We are in the process of creating our own NFT Blockchain game ‘Castle Defense’. In Castle Defense, there are 2 parts: Castle Defense game for players and Castle Market for NFT sponsors.

Castle Market is an NFT marketplace with blockchain technology. The castle is  tokenized and it can be bought, sold or rented on the blockchain.

So, how it works?

1. Sponsors buy NFT castle item from Castle Market.

2. Sign a contract with an Esports Player to play the game using the purchased Castle.

3. The Esports Player increases the assets for the sponsor’s castle through game playing.

4. Selling a castle with many assets to other sponsors.

5. Sponsors share the profits with Esports Player.

Castle Market platform provides transparency and interoperability for sponsors and eSport players. The entire experience for Castle Market platform is intuitive and seamless on blockchain technology. Please follow us for more detailed updates.