Break the bricks and never let them hit the bottom. Easy to play, Simplest game system, Designed for one handheld gameplay. Enjoy 300 stages of single modes and play eSports against other players or your friends. Collect the unique friends cards to get free XP. Have fun while playing the game and earn digital assets of XP!

How to play:

 Tap on this link at: and log in with your Pocket Arena account. If you don’t have an account yet, please follow this article

– There are 300 addictive stages, clearing all blocks to complete the stage.

– Collect cards to get bonus rewards.

– Use Items to help clearing blocks.

– Users can use E-point to continue the game when they lose.

How can earn XPs through playing the game:

There are 3 ways to earn XP through playing game:

  • Way 1:  After playing Single (Stage) mode, you can get XP based on scratch cards.

Tap on this Stage icon to play the game, you have to collect all animal cards, a scratch card will be randomly displayed as a reward (XP, Thunder, Bomb, Extra Ball, E-point).
With an XP scratch card, you can get 100 XP.

  • Way 2: You can get XP through playing eSport challenge

Play 1vs1 challenge by clicking the eSport icon.

If you win, you can get 20XP or 100XP, there are 2 rooms for XP: Novice Challenge room and Amateur Challenge room. The reward is based on each room.

  • Way 3: You can get 200 XP each 7 days playing as a daily reward.


IMPORTANT :  Don’t forget to get a Daily Reward of XP. You can get the free XPs just by logging in to this game with your account on every 7th day of your visit. 

Happy Gaming!