You might not know this about us, but Pocket Arena has been around, in one form or another, for quite a long time. Emoji Games, Pocket Arena’s parent company, arrived on the scene in 2005 with the introduction of their try-and-buy micropayment solution to be used by game developers. This development was part of what secured us partnerships with Samsung, Gameloft, Namco, EA, Sega, and Ericsson.

Developing games is our specialty. We went on to create branded mini-games (BMGs) that could be installed within mobile shopping apps to increase daily users. Since then, BMGs have been integrated by more than 100 brands including BMW and KFC. We have also developed many hyper-casual and casual games at the recommendation and request of game publishers. As part of Emoji Games, we have delivered more than 1.5 billion games in 55 countries wide since our inception. 

However, we are not ready to stop there. All of the experience gathered over the last 17 or so years, as part of Emoji Games and beyond, is now being used to develop new blockchain gaming experiences. Over the next few months, we’re going to see new games, new updates, and new features for our community that will continue to bring value to their playing experience. 


          What’s In The Pipeline For Castle Arena 

          Community Building 

          What’s Coming Up 

What’s In The Pipeline For Castle Arena 

One game that takes up a lot of our time is Castle Defense. Our team is always hard at work collaborating with each other to bring you the next set of updates for our flagship game. 

Our guild feature already has registered members from over different nationalities and we’re looking to expand to even more. Guilds are going to be a huge part of the Castle Defense ecosystem, allowing castle owners and players to share XP and build trust between each other for their mutual benefit. Castle Defense will also see the introduction of the new Luzern map, which will host 99 different Guilds and consist of 11,444 land plots with space for a maximum of 5000 NFT castles. Spectator mode will also soon be introduced to the castle defense experience. In order to open Castle Defense to a bigger market, Pocket Arena will be integrating the Euro-pegged stablecoin eEUR. Users will be able to buy NFT castles with eEUR and also withdraw eEUR to USDT.

With all these new features being added to the game, the next few months is set to be a very exciting time for NFT Castle Defense. We expect to see a huge amount of players earning XP on our platform and it is for this reason that we will be introducing our XP audit program. This audit will be for the P2P Castle market and will verify the amount of XP a castle has earned as part of the game. The amount of XP attached to a castle will determine how effective it is in gameplay and therefore, how valuable it is. With this in mind, verifying the XP of a castle will create a healthy and sustainable eSports ecosystem for everyone involved. 

Community Building 

Another area that Pocket Arena is always working on is our community reach. We have over 7000 members on our Telegram, almost 13000 followers on Twitter, and more than 4000 followers on Facebook. Because of the amount of value in our games, it is vital that customer queries and complaints are answered in a timely fashion. Customers should not tolerate any lingering uncertainty concerning digital assets that might be very valuable to them. With this in mind, these social networks will be used to deliver excellent customer support and ensure that we can always be in contact with our community. 

Our community has also recently passed a very special Milestone. In October 2020, the peak daily average user (DAU) of Axie infinity was 5,500. This October our DAU passed that number to reach 6,224. Since last year, Axie Infinity has gone on to become the biggest name in blockchain gaming. Having reached this milestone and seeing very high retention levels Axie’s is a journey we hope to emulate in the coming year.

What’s Coming Up

One of the biggest developments in our Pocket Arena story is soon to be upon us. Within the next few months we will be announcing the launch of our IDO which will finally see our POC token go on public sale. We’re all very excited about this so we can’t wait to see who decides to take part. 

Castle Arena remains our biggest focus though and the new features that include maps, playing styles, and land for our players to capture, are sure to bring even more value into the space. Those looking to get involved should be quick though because once the 5,000th NFT castle is minted we’ll be pausing our NFT sales for a few weeks. P2P sales will continue though allowing investors to continue to realize value from their own gaming assets.

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