1. Development Updates for the week


Our designers and engineers have been busy building the new features and upgrades based on your feedback. The following works have been finally completed!

  • An improved set of monster icons has dropped-in!
  • You can buy Arena Pool XP using mPOC!
  • Castle Defense on iOS is available now!


2. Match of the Day — A Brand New YouTube Channel


We’ve just launched a new arena battles channel on YouTube where the most exciting battles are picked & edited as a Match of the Day . Check out the battle highlights of the day of your peer players and get a chance to learn their attack/defense strategies.

Subscribe to our channel today and click on the bell notification to stay updated on new video uploads.

3. Pocket Arena’s Key Business Model — Branded Mini-Games for NFT


We have announced the integration of Branded Mini Games (BMG) with Pocket Arena and FALK — our upcoming ETH-BSC layer 2 sidechain for branded game, NFT and metaverse DIY studio. There will also be a brand tailored NFT marketplace in one stop! The benefits include buying and trading NFT’s gas-free, fun competitive games and brand loyalty programs in the metaverse. The new website will be released very soon.

View the announcement here: