1. Branded Mini-Games NFT – A white label solution for enterprise to gamify, mint NFT’s and create branded NFT marketplace –  ALL IN ONE STOP



Branded Mini-Games has been one of our key products since 2017 as a Game-as-a-Service platform for brands to gamify their marketing and create branded games used by various international brands. (BMW, KFC, Kia, Samsung Galaxy, Hyundai, etc.).

We experience that there is an increasing demand from these brands who want to integrate their licensing system with NFT in addition to their own branded games. This white label one-stop solution for brands will enrich brand customers’ experience through gaming, metaverse, chats, avatars and NFT P2P trading on their own marketplace at a very competitive price for enterprises.

This B2B enterprise platform Branded Mini-Games NFT will be specially implemented based on the Falk- ETH Layer 2 chain powered by POC which is planned to release in Q3 2022.  

Check out the deck for more details.

2.Development updates of the week


  • Spectator mode is live ( Forest land)
  • My Attack Strategy updates
  • Castle upgrade with mPOC (new POC category and utility case)



3. Match of the Day

The spectator mode is now live and is slated to be a key feature that will help users develop their battle strategies. Under “My Battles” users will see the “WATCH” button where the battle gameplay can be replayed. This can in turn help players evaluate and rebuild their attack strategies. 



4. Your emoji avatar  in NFT Castle Town

Your emoji avatar in NFT Castle Town will be able to earn you 20% XP whenever other players rent your emoji avatar. With the help of various games and activities in arcade buildings, the renters can earn XP by playing various avatar games and branded games. Under a XP sharing structure 80% of XP earnings are for the player while the Emoji Avatar owner get 20% from the proceedings. 

NFT Castle Town is coming soon.


5. Hall of Fame winner – Imyours

We are proud to announce yet another Hall of Fame winner for this month. An active member of the Eternals guild, Imyours has been bestowed the Hall of Fame status as he maintained the Kings land position.

Congrats to Imyours on being the 10th Hall of Fame winner.