We are pleased to announce that our $POC, ERC20/BEP20, cross-chain token has got a  “Well-Secured” rating by leading smart contract auditor, Hacken.  This cross-chain token is a highly innovative token, requiring advanced levels of blockchain technology. We are particularly proud of this audit result because it proves that our blockchain tech team is highly skilled and security orientated.

The reason we decided to go for this cross-chain is that Ethereum networks gas price is getting insanely higher and it does not make sense to pay such high gas fee for game related digital assets, yet ERC20 is a standard protocol which is beneficial for many exchange listing and NFTs open markets, which will help Pocket Arena team to widen our ecosystem. Binance Smart Chain is widely used for many gaming tokens and the gas fee is reasonable and affordable, which is much more practical for game users in reality.   

In October 2021, we contacted Hacken for a Smart Contract Code Review and Security Analysis. Following which security assessment of Pocket Arena’s smart contract and code review was conducted. 

The smart contract was scanned for commonly known and more specific vulnerabilities such as Reentrancy, Ownership Takeover, Timestamp Dependence, Gas Limit and Loops and more.

Deployed Contracts:

1. ERC20 Address: https://etherscan.io/token/0x095cf7f3e82a1dcadbf0fbc59023f419883ea296

2. BEP20 Address:https://bscscan.com/token/0x1b6609830c695f1c0692123bd2fd6d01f6794b98


According to the assessment, Pocket Arena’s smart contracts are well-secured.

View the full report: https://hacken.io/audits/#pocket_arena

Public Announcement

We have noticed that there are plenty of FAKE Pocket Arena pages and profiles operating. Please exercise caution while dealing with such groups. For everything OFFICIAL about Pocket Arena, please visit https://linktr.ee/PocketArena