aPOC Withdrawal Policy

On account of many wPOC being exploited by bots/macro/multitap users, we have come up with the concept of aPOC in order to sustain a healthy ecosystem for Pocket Arena.

aPOC is nothing but those wPOC which have undergone a prudent audit. Initially it was announced that aPOC will also require KYC process, but the team at Pocket Arena has decided not to conduct the KYC process for the time being.

That being said, we have come up with the following withdrawal requirements and policies:

Important Things to Note

  • For every withdrawal that follows the first withdrawal, the user must have a different Metamask account; a different Metamask wallet address will be used every time. The user must create up to 10 Metamask wallet addresses and withdraw via them every week. After the 10th withdrawal, the user can withdraw from the first Metamask account again. So, you see — the withdrawal process follows a cycle of 10 addresses and after the 10th attempt, the cycle shall repeat itself.
  • The POC address must be an Ethereum address that supports BEP20 and BSC Network. Until POC is listed in centralised exchanges such as Binanace, Kucoin etc., please use Metamask only.
  • 5 POC must be kept in the POC wallet addresses at ALL TIMES until the next withdrawal request. If one of the POC wallet addresses has less than 5 POC, the user must wait a min. 7 days in order to enable the next withdrawal.
  • The withdrawal threshold per request per week is 50 POC. The withdrawal fee is 3 POC per request and that 3 POC must be paid with Metamask separately.

The audit will be carried as per the following rules:

XPs earned from playing max 20 times per hour is allowed. (ok)

XPs earned from playing more than 20 times per hour is cancelled (not ok)

In case that you would like to appeal this audit result, you can do so by sending the relevant proof and explanations to service@pocketarena.com

However, please note that once the appeal case has been submitted, your withdrawal may be delayed for an indefinite period of time until the appeal process is officially closed.

Key Features of Pocket Metaverse in Castle Town

To revisit the concept of NFT Castle Town, NFT Castle Town in the virtual city of Luzern is an exclusive area for peace and commercial activities.

Forest, Desert, Snow and Fantasy are meant for battle activities, whereas castle town will be an area where inhabitants can settle down and go about their lives in this Pocket Arena Metaverse

As published in our previous article, this NFT Castle Town will constitute an infrastructure of a real-world castle town. This means there will be government buildings, recreation centers and essential services buildings to facilitate a better way of living.

  • NFT Castle Town will act as the basis of the Pocket Arena Metaverse.
  • The virtual city of Luzern will depict NFT Castle Town where inhabitants in this virtual space can go about their daily activities.
  • Users’ representation will be in the form of avatars known as NFT Emoji Avatars.
  • 155 plots are allocated for NFT Castle Town where these buildings will be located.

The above map depicts NFT Castle Town, where in the highlighted areas show the developments in progress. These areas mostly consist of governmental, leisure, and business centric buildings that will open up.

Different colors represent different types of building in the Castle Town. For instance, the ones in blue represent government premises like Town hall, Police Station and Central Station. The ones in pink are buildings that provide essential services as it pertains to the game. Green ones are housing properties whereas yellow areas are for buildings used for socializing and engaging.

Key Features:

As you can see, a lot of thought has been put into making a commercial environment that caters to different needs and requirements. Here are the key features to look out:

1. Each building will be NFT-based and some commercial as well as residential buildings will be available for sale.

2. Each building will have gamification elements wherein POC earning/burning mechanisms are embedded. Our current set of casual PA games will be customized and integrated within Castle Town.

3. Brands will be invited to build their own NFT brand buildings & branded mini-games.

4. Chatting will be implemented in the Castle Town for social interaction.

5. Blacksmith shop & pharmacy will be specially utilized to create/sharpen tools and replenish energies respectively, for Castle Arena battles.

6. Map decoration shops will be opened

7. And last but not least, all entrants of Castle Town will wear “Emoji Avatars”. Two basic avatars (Yellow/Blue) will be given as default. The NFT emoji avatar owners will have exclusive look & feel that reflect their own personalities along with exclusive benefits in NFT buildings.

How to Earn Max XP — Efficiently and Effectively

Do you want to know how you can earn XP in an effective way?

In this article we will talk about the best methods to earn max XP. We have compiled 6 steps which will help you achieve your goal of earning XP and will help you become a better player in Castle Arena.

As a player, you start earning XP by playing Castle Defense and Castle Arena. But not all XP can be immediately converted to POC. The XP which is eligible to be converted is acquired by winning battles in Castle Arena. Follow the steps below to see how you can earn max XP.

1. Get maximum daily XP in Castle Defense.

To get enough XP to play in Castle Arena, try to meet the daily XP cap of 250 XP per day from PVE Stages and Daily Challenges. XP won in Castle Defense will help you play in Castle Arena.

2. Attack as many castles as you can

You will gain more XP if you attack more castles in Castle Arena. Your XP entry fee will be refunded and you will also get the defender’s XP entry fee and land.

3. Defend your castle all the time

You gain XP for each successful defense. If you defend successfully, you will receive your XP entry fee back, as well as the attacker’s entry fee.

4. Conquer more lands

You gain more lands by successfully attacking castles. In the Public Pool, more lands equals higher XP sharing.

5. Use player XP to play more battles in Castle Arena

Every victory earns a player more XP. Let’s talk about a player share of 85%!

6. Unlimited Play, Unlimited XP

You get to choose how much XP you wish to earn every day. The sky isn’t even the limit!

Exchange your earned XP to POC

Once your attacks and defense are successful you will earn tXP. Ultimately this is the XP that can be exchanged for POC.

The exchange rate between XP and POC varies from time to time, but the current XP rate at the time of writing this article is 30 XP = 1 POC.

To put it in simple terms, XP earned in Castle Arena and other Casual Games has its use only in Castle Arena. XP that can be exchanged to POC is earned only by winning battles in Castle Arena.

Creating Successful Attack Strategies in Castle Arena


Castle Arena is our PVP version of Castle Defense where users battle out on the virtual map of Luzerne to acquire precious lands and ultimately claim Kingship. Like in any battle (or game) it’s important to win in order to proceed further. And in order to win the battles, strategies are very important. 

In Castle Arena, battles are won by attacking and defending. When it comes to attacking other land owners, we have created a section where users can fine-tune their attacks and direct troops to achieve the goal.

Why is an attack strategy important?

As highlighted earlier, strategies are important to win battles. A good, well-crafted strategy separates the player from the pack. In order to move across levels in Castle Arena, it’s important that the player plans their strategies well. This involves assembling troops and formulating attacks on various paths. We will talk about this later in the article. 

Picking your attack strategy

In order to get ready to attack, it’s required that the player has XP in the Arena Pool. Once you are on the land map of Castle Arena, you are free to choose your battles.

Clicking on any knight on the map will show a pop up where the player will be presented with 2 options, one to Scout and the other to plan the Attack.


In Castle Arena before planning an attack the player is given an option to Scout. Scouting allows the attacker to check the castle’s armoury and upgrades. Accordingly, the attacker can decide whether or not to go ahead with the attack. The figure below shows the scout feature.

Clicking on Attack will lead the player to the screen to Create An Attack. Here the player can check the entry fee required for the attack, the stage selection and strategy selection as shown in the figure below.

Stage Selection

A section where the player can select any stage options from Stage 1 to Stage 10. Each stage has 2 elements, the number of waves and the number of attack paths. As shown in the figure below, Stage 1 consists of 7 waves and 3 attack paths.

Once the player has selected the stage, they can proceed with selecting their attack strategy.

Quick Attack Strategy

The quick attack strategy helps the player to automatically go ahead with the default troops arrangements for the attack. After selecting Quick Attack Strategy, the player will be taken to the next screen where the default monsters for the mission will be displayed.

Clicking on Load will lead the player to the next screen where they can review the waves in the strategy. Clicking on Deploy activates the attack, where the opponent will have 12 hours to accept the player’s attack or lose the land.

New Strategy

A custom strategy can be created by selecting on New Strategy. In this type of strategy the player can deploy troops manually after selecting the stage of their choice. 

When you select New Strategy, you will be presented with the screen that shows different paths at the bottom and the wave number at the top. The number of paths and waves are different for each stage as mentioned earlier.

Let’s say you click on path 1, this is what will be displayed:

You can select your monsters for each wave.

What’s interesting is each attack wave has a minimum and maximum limit (top left) pertaining to the number of monsters one can deploy in that particular wave. 

Moreover, the next wave will always enable the player to deploy more monsters than the previous one. See pic below:

Now, compare the two pics. If you look closely, wave 4/7 has a minimum limit of 29 and a maximum limit of 58, compared to 8 and 16 in wave 1/7.

So accordingly, one can choose the horde of monsters for each path and wave, and build a decisive strategy.

Earning XP in Castle Arena

Castle Arena is set up in a free to play ecosystem. Being a classic tower defense game, it’s important to formulate effective battle strategies. Good strategies will help players to win and in return gain valuable XP. 

There are different types of XP generated in Castle Arena. We have introduced a new XP system and the detailed explanation can be found in our whitepaper here. 

Earning XP in Castle Arena follows a series of steps. It first starts with renting an NFT Castle to play Castle Defense. XP earned from each stage at Castle Arena is divided among the Castle and the Arena Pool as per the new XP Sharing system. Then with the help with the XP in the Arena Pool, the player can wage battles with other players and gain precious land as well as personal XP, which can be converted to bPOC. 

We will cover this topic of XP earning extensively in our next article and will update there. Stay tuned to our official TG and social channel to know more. 

Future developments for Attack Strategies

  1. As we move forwards with Castle Arena, players will be able to save their attack strategies and reuse them for future attacks. 

  2. Players will be able to save upto 200 attack strategies. But doing so various attack strategies, with a varied combination of troops, can be used for battles.  We will also be releasing new monster characters to join the troops.

  3. Along with saving different strategies, players will also be able to sell their attack strategies in the near future. This means the attack strategy template will be traded in the Castle Market for POC.

Castle Market Release Notes

Hey Gamerz!

In order to keep the gaming experience fresh and the user experience enhanced, Pocket Arena has released a new version of Castle Market — v2.1.19

What’s new?

– A new revenue-sharing structure offering more flexibility and transparency to the players. For more details, read this article: https://support.pocketarena.com/blog/nft-castle-sale%e2%80%8a%e2%80%8anew-revenue-sharing-structure/

– A “Land” tab is added to let the sponsor check all the occupied lands.

– Feature enabling the user to set separate contract conditions for each castle.

When the contract conditions are set — if a player fulfills them, it will be auto-extended until the end date (up to 84 days).

– Feature allowing the sponsor to self-use their castle and play in the Castle Defense game.

– Users can find the player by name.

– Users can contact the player by sending their Telegram ID to the player.

– Some other UI tweaks & bug fixes for immersive gaming.

Play the game: https://games.pocketarena.com/cmarket/

Launch Schedule Announcements: Castle Arena, and more


Our team has been working extremely hard these past few months to deliver the best service and optimal performance to our users. However, on account of some unforeseen circumstances, we have some important announcements we would like to share with you.

Castle Arena Launch

As Castle Arena was in its final Quality Assurance phase, the launch was expected sooner than later. However, due to some unexpected quality issues detected, our developers need some time to fix them. As a result, Castle Arena launch has been pushed to mid-Feb (tentatively Feb 15). We apologize for the inconvenience.

Issue From the Last Audited Castle and the Compensation

It has come to our knowledge that some errors were encountered regarding previously audited Castles’ XP and Item retrieval process. We will fix this error for those who own these affected castles, and the compensation will be made to the owners before the Castle Arena launch date.

New Map Castle Sales — Kanton Zug

The new map Kanton Zug with a new batch of castles ( 800 Castles) is tentatively scheduled for March 2022 ( exact date will be announced). Kanton Zug is internationally recognized as a “crypto valley” and is home to a cluster of top tier crypto projects like Ethereum foundation, Polkadot, Cardano, Near protocol and… now Pocket Arena (Emoji Games) among others!

We have recently moved our domicile from Luzern to Zug! The land size of Kanton Zug (239 km²) is much smaller than Kanton Luzern (1,494 km²), so the allocated Castles will be 800 only.

The price for the new Zug map castle is EUR 149 along with 150 EUR worth of POC staking for 3 months.

NFT Emoji Avatars

The launch of 100 Limited-Edition NFT Emoji Avatars is going as planned, and they will be available by the end of Jan for selection for those who reserved.

Interactions within NFT Castle Town

Interactions are an essential part of our day to day lives. Keeping this in mind, we have introduced the chat feature that allows the occupants within NFT Castle Town to interact with each other. Here’s what you need to know about NFT Castle Town and its upcoming interactive features.

NFT Castle Town

NFT Castle Town in the virtual city of Luzern, is an exclusive area for peace and commercial activities. Take a break from the arduous battles and earn XPs by performing day-to-day activities in the NFT Castle Town. Interact with other players as an emoji avatar uniquely assigned to you.

With NFT Castle Town, you combine the vibe of a city with the thrill of earning that Castle Defense is known for.

The primary goal of Castle Town is to enable players to earn and spend XPs from completing mundane tasks. These tasks include various casual games (firstly developed by Emoji Games and later in partnership with other game developers) and also user-generated NFT games (created by users and brands) wherein Emoji Avatars of each player have the freedom to express and emote as they go about their journeys as peace-loving inhabitants of Castle Town.

Each Emoji Avatar will have a unique serial number and will be tradable in the NFT Marketplace.

What’s more? There will be a special reservation event for the FIRST 100 unique NFT Avatars on a first-come-first-serve basis, for those who buy min.1000 USD of $POC and stake for 3 months. So, don’t wait up as the slots are filling up fast. Grab a unique emoji avatar that best suits your personality, for double the fun. Reserve now

For more information, read this article: https://medium.com/pocketarena/nft-emoji-avatar-for-nft-castle-town-cce1b02af8df

Trading and Interactions

The NFT Castle Town will consist of NFT Town Buildings such as churches, restaurants, casinos, coffee shops and much more. Each building serves its own purpose, most importantly being a place for trade and commerce, socialising, education, entertainment etc.

For instance the mini-mart 24 building, will be a shopping center. In this shopping center, avatars will be able to trade their collected in-game items. They will also be able to interact with each other with the help of the in-built chat feature.

Amongst the important ones is the Mining Building wherein players can implement the incredibly useful practice of mining that gives them fast means of procuring and recharging strong resources and minerals. Choose the most effective resource to mine and yield the best results for the battles to come.

Think of Castle Town as a resting place with intuitive side missions wherein you play, learn and become better prepared for the battles of Castle Defense.

Special NFT Castle (No. 18 with 100,563 XP) Grab Event

Here’s an exciting opportunity for Castle Owners to enhance their castle portfolios and add great value to their collection by grabbing the Special NFT Castle №18.

Participate in this Castle Grab Event and stand a chance to acquire this special NFT Castle with a total XP of 100,653, at a special sale price of 98 EUR.

In order to participate in the event, one must make a minimum purchase of 300 BUSD of POC between 10th Jan — 13th Jan, 2022, 2PM UTC. For every 300 BUSD of POC, buyers will be allotted a lottery ticket.

Direct link to buy $POC on PancakeSwap

Moreover, buyers can acquire 2 lottery tickets for 500 BUSD and increase their chances of winning.

One lucky winner will be announced on 13th January, 2022 and he/she gets the lucrative castle at the aforementioned price.

Note: Once the lucky winner gets the credit card payment link to buy the castle, they have only 5 days to finalize the purchase. After that, they lose the entitlement to the castle.

So, hurry Up and fill out the participation form below:

Special NFT Castle Grab Event — Entry Form

Key Development Roadmap, Pocket Arena Investors series 2 and more

Pocket Metaverse comes to birth in Q1 2022 within the City zone of virtual map in Luzern, Switzerland. Our current 80,000 users will need an avatar in Castle Town. Two default avatars are provided for free for everyone, but it will look all the same. In order to show yourself with your own NFT character and to take part in the NFT town activities enabling you to earn extra XP, you will need an NFT emoji avatar. Like the initial NFT Castle value has increased significantly after only a few months, NFT avatar might be the same. 2022 would be the year of NFT as everyone predicts!

Reserve the limited edition of NFT emoji avatar NOW!!


The full 100 limited NFT avatar set will be available on Jan 22 on a first-come, first-served basis.

The much-awaited major addition to Castle Defense is here in the form of Castle Arena. In this old-school tower defense strategy game, users can now own land, defend or attack other lands and create or join guilds to plan strategic attacks with 5000 NFTCastles, players and guilds. All of this action is bound to take place across five playable areas on the virtual map of Luzern, Switzerland. These 5 areas are Forest, Desert, Snow, Fantasy and City.

Read the full article herehttps://medium.com/pocketarena/sneak-peek-of-castle-arena-97c4c6d0751

2021 proved to be a breakout year for team Pocket Arena with the following milestones achieved. For us, the New Year means a year of new possibilities and new ventures. So let’s look ahead to the excitement to come in the first few months of 2022.

Read the full article herehttps://medium.com/pocketarena/key-development-roadmap-in-2022-79c5f1231d3e

Pocket Arena gathered over 17K users just over the course of last week. Out of those 17K, about 10K were new users with an impressive retention rate of 51%. Our top user countries for the week were Philippines, Vietnam, Romania, South Korea and the US. Moreover, the site alone (app data not included) had a massive 300K views last week.

What happens when an NFT Castle is traded in the NFT Castle Market after Castle Arena is launched? Under the new profit-sharing structure of NFT Castle sales, there is a gross revenue-sharing that is based on sold castle price. Upon the sale of an NFT Castle, 4% of the profit goes to Emoji Games, and 96% of the profit goes to the owner of the NFT Castle.

For more info visit: https://medium.com/pocketarena/nft-castle-sale-new-revenue-sharing-structure-6ebc884d9d61

Pocket Arena is proud to have Signum Capital, a growth-focused investor team, in our list of esteemed investors.

Signum Capital is a MAS (Monetary Authority of Singapore) registered crypto investor that supports game-changing projects like Pocket Arena. They believe that Pocket Arena can bring sustainable P2E gaming platform which requires FUN part first than rewards part.

Read the announcement here: https://twitter.com/pocketarena/status/1476513795661086726

Pocket Arena Guilds are gaining a lot of traction of late with the formation of new guilds. In the past week, we have announced a new guild named 1PH-PRODIGY based in the Philippines. This week we introduced Ace Guild. There are more guild announcements in the pipeline, so do follow our Twitter to stay updated.

NFT Emoji Avatars, Castle Defense Items Upgrade Guide, Pocket Arena Esports Broadcasters Recruitment and more.


December, Week 4 has passed and we’re about to enter 2022. During the past week, a lot has happened at Pocket Arena with regards to bringing important updates to our community.

Let’s just have a detailed look at the major happenings last week.

Reserve Your own NFT Emoji Avatar for NFT Castle Town – 100 Avatars 



The first edition of 100 NFT Emoji Avatars are coming to NFT Castle Town! NFT Castle Town in the virtual city of Luzern is an exclusive area for peace and commercial activities. Whilst most of land plots (such as Forest, Desert, Snow, Fantasy) will be Esports battlefields, there will be no furious battles happening here in the City land(Castle Town) as this area is for inhabitants to settle down and go about their daily city lives in the Pocket Arena Metaverse. In this Pocket Metaverse, you will need your own avatar to represent yourself in order to do various commercial and non-commercial activities in this Castle Town. 

We are starting a special reservation event for the FIRST 100 unique NFT emoji avatars on a first-come-first-serve basis for those who buy min.1000 USD of $POC and stake for 3 months

Read the full article here: https://medium.com/pocketarena/nft-emoji-avatar-for-nft-castle-town-cce1b02af8df


$POC Trading Competition — 3rd Run


The end of the 1st and the 2nd run of the $POC Trading Competition brought about the introduction of the 3rd round. The 3rd round has already started from 23rd Dec 2pm UTC. In this 3rd round, we will reward the Top 5 Buyers and Holders of $POC from 30th November 2021 to 3rd January 2022 with the highly valued NFTCastles with XP included.

Read the full article here: 



Castle Defense Items Upgrade Guide



We have now introduced crucial item upgrades to these in-game characters and towers. With these upgrades the characters and towers can now be equipped with gear to increase their power, customize their abilities, and unlock new abilities. In this post we will talk about the Knight, the Wizard and the towers featured in Castle Defense and their items upgrade. 

Read to know more:



Pocket Arena Esports Broadcasters Recruitment



Our Castle Defense PvP battle — “Castle Arena” battle for the land of Luzern, Switzerland starts in Jan 2022 with 5000 NFT Castles, players, guilds. The biggest fun part would be watching the highlights of the Esports match of the day. So keeping this in mind we have decided to recruit professional eSports Broadcasters in different languages. Successfully recruited broadcasters will be compensated in USD or EUR with bonus as a contractor of Emoji Games. To sign up for a professional eSports Broadcasters program please fill the form below.

Pocket Arena Esports Broadcasters Recruitment Form


Introducing Castle Defense Guilds – Castle Defense Warriors



In our first Castle Defense guild introduction, we are proud to introduce “Castle Defense Warriors”. Headed by Guild Manager “Martyn” and assisted by Assistant Guild Manager “Khughe”, Post-Covid is opening a new era of Esports and bringing worldwide gamers together. Pocket Arena Team is proud that we are at the forerunners in this new path. We welcome new guilds from different countries. The min. required guild members for a guild establishment are 20 people.  

Guild Applicationhttps://s.pocketarena.io/2YW4O24

Pocket Arena has been featured on Cointelegraph, the leading international crypto media.


As it currently stands, there is a lot of hype around the metaverse concept. While market excitement exists, fundamental considerations are still being overlooked, namely, the desire for others to be a part of it. Would the metaverse need to be futuristic in context, closer to the real world, composed of online avatars or designed for gamers? Surprisingly, among the top answers is esports. Here’s why.

Read the full article here: