Why is ChatGPT essential for the brand metaverse?

The ChatGPT craze has only just begun.

Not just limited to academic reports, but also corporations (brands) are utilizing ChatGPT to develop highly advanced ChatBots. While AI ChatBots existed in versions 1.0 to 3.0 of GPT, the widely promoted ChatGPT 3.5 product is yielding incredible outcomes.

C-Town, a Branded Metaverse that will be in beta service from March 2023. This Brand Metaverse will be located in the heart of Castle Arena, a virtual land for Castle Defense PvP battle. We’re using Switzerland-Lucerne as our Arena Land, and the Castle Town is our Metaverse. It will have branded buildings, cafes, and arcades called the Branded Metaverse Zone (BMZ) or C-Town, scheduled to be in Beta service from March 2023.

The Branded Metaverse Zone (BMZ) is to provide brands (corporates) with the followings:

1) Branded mini-games that allow users to earn reward points and receive special benefits in the form of NFT. The NFTs can be exported through our ETH Layer 2 Service FALK,

2) A tool to create a loyalty program and community for a brand using NFTs,

3) Virtual lounge to chat with other users for brand events or internal training, and

4) Virtual lounge to learn about the brand and its products as well as to receive high quality customer service by using the ChatGPT API.

These features will be available through our SaaS platform at www.brandedminigames.com, which is powered by PocketArena.

In the Brand Metaverse, brands aim to offer their community not just entertainment, engagement, and rewards, but also helpful information and training about their products, along with quality customer support. To accomplish this, the ChatGPT API by OpenAI allows brands to create and fine-tune their ChatBots as per their specific needs. This re-design and fine-tuning process for a brand needs some technical works which will be offered by Pocket Arena Team using a studio.

Nevertheless, brands should be wary of a potential pitfall. If a company offers ChatGPT for free on their website, it could result in a price bomb. How does this happen?

The price is per 1,000 tokens. You can think of tokens as word fragments, and 1,000 tokens equals about 750 words. This paragraph is 35 tokens ($0.0007).

This means that if a regular user uses ChatGPT without restrictions instead of ChatGPT Plus (paying a $20 monthly fee), the brand will receive a very large receipt afterwards. And the cost of optimised fine-tuning for businesses (brands) is much higher — 6 times.

The following features will be available in the Brand Metaverse Zone by Pocket Arena to help brands manage their budget for the usage of ChatGPT.

1. Guest Specifies the maximum number of tokens that can be used per day for all users.

2. Specify the maximum number of tokens that can be used per day for one user who has registered and logged in.

3. After the brand mini-game, reward points are paid and can be exchanged for coupons, and ChatGPT tokens can be exchanged with the corresponding coupons.

4. Supports fine-tuning where corporate (brand) data is entered as well as general chat GPT.

We are developing the above functions so that they can be set up and operated through the studio.

While all of our pre-built branded shop designs are identical, you can also add your own buildings to C-Town by these guidelines. (The beta service will be launched only in S.Korea)

Once the beta version is launched, your brand building will feature an Arcade lounge similar to the one shown below. Each brand building and arcade machine can be played using a range of mini-games (browser games) that are created by the brand using www.brandedminigames.com.

To access the Brand Metaverse Zone or C-Town, you must rent an Emoji Avatar. These Emoji Avatars are all unique as NFT.

We are currently working to launch our first beta service with a well-known dental brand from South Korea in March 2023. We can’t wait to showcase our first beta service with a successful result.

Pocket Arena Team