Due to a massive increase of Pocket Arena users, lots of people are in a long queue to rent NFT castles. Considering this,  we are starting a special event (with 3-5 times of series) to provide a special rent of NFT Castles owned by Emoji Games followed by transfer of the ownership from Emoji Games to you at the special price of EUR 98. This is applicable to  those who are staking a minimum of 1000 USD of POC for 3 months. 

These NFT Castles were initially rented by Emoji Games a few months ago to players and some XP have been collected in these castles. We are glad to rent these castles to those who are keen to play Castle Defense with the following terms and conditions .

Event Summary

Rent NFT Castles (with XP inside) from Emoji Games and claim your ownership of that castle by buying 1000 USD of POC from Pancakeswap and staking them for 3 months at the Castle price of EUR98 only and enjoy the staking rewards of 130% APR. 

50 Castles will be taken on a first-come, first-served basis. 

How It Works

Fill in this Castle Renting Event Application Form and submit. Ensure you are ready with the following:

  1. Your PA ID details (User Name, Email ID and 12 digit code ID)
  2. Your POC purchase TX link. (min. 1000 USD worth of POC) from PancakeSwap effective from 29th Dec 2021.
  3. Choose your one preferred castle number from the list. 

50 Available NFTCastle Selection List for the 1st Run

After the successful submission of application, you will receive a confirmation email from within 1-3 working days. After receiving the confirmations go to “Manual Contract” section on the castle selection menu, search your selected NFT Castle number and request “Rent”. The Pocket Arena Team be alerted and  will allow you to rent the respective castle. 

You can continue to rent the NFT Castle, as long as you have not sold the POC until the POC staking system is completed. As soon as your purchased POC (min. 1000 USD of purchase) is staked for 3 months (130% APR), you can make the payment of EUR98 and transfer the ownership of the NFT Castle to yourself. 

POC staking may be available in late Jan 2022 like below ( example of how it may look). However the exact date may be announced.

Please note the following terms and conditions.

  • The POC purchase should be made on 29th Dec 2021 or later.
  • Upon staking, users are required to connect their Metamask wallets and sign in with their PA ID. Therefore, your wallet address submitted in the application should match with the connecting address upon staking.
  • If  you have submitted another person’s purchase TX link in the application form, your Pocket Arena account will be blacklisted and restricted from any events in the future. 
  • Your renting may be discontinued if you sell your POC upon renewing the rent contract.
  • If you sell your POC before staking is complete or if you have not made the payment of EUR98 within the due date, your right to claim the ownership for the Castle will be forfeited.
  • One PA account can send only one application with one unique wallet address.