bPOC withdrawal policy

In this updated guide we will discuss how bPOC can be withdrawn, its withdrawal threshold, fees and other relevant information.

bPOC is the shortened version of battle POC which is the converted version of tXP which is acquired in Castle Arena.

If users want to withdraw their earned bPOC, there are certain guidelines to keep in mind. These guidelines are listed as follows:

  1. Since we are in the BETA stage of bPOC withdrawal, there is no KYC required at the moment.
  2. The threshold to withdraw bPOC is 50 POC per withdrawal. There is no weekly limit on withdrawal.
  3. A withdrawal fee of 3 POC per withdrawal is applicable. This withdrawal fee is paid separately with MetaMask to PA Operations wallet address (not deducted from PA Wallet).
  4. There is no withdrawal tax.
  5. MOST IMPORTANTLY, for subsequent withdrawals, the same wallet must be used and a minimum of 5 POC must be continuously remained in the wallet since the previous withdrawal. IF NOT, you will be restricted from withdrawal. That means if you withdraw 50POC, you need to only sell 45POC and leave 5POC in that wallet address until the next withdrawal.

Also note that the Metamask wallet address must be an Ethereum address that supports the BEP20 standard for the BSC network.

Important Note: Please use METAMASK ONLY. We will NOT be responsible for any POC loss if you input the wrong address.

Audit for bPOC is not required at the moment. We are working to automate the bPOC withdrawal process. It can take some more time to make it 100% automatic & safe, but we are getting there.

With regards to wPOC (soon to be transferred to aPOC — after audit), the audit is yet to be performed, and it is planned to be done in March.

Details mentioned in this guide are subject to change at any time with/without prior notice. Please follow our social media channels and TG for more information.

$POC Audit report

We are pleased to announce that our $POC, ERC20/BEP20, cross-chain token has got a  “Well-Secured” rating by leading smart contract auditor, Hacken.  This cross-chain token is a highly innovative token, requiring advanced levels of blockchain technology. We are particularly proud of this audit result because it proves that our blockchain tech team is highly skilled and security orientated.

The reason we decided to go for this cross-chain is that Ethereum networks gas price is getting insanely higher and it does not make sense to pay such high gas fee for game related digital assets, yet ERC20 is a standard protocol which is beneficial for many exchange listing and NFTs open markets, which will help Pocket Arena team to widen our ecosystem. Binance Smart Chain is widely used for many gaming tokens and the gas fee is reasonable and affordable, which is much more practical for game users in reality.   

In October 2021, we contacted Hacken for a Smart Contract Code Review and Security Analysis. Following which security assessment of Pocket Arena’s smart contract and code review was conducted. 

The smart contract was scanned for commonly known and more specific vulnerabilities such as Reentrancy, Ownership Takeover, Timestamp Dependence, Gas Limit and Loops and more.

Deployed Contracts:

1. ERC20 Address: https://etherscan.io/token/0x095cf7f3e82a1dcadbf0fbc59023f419883ea296

2. BEP20 Address:https://bscscan.com/token/0x1b6609830c695f1c0692123bd2fd6d01f6794b98


According to the assessment, Pocket Arena’s smart contracts are well-secured.

View the full report: https://hacken.io/audits/#pocket_arena

Public Announcement

We have noticed that there are plenty of FAKE Pocket Arena pages and profiles operating. Please exercise caution while dealing with such groups. For everything OFFICIAL about Pocket Arena, please visit https://linktr.ee/PocketArena

How to Identify and Avoid Pocket Arena Scams

Scams seem to be everywhere today and crypto land is not an exception. With the recent surge of interest in NFT’s, cryptocurrencies, criminals are finding new ways to scam users out of their hard-earned money.

The crypto space is full of opportunities and risks and scammers are actively targeting this space. In addition to fake groups on Telegram, we also spotted a few scam websites using our name to scam users.

Most of these scam websites have also used the identity of reputed organizations and have created fake pages to fool users. We also came across this website that was offering early access to users to buy the POC.

Warning signs of a scam

The ‘Squid Game’ crypto scam shocked the crypto world.

The token developers (scamsters) did a rug pull due to which the token value crashed to zero from its rise of 3000% which was achieved over a span of 3 days!

When the token was initially introduced, there were a range of red flags which were ignored by investors and hence all of them got duped.

Look out for warning signs of what may appear to you as a fraud or a scam. In the crypto space, any reputed organization will have their official channels. Be it social media, website or messaging platforms like Telegram, Discord or Signal.

“Scammers usually target an organization’s communication channels, try to replicate them by creating fake profiles and target users to join these channels.”

If you are added to groups who pose themselves as an organization, there are high chances that it’s a scammer targeting you and this is a warning sign.

Even a person contacting you via DM posing as a company representative, is a major red flag.

Identify a scam and report it

Keeping the promotional aspect of marketing out of this discussion, no organization will contact you first or add you to groups.

At the time of writing this, Pocket Arena has over 18k followers on Twitter and over 10k users on Telegram. None of these users were invited by Pocket Arena admins to join these channels. Our growth is organic and happens through word of mouth, and pure marketing efforts.

But not all community building efforts are considered scams. As complex the work of scamsters may seem, it’s relatively easy to spot and identify a scam.

This can be done by going to the source and verifying the authenticity of any information or update you have come across. As mentioned earlier, scammers replicate organizations and brand names. So a simple Google search will provide you with the data required like Website, social media and customer support channels.

Done merely go on the SSL certificate of the website. Ensure the company website is correct or error free. For example, scammers often trick users by changing an alphabet in the scam website’s domain name. For example, Google.com is different from G0ogle.com

Take Away’s

As an organization operating in the crypto space, it becomes our responsibility to shield our users from scamsters. We figured the best way to do this is to inform users of the official communication channels. In the case of Pocket Arena, we have created a single source, with link.tree, where everything that is official about Pocket Arena is listed there.

We have also periodically notified our users via social media to exercise caution while dealing with scamsters.

Going forward we would like to inform users that if you spot something suspicious, kindly flag it to relevant customer support teams to verify if the message is valid or a fraud.

Unanimous Capital Invests in Mobile-First Play-to-Earn NFT Gaming Platform Pocket Arena

Unanimous Capital, a Silicon Valley based VC, has announced an investment in Pocket Arena, a mobile-first Play-to-Earn based NFT DApp gaming platform.

“We invest in founders pushing the boundaries of innovation by creating or disrupting markets at scale,” said Chris Ji, partner at Unanimous Capital. “That’s why we’re extremely excited to be investing in the team at Pocket Arena as they expand their play-to-earn NFT game platform and marketplace.” 

The Pocket Arena team is bringing their expertise and proven success in mobile gaming to create a gaming ecosystem around their POC token. Players of all skill sets can earn revenue and use POC across Pocket Arena’s flagship game – NFT Castle Defense, its ever-growing variety of casual games, and its user-generated NFT game studio. The addition of NFTs also allows players to trade and grow the value of their assets as they play.

“We’re thrilled to be a part of their journey to become the largest NFT gaming ecosystem in the world,” Chris Ji adds.

Unanimous Capital is a Silicon Valley based VC, focused on early-stage startups, who have incubated companies and invested over $100M in both equity and tokens since 2010. Some examples include Instacart, Slack, Zenefits, Carta, and Postmates. Some of their notable crypto investments also include Hedera, Kraken, Arweave, WAX, and Orchid. The companies Unanimous Capital have invested in since 2010 are collectively worth over $45B today.