We are about to enter the weekend. As usual, a lot happened this week at Pocket Arena. Here is are our weekly roundup.

$POC PancakeSwap listing date and other updates

We have finally decided the PancakeSwap listing date for our $POC token which is 30th November 2021, 10AM CET. Currently, we are implementing advanced anti-bot measures to prevent malicious bot activities that could happen on PancakeSwap.

Read the announcement: https://medium.com/@pocketarena/poc-pancakeswap-listing-date-and-other-updates-9c7ab81d31b0

Backers Announcement

We have announced the successful closing of a $2.14 million private round from leading blockchain investors. The backers include Signum Capital, Unanimous Capital, LD Capital, Legion Ventures, Ethereal Capital, Calamari Ventures, Brotherhood Ventures, Halvings Capital, Exnetwork, Master Ventures, Standard Merchant, and Minted Lab.

Read the press release: https://finance.yahoo.com/news/play-earn-nft-gaming-portal-191100211.html

$POC Audit Report

We are pleased to announce that our $POC, ERC20/BEP20, cross-chain token has got a “Well-Secured” rating by leading smart contract auditor, Hacken.io.

Around October 2021, we contacted Hacken for a Smart Contract Code Review and Security Analysis. Following which security assessment of Pocket Arena’s smart contract and code review was conducted.

The smart contract was scanned for commonly known and more specific vulnerabilities such as Reentrancy, Ownership Takeover, Timestamp Dependence, Gas Limit and Loops and more.

View the full report: https://hacken.io/audits/#pocket_arena

Daily Active Users of Pocket Arena

Here are Pocket Arena’s Google Analytics stats from 1st November to 11th November 2021. Our Daily Active Users (DAU) is in the range of 5K-6K unique users with an average session duration (Average Playing Time) of 39 minutes. The retention rate stands at a commendable position of 45%. These numbers exclude users playing Castle Defense on Android, which if included can add approximately 2K Daily Active Users, to the figures above. Then DAU (Daily Active User) are about 7–8K all together.

To know what gets users back to Castle Defense, visit the link below.


Country wise Telegram groups on Linktr.ee

Over the past weeks as per our Google Analytics we have been witnessing users across the globe, spending time on Pocket Arena’s web properties. These properties consist of the website, Blog, Castle Defense, Casual games and more). We are experiencing increased activity from users from the Philippines, Vietnam, USA and Thailand to name a few. As a part of our community building efforts we have set up country wise Pocket Arena groups on Telegram so that users can communicate and network with people from their own countries. We have listed all LEGIT Pocket Arena country wise Telegram groups on our Linktr.ee listed below. Do take a look and join in.


About Pocket Arena

Pocket Arena’s vision is to create an easy-to-use and trusted gaming ecosystem for ordinary people to enjoy playing, grow digital assets and become the world’s biggest NFT DApp Mobile Gaming Platform.

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