1. Introduction to mPOC


This week we have introduced a new POC category known as mPOC. The purpose of mPOC is to enrich the user experience and fun for Castle Defense and to also extend the utility of POC. mPOC is a short name of membership POC which is basically, the POC that is transferred from Metamask into PA Wallet. To know more about mPOC and other POC categories please check the link below.


2. Pocket Arena Team Organises a NFT & Virtual Asset Conference, Embassy of Switzerland in the Republic of Korea.


The Swiss ambassador in South Korea, Mrs. Dagmar Schmidt Tartagli gives the welcome speech for the conference.

On June 30th, there was a special conference held at the Embassy of Switzerland in South Korea to learn about Swiss NFT & Crypto asset regulation frameworks, accounting and taxation. This conference was co-hosted by JSCO Holdings and SACA (Swiss Asia Crypto Alliance) and organised by Emoji Games. The ambassador, Mrs. Dagmar Schmidt Tartagli gave an opening welcome speech for the conference, talking about the Crypto Valley in Switzerland. This was an invitation-only event for 40 VIPs who are the key stakeholders of the Korean blockchain community ecosystem.

https://n.news.naver.com/mnews/article/018/0005255795?sid=101 (Korean News)


3. Development updates of the week


In this week’s development update, users can now upgrade their NFT Castles with $POC at NFT Castle Market. The POC transferred from Metamask will be known as mPOC. This new “mPOC” refers to a membership POC, which is transferred from Metamask into PA Wallet.

We also had a version update (V. 2.6.31) for NFT Castle Defense. In this update, E-points have now become more affordable and the maximum pending attacks are decreased for all areas ( Forest — 3, Desert -5, City — 11, King — 13). Also the battle background images are improved in this update.


4. Hall of Fame winner — BEATLOG


Presenting the new Hall of Fame winner of NFT Castle Defense for June 2022. Beatlog, is our 8th winner and belongs to the 1PH Prodigy guild. Congratulations on winning this accolade.