A lot of activities were kick started as we entered the last month of the year. In this round up we have covered the key developments that happened in the past week. Read to know more.

Great News – You can buy #NFTCastles with $POC from Jan 2022! 


Benefits of $POC (wPOC) Payment:

  1. Max castle price can be increased up to € 3,000.
  2. Current 6 weeks waiting period for withdrawal will be lifted. 

More benefits of paying with $POC are coming! The exact date of $POC payment will be announced in Jan. 

$POC Trading Competition – 2nd Run


Followed by the success of the 1st run of $POC trading competition, we are happy to announce the 2nd run has started from 16th Dec 2pm UTC to 23rd Dec 2PM UTC. The 3rd run will be continued immediately after the completion of the 2nd run. Now there are two categories in the 2nd run of the $POC Trading Event. Daily Prizes and Final Prizes. 

Read the full article here: https://medium.com/pocketarena/poc-trading-competition-2nd-run-8945b85eecd

See the winners list of the 1st trading competition – NOTE : All winners are required to claim the castles before 10th Jan 2022. Castle Arena will be starting mid Jan 2022 and your rights to claim the Castle prizes will be forfeited if you claim later than 10th Jan 2022.


NOW OPEN – New stages in Castle Defense and the difficulties of stage 21/22 have been eased


Last week we announced the much awaited opening of new stages in Castle Defense. Stages 24-26 are open and live. The stage opening has also brought about an introduction to 4 new monsters namely Ancient Gargoyle, Elder Centaur, Galio and Hell Demon. 

Also we are glad to inform you that the difficulties of Stage 21 and 22 have been eased after hearing much feedback from you. We hope now it is more enjoyable. 

Take a look at the announcement here:


Castle Arena Guild Update

It’s great to see more guilds being established. Last week we added Russia, South Africa as our 2 additional guild nationalities to Castle Arena. Also, we have reduced the minimum requirement for guild members from 30 to 20 people.  

Read the update here:


We support PH guilds who are in difficult situations after Odette hit

We are currently communicating via Guild Managers or Assistant Guild Managers based in the Philippines to find out the current status of the guild members. Still many of them are not able to get in touch. We wish and pray for all our PH players. Stay safe and strong and return to Castle Arena battle in Jan 2022 and have fun together with us!