Team Pocket Arena have been working hard to bring updates that enhance gameplay and make it an enjoyable experience for both Esports players and Castle Sponsors alike.

Today we share 3 crucial updates with regards to #NFTCastle, #CastleMarket and #Luzern.

NFT Castle

We have updated the contract termination clause for when a player rents an NFT Castle. Previously, the contract was automatically terminated after 48 hours of no gameplay.

We have now updated that to 36 hours. From now on, if a player doesn’t play for 36 hours the contract will be auto-terminated and the castle will be returned back to the sponsor. The sponsor can then go ahead and hire another player for the castle.

Castle Market

The 50% off offer price on NFT Castles has ended on 31st August 2021 and from today onwards newly minted castles will be available on our market place, NFT Castle Market for € 98.

We have also been receiving a lot of suggestions from our users on Pocket Arena’s official Telegram channel, regarding the purchase of NFT Castles. Considering the feedback, we have now decided to stock 100 NFT Castles on a daily basis from Monday to Friday.

We have also decided to initiate the sale of these 100 NFT Castles in two separate batches. This is done so that all users have an equal opportunity to purchase an NFT Castle.


Luzern is coming to NFT Castle Defense for #CastleArena! The map will consist of 11,444 land plots where maximum 5000 NFT Castles can be placed.

Max. 5000 #NFTCastles are available for sales in Castle Market for Luzern map. That means that Castle serial no. #5000 will be the last Castle to be sold in #CastleMarket for upcoming Luzern map.

To grow our community of #Esports players, we are now on Discord. Visit the link below to join Pocket Arena’s official Discord channel.

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