1. Development updates of the week

  • Here is an update on Falk, the $POC powered layer 2 sidechain by #PocketArena team. We successfully tested the bridge between ETH and BSC for ERC-721.  Falk will be stronger than any other ETH sidechains due to this multi bridging feature and will be widely used for white-label NFT minting/marketplaces for brands.
  • Castle Defense updates : guest users are able to rent NFT Castles and play castle defence. Also a dashboard where an option to allow guest players to rent an NFT castle is provided to the castle sponsor. https://twitter.com/pocketarena/status/1551825485025271810


2. Interactive emoji avatars in NFT Castle Town Metaverse Zone


Being interactive is the key element in NFT Castle Town. We have provided another feature of what it will look like when emoji avatars interact and move around in Castle Town buildings. Users can select their Emoji Avatar, enter their screen name and join the room. Interactive elements like gamification and chat features will also be added to this. 

The beta version is expected to be released in Q3



3. Hall of Fame winner – Brent


Here’s presenting the 11th winner of the NFT Castle Defense Hall of Fame. Brent from the 1PH_Prodigy guild has claimed the spot for July 2022. Yet again this winning makes 1PH_Prodigy guild with the high numbers of hall of famers till date.