained — tXP/cXP and others

Castle Defense V. 2.2.18 has been launched. It comes with quite a few updates, but here are some key highlights to look into.

With the Castle Arena new revenue share system, we have introduced the new XP system as well as a new category of POC — called “bPOC*” means battle POC.

The new XP system is aimed at encouraging players to return to play daily. Let’s start with the terminologies:

  • tXP = refers to temporary XP acquired after the launch of Castle Arena.
  • cXP = refers to Castle XP formed after XP (existing XP from pre-Castle Arena which expires in 30 days), and tXP are clubbed together, which expires in 180 days.




What is tXP?

  • tXP is the XP earned in PVE Stage and Daily Challenge once Castle Arena is launched.
  • tXP is collected/shown in the Arena Pool.
  • Daily max. emission from Daily Challenge and PVE Stage is 250 tXP per user per day. (It does not mean the daily max earning per user is 250 tXP. There is NO max limit of tXP earnings for users in Castle Arena)
  • The tXP in the Arena Pool will be divided into the following: 80% will be used in Castle Arena battles and 20% will be used to upgrade castle items.
  • Your tXP can be used as the entry fee to attack/defend in Castle Arena battles.
  • tXP will also be the reward of a successful attack/defense.
  • The tXP reward can be used again as entry fee in Castle Arena battles.
  • The tXP reward can be converted into bPOC* (battle POC) for Metamask wallet withdrawal.

The total Castle XP (cXP) to be used to upgrade castle items will be the combination of the Castle XP earned in Castle Defense (pre-Castle Arena) and the Castle XP (tXP) mentioned above. This cXP will expire in 180 days.

*There will be another article published soon about how to withdraw bPOC. Upon the next PA wallet ver. release in a week, bPOC withdrawal will be enabled.

Setting — Telegram Chatting


In this new version, you can communicate with the owner or the player via Telegram. Please note this is a quick solution but we are implementing our in-game chatting feature to be launched with Castle Town.

Besides, at the new PvE structure, upon completing stage 10, the castle is granted with an available land plot.


Key Development Roadmap, POC Staking, Pocket Arena Investors series 2 and more

Pocket Metaverse comes to birth in Q1 2022 within the City zone of virtual map in Luzern, Switzerland. Our current 80,000 users will need an avatar in Castle Town. Two default avatars are provided for free for everyone, but it will look all the same. In order to show yourself with your own NFT character and to take part in the NFT town activities enabling you to earn extra XP, you will need an NFT emoji avatar. Like the initial NFT Castle value has increased significantly after only a few months, NFT avatar might be the same. 2022 would be the year of NFT as everyone predicts!

Reserve the limited edition of NFT emoji avatar NOW!!

The full 100 limited NFT avatar set will be available on Jan 22 on a first-come, first-served basis.

The much-awaited major addition to Castle Defense is here in the form of Castle Arena. In this old-school tower defense strategy game, users can now own land, defend or attack other lands and create or join guilds to plan strategic attacks with 5000 NFTCastles, players and guilds. All of this action is bound to take place across five playable areas on the virtual map of Luzern, Switzerland. These 5 areas are Forest, Desert, Snow, Fantasy and City.

Read the full article here

2021 proved to be a breakout year for team Pocket Arena with the following milestones achieved. For us, the New Year means a year of new possibilities and new ventures. So let’s look ahead to the excitement to come in the first few months of 2022.

Read the full article here

We are happy to release our POC staking page that may be released by the end of Jan. For those who are interested in the NFT Castle and POC Pre-Staking event , hurry up to enjoy the 3months special staking rewards of 130% APR and grab the chance to buy high valued NFT Castles at €98. Apply Now

The other benefits and terms will be confirmed upon the official release.

(This page is only for illustration purposes. The detailed terms will be confirmed upon launch.)

Pocket Arena gathered over 17K users just over the course of last week. Out of those 17K, about 10K were new users with an impressive retention rate of 51%. Our top user countries for the week were Philippines, Vietnam, Romania, South Korea and the US. Moreover, the site alone (app data not included) had a massive 300K views last week.

What happens when an NFT Castle is traded in the NFT Castle Market after Castle Arena is launched? Under the new profit-sharing structure of NFT Castle sales, there is a gross revenue-sharing that is based on sold castle price. Upon the sale of an NFT Castle, 4% of the profit goes to Emoji Games, and 96% of the profit goes to the owner of the NFT Castle.

For more info visit:

Pocket Arena is proud to have Signum Capital, a growth-focused investor team, in our list of esteemed investors.

Signum Capital is a MAS (Monetary Authority of Singapore) registered crypto investor that supports game-changing projects like Pocket Arena. They believe that Pocket Arena can bring sustainable P2E gaming platform which requires FUN part first than rewards part.

Read the announcement here:

Pocket Arena Guilds are gaining a lot of traction of late with the formation of new guilds. In the past week, we have announced a new guild named 1PH-PRODIGY based in the Philippines. This week we introduced Ace Guild. There are more guild announcements in the pipeline, so do follow our Twitter to stay updated.

Castle Arena New Revenue Share Structure

This article will highlight the updated XP share structure in NFT Castle Defense and Castle Arena. Before we discuss the XP flow, let’s talk about the concept of Land,Castle Arena and how they are co-related to each other. 

Land in Castle Arena

If you own an NFT Castle, you are entitled to receive land for your castle for free. With this land you can fight battles with an aim to acquire your opponents land and earn passive income from that captured land. 

To know more about the introduction of land to Castle Arena read the article below.

Land Map Viewer and Land Selection

The new XP share structure

XP are in-game experience points earned in Castle Defense mainly through Daily Challenges, PVE Stage and Castle Arena. The figure below shows the new XP share structure for Castle Arena

To understand how the new XP share works, we will break down the figure below into the following sections:


  • XP Earned and distributed through Daily Challenges and PVE (Player versus Environment) stage.
  • XP Earned and distributed through Castle Arena.
  • XP distributed according to the Player and the Castle Owner contract.
  • Using Player XP in case of insufficient Arena Pool XP



XP Earned and distributed through Daily Challenges and PVE (Player versus Environment) stage.

As mentioned earlier in Castle Defense, XP’s are earned through Daily Challenges and PVE (Player versus Environment) stages. All XP’s earned here are immediately stored in the Arena Pool.


From the Arena Pool, 80% of XP will be distributed to the Arena XP, which will later be used for entry fee for Castle Arena, and 20% to the Castle XP, which will be used for Castle update. But this Castle XPs will expire after 180 days.

XP Earned and distributed through Castle Arena.

In Castle Arena there is no limit on the number of matches hence no limit on the XP earning capacity. You can set your own attack and defense in Castle Arena. If the attacker wins the match, he gains the opponents lands and both entry fee XPs and if the defender wins, he gets both entry fee XPs. The same is highlighted in the figure below.

After winning, 90% XP will be distributed to the Temporary Space and 10% XP will be distributed to the Public Pool. 

From which, the 90% is converted into 100% and then from that, 20% goes back into the Arena Pool supply, and then the remaining 80% is distributed to the Castle owner and player as shown below.

XP distributed according to the Player and the Castle Owner contract.

Continuing from the above figure, 80% XP is distributed between the Owner of the NFT Castle and the Player in accordance to the terms agreed in the contract. 

Talking about the public pool in Castle Arena, the 10% is converted into 100% and then every 24 hours, the XPs will be automatically distributed between current landowners. 

The distribution breakdown of how much XP goes into each area of land is shown below. 

The land in each area is divided as follows:

It’s important to note that there are less land slots available for higher tiered lands. So, the XP percentage from the public pool is split between fewer castles, hence why the king land slots, shown here with 3%, is the most powerful in the game.

Using Player XP in case of insufficient Arena Pool XP

If the Arena Pool does not have enough XP for Castle Arena, the player can use its own XP (The participation ratio is 2:1. This means that to use player XP once, you have to play 2 times with Arena Pool XP) and in this case, the distribution breakdown is different. 

85% XP will be distributed to the player, 5% will be distributed to the castle owner and 10% will be distributed to the Arena Pool. 

$POC Trading Competition - 3rd Run

The $POC Trading Competition — 2nd Run has ended on 23rd December 2021. Congratulations to the winners below. 

As announced earlier, we are now launching the 3rd run of the $POC Trading Competition. 

$POC Trading Competition — 3rd Run

The end of the 1st and the 2nd run of the $POC Trading Competition brought about the introduction of the 3rd round. The 3rd round has already started from 23rd Dec 2pm UTC. 

In this round, we will reward the Top 5 Buyers and Holders of $POC from 30th November 2021 to 3rd January 2020 with the highly valued NFTCastles with XP included as listed below. 

Please note, there will be no daily winners in the 3rd run of the $POC Trading Competition. The 3rd run will end on 3rd January 2022 at 2PM UTC.

Direct link to buy POC on PancakeSwap

You can click the PancakeSwap link here and view the BUSD/POC trading pair directly. Please add POC and BUSD once you are prompted to add them in your Metamask when you do the trade/swap.

Winners Announcement

The final winners will be announced on 4rd January 2020 on The winners can claim the prizes by sending an email to with the PA ID and the full wallet address. After the address verification, we will send the Castles to the user’s account directly. Note : Winners are required to claim Castle prizes by 10 Jan 2022 at the latest. If you claim later than 10 Jan 2022, your prize entitlements will be forfeited. 

More information about $POC 

Total/max. supply of $POC = 1,000,000,000 POC and the current circulating supply of $POC is 759,970. The 90% of LP Tokens at PancakeSwap are locked.

  • About the Pocket Arena Team (Emoji Games GmbH). 
  • Swiss mobile game developer since 2005. 
  • Partner of many giant companies — Samsung Mobile, Facebook etc.
  • Profitable company with current ARR 4m$. 
  • Current Daily Active Users of Pocket Arena : 10,000
  • Retention Rate : 46% 
  • Top countries of users : Philippines, Vietnam, India, South Korea, US
  • $POC main investors: Signum Capital, LD Capital, Unanimous Capital. See more details here.

Start trading $POC NOW: 

DEXtool info:


Land Map Viewer and Land Selection

Land Map Viewer Release Date/Time

7th of Dec, 02:00 am (Switzerland) Land selection starts.

Philippines — 7th of Dec, 09:00 am

Vietnam — 7th of Dec, 08:00 am

USA, New York — 6th of Dec, 08:00 pm

India — 7th of Dec, 06:30 am

Thailand — 7th of Dec, 08:00 am

Korea — 7th of Dec, 10:00 am

Land Map Viewer is a platform where castle owners will be able to view and select a plot of land for their NFT Castle on the Lucerne map. This feature will be added to the Castle Arena ecosystem.

Here are some highlights as bullet points on how this Castle Arena will work in relation to the land.

  1. All 5K NFT Castle owners will be choosing their plot of land in Forest — “Forest” is the starting point of all the Castle Arena.
  2. As soon as the Castle Arena kicks off in mid-Jan 2022 (The date is to be confirmed), the players contracted with Castle owners can start to attack and defend. The guilds may be joining the Castle Arena a bit later.
  3. Castle owners can take more than one land plot via successful attack. When he/she clears the higher tier land — Dessert, Snow, Fantasy, City stage, then he/she can battle over that higher tier land to win the land.
  4. If the Castle owner wins over land, then he/she will be receiving the passive XP gain calculated from the new revenue share structure. These XPs are able to be exchanged into wPOC.
  5. Some castle owners can lose their land by losing the battle — Homeless Castle owner. In that case, you can still attack other lands and return your land if you win.

Before we talk about the Land Map Selection, let’s summarize the concept of “Land” in Castle Arena.

Land in Castle Arena

In Castle Arena, there will be 11,444 land plots available on the Lucerne map. These plots are classified into different tiers as follows:



Criteria to enter land map selection?

The Land Map Selection depends on the castle number of the NFT Castle.

  1. Castle Number — Castle Number starts from the lowest denominator in the castle series and goes up to the highest. For example, the following image below shows the castle with its number as Castle3592. This indicates that this is the 3592nd NFT castle out of the lot of 5000, with Castle5000 being the highest in the lot.



The process of Land Map Selection in Forest — the lower the Castle number is, the earlier you can select.

An NFT Castle owner can select a plot of land depending on their Castle Number and the Land Stage Completion. Lower the castle number higher the priority to get land of any choice. Furthermore, this choice of land selection will also depend on the stage completion of that land.

Castle with series number 1–7 and which have completed all the land stages, will get the first priority to select any piece of land on the Luzern map. After 1 hours the next 7 castles (castle from series number 8 to 14) will be given the right to select any piece of land.

The above process of allotting castles will happen every hour where 168 NFT Castles will be allotted land in a day. The figure below explains the process.



The castle owner is given a time of 30 days to select the land. If not selected post 30 days, the program or operator will allocate the land randomly.

Case Study

Let’s say Castle Owner A has Castle1 and Castle27.

When the Land Map Viewer is launched, Castle Owner A can choose land in the 1st hour.

Now that Castle1 has its own land, Castle Owner A has to wait for 4 hours to select land for Castle27.

Consider the castle owner did not select land for Castle27 in the 4th hour. In this case, the castle owner has 30 days to do so or else the land will be auto allotted by the system to Castle27.