Sneak Peek of Castle Arena

The much-awaited major addition to Castle Defense is here in the form of Castle Arena. In this old-school tower defense strategy game, users can now own land, defend or attack other lands and create or join guilds to plan strategic attacks with 5000 NFTCastles, players and guilds.

All of this action is bound to take place across five playable areas on the virtual map of Luzern, Switzerland. These 5 areas are Forest, Desert, Snow, Fantasy and City.

Difference between Castle Defense and Castle Arena

Castle Defense is about defending the castle with the help of Knights and Wizards. The game consists of Daily Challenges and PvE Battles where players use the default in-game castle or rent an NFT Castle from a sponsor (Castle Owner) and defend it from attackers like Galios, Gargoyles, Demons and more.

Castle Arena is about PvP Battles where you defend your castle’s land and attack other castles with an aim to defeat them and grab their land. Castle Arena also consists of different Guilds, which are groups of players who coordinate and execute attacks strategically. The real eSports PvP model of Pocket Arena will start with Castle Arena.

With the launch of Castle Arena in Jan 2022, the new revenue share framework will be applicable for P2P castle trading. This major change will be explained in another blog very soon.

Let’s walk through some of the key aspects of Castle Arena.

Main Menu

The new menu will see the additions of Arena Pool and Public Pool.

Land Battle in Forest

As highlighted earlier, Castle Arena consists of 5 playable areas on the virtual map of Luzern. The first area is the “Forest,” where you as a player can participate in PvP Battles. Here you can attack others and grab their land and also defend your fortress from attacks.

The screenshots below depict the Defend and Attack process for the land battle in the forest area.

You can only proceed to attack the new land only once you have cleared the stages of each land.

Castle Items

These items are required to upgrade your castle’s armoury. Details with regards to the castle items will be out soon.

Creating Attacks in Castle Arena

For every attack created, there is a strategy that is followed. The better you strategize, the more efficiently you will win battles.

Once you have crafted your perfect strategy, you have an option to save it for future attacks or load it for the current attack.

Attack Strategy Selection

For different stages of game play you can create customized strategies. When you are in the process of creating an attack you are given the choice to select the strategy of your choice.

As shown in the screen below you can choose any one strategy for your attack and also delete strategies if you choose to.

Attack Outcome

If your attack is successful you will be greeted with the following screen below. The screen will show you the XP earned and shared between you, the Sponsor, XP pool and Public Pool along with the land acquired.

My Land

Under the upgrade section in the main menu, we have added the “My Land” tab. Under this section, the player can see the acquired lands pertaining to different playing areas (i.e. Forest Desert, Snow, Fantasy and City)

The player acquires new land by winning the battle.

The Rule of Defense

Defense is about protecting your land from other attacks. If you defend your land successfully, you get to keep your land and get XPs as a reward.

If you fail to defend, you lose your land. In Castle Arena, each land requires a certain number of Defences per day. If you don’t meet the daily requirement, you will lose your land.

Land Battle Status

The screen below shows you your land battle status, which consists of a list of lands you hold along with pending defenses.

After you successfully defend external attacks, you are rewarded by XP, as shown below.

Land Battle History

The land history shows the result of the attack or defense subjected to your land.


When you acquire the status of Kingship in Castle Arena, the following message is shown. The king has special privileges and takes 3% XP from all the battles on the virtual map.

Be aware that your kingship may be challenged by numerous attacks from your opponents day in, day out! So you will need to ally with a strong and faithful guild!

The Different Pools in Castle Arena

Pools in Castle Arena are areas where XP is stored. There are 2 pools, namely Public Pool and Arena Pool.

Arena Pool is a section where the XP earned from Castle Arena and Castle Defense is stored. Arena Pool XP is further used to upgrade the NFT Castle (via Castle XP) and also used to participate in Castle Arena.

Public Pool is a section where the XP earned from Castle Arena PvP battles is stored. Public Pool XP is distributed to players who are land owners

To get a detailed understanding of XP distribution in pools, please follow the article below.

Castle Arena New Revenue Share Structure

“Castle Arena Guilds”

Castle Arena introduces the concept of Guilds whose main aim is to bring pro-players together into organized groups and win battles strategically by XP profit-sharing with castle owners.

The main role of Guild in Pocket Arena

  • Find the castles from owners, and assign them to guild members.
  • Recruit and train guild members.
  • Manage and maintain the progress of all members.

In Castle Arena, a guild is headed by 1 Guild Manager, 1 Assistant Guild Manager who oversee the guild operations, followed by guild members.

Users cannot create guilds by themselves. The guilds are created by Pocket Arena Team (including the initial approval of guild name and guild flag) after due diligence and screening of the guild manager. After the guild is formed, selected managers can manage their respective guild and can update the guild’s name, flag, find and assign castle, recruit/expel members, manage and guide members and set profit shares.

Considering the increase in interest in guilds form different nationalities we have reduced the minimum member requirement from 30 to 20 members. A guild in Castle Arena can have a maximum of 50 members. As of 16 Dec 2021, 47 guilds have been established from 14 different countries (UK, Finland, Germany, France, Philippines, Vietnam, Russia, South Korea, Australia, South- Africa, Romania, China, Thailand, Indonesia) with 1332 guild members who are actively playing Castle Defense.

See discord for details of our guild status.

If you are a manager who wants to create a guild in Castle Arena, please fill in the Preliminary Guild Manager Application form below.

NFT Castle Defense Preliminary Guild Manager Application

In-game Creation of Guilds

Guild is assigned to a manager who will appear on the Castle Market. Sponsors can view and contact these guilds. In order to create a guild in Castle Arena, a manager has to express interest. This is usually done by filling an application. Once Pocket Arena receives the application, a guild is then created and the guild manager recruits members to increase the guild user base.

Once Castle Arena is launched, users will be allowed to join a guild of their choice. The process will include contacting the guild manager to join a guild.

After joining a guild, the player can contact the guild manager via Telegram chat and ask defense support from other guild members.

The player who has joined the guild will be able to view the Guild’s Castles, check Member Ranking, request Guild Support and Contact the guild manager.

Guild Support

The guild support feature is for players seeking protective support from other guild members. The guilds members can offer support to players who need assistance with regards to attacks and defense from other guilds.

Guild Member Management

Leaving a Guild

A player who is a part of a guild can also choose to leave the guild. Once out of the guild, the player will not be able to keep the NFT Castle.

There are more functions and features in this in-game guild system and in a new guild management system that are currently under development. We anticipate this may go live a little later than Castle Arena. The launch date is TBA.

Play-to-earn NFT gaming portal and platform combines the metaverse with esports to encourage participation

As it currently stands, there is a lot of hype around the metaverse concept. While market excitement exists, fundamental considerations are still being overlooked, namely, the desire for others to be a part of it. Namely, the desire for others to want to be a part of it. This leaves an important question on the table: how can pioneers in this industry excite people enough to want to spend a substantial amount of their time and money in a digital format. Would the metaverse need to be futuristic in context, closer to the real world, composed of online avatars or designed for gamers? Surprisingly, among the top answers is esports. Here’s why.

By providing the world, and more specifically, gamers, the opportunity to battle with each other and earn real rewards, some incentive is given for people to participate in this digital space. For this reason, the concept of “play-to-earn,” or P2E, becomes crucial in providing power back to the players that support the game, rather than one of two members of the gaming duopoly that exists today.

Therefore, this business model takes an open economy, provides financial benefits to all participants in it and further guarantees that any games earned don’t ever leave the player’s possession. While this covers the earning aspect, something needs to be said for the entertainment factor. Without the introduction of competition and winning, the metaverse is little more than an online shopping center with spending opportunities, a world that one can only spend so much time in.

Pocket Arena is shaping the narrative with the vision to create an easy-to-use and trusted gaming ecosystem for tournaments and casual games, where anyone can be rewarded for their efforts. By taking esports and the metaverse and combining it with NFT castles into this old-school strategy or castle defense game, Pocket Arena was born.

Positioned for an upwards trajectory

The difference is rather than allowing metaverse entrance through the sale of land plots that can be purchased by people who already have a large amount of capital at their disposal, the game is targeted to reward those with good gaming skills. Therefore, land plots are provided to esports players to enhance, a decision that has guided the rest of the initial game development.

The team’s flagship game, Castle Defense, already accounts for more than 10,000 daily active users that span across the globe, including participants from the Philippines, Vietnam, India, the United States and South Korea, spending on average 30 min per user in the Pocket Arena. With initial success, the game’s evolution will include the introduction of guilds, or in other words, groups of professional esports players who come together to manage NFT castles and further increase their in-game value. The NFT Castle price was initially sold at 49 EUR, and currently, these are being traded at 800EUR depending on the strength level of the Castle by showing 3.3 times of value increase within three months time.


With the introduction of a new land feature, the opportunities to own NFT items and earn will increase, making the 2D metaverse all that more interesting. The emergence of esports battles and the metaverse will create an experience much more enticing for users.

Opening the land map

Pocket Arena has announced the closing of a $2.14 million private round by selling 3.3% of the total supply of Pocket Arena Token (POC) from several industry-leading investors, including Signum Capital, Unanimous Capital, Legion Ventures, LD Capital, Ethereal Capital, Brotherhood Ventures, Exnetwork, Halvings Capital, Master Ventures, Calamari Ventures, Minted Lab and Standard Merchant, as well as leading influencers such as Slavik Junge, Alexander Kondrashov, Evan Luthra and others.

Alongside this funding, Pocket Arena Token has successfully listed on PancakeSwap (CAKE), allowing users to cash out and trade. With strong backing, the team has recently released their Land Map, where the 5000 NFT Castle owners are able to look at and choose a plot of land for their own NFT Castle. This PvP (players-versus-players) battle called Castle Arena will kick off in mid-January 2022.

Emoji Games, the company behind Pocket Arena, has been in the mobile gaming industry since 2005 as a long-term partner of Samsung Mobile and working with many global companies such as Meta (formerly Facebook), Kakao Games, Electronic Arts, Sega, Namco and others.

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