Castle Town Arcade is here!

Welcome to the thrilling Arcade of Castle Town, where a world of casual gaming excitement awaits! Immerse yourself in an incredible collection of Web3 eSports casual games, ranging from the addictive Super Pill to the captivating bubble shooter game Ice Pop, and the mind-boggling brick breaker game Bricks n Targets, various mini-sports, puzzle games and more games to come. Brace yourself for endless entertainment accompanied by your very own or rented unique Emoji Avatar. Tap into the power of your hard-earned XP and mPOC obtained through Castle Defense domination. Utilize them to supercharge your game items in the legendary Arcade of Upgrades. Additionally, gear up for more thrilling adventures and earn additional XP and POC by participating in eSports battles.

Experience the arcade games in Castle Town now.

Not only that, but the Castle Town goes by the vibrant nickname of C-Town. It will serve as a virtual destination for the brand metaverse, where brands can build their very own brand community using ready-made templates and easy tools. This incredible venture will be made possible through the white-label SaaS studio, powered by the ChatGPT API and Pocket Arena.

The pace at which the ChatGPT API and other AI tools are advancing is truly mind-boggling! It’s incredible how rapidly these technologies are evolving. While it may take a bit of time to keep up with all the latest AI advancements and determine the optimal solution for our upcoming service at, rest assured that it won’t be long before we unveil an exceptional offering.

Pocket Arena Team

Are you a cricket lover? Play P2E cricket game on Pocket Arena!

Welcome to Pocket Arena’s Cricket game, a hyper-casual game that will put your thumb to the test! Here, by using your very own or rented NFT Emoji Avatar, lead yourself to become the world’s best cricket player with just one thumb. Play NOW!

Timing is everything in this game, as you must hit the ball at the right moment and maintain your balance to succeed. It’s not an easy feat, but with practice and some tips, you can improve your skills. Plus, you can purchase extra equipment with E-points to give yourself an edge.
Earn XP and POC as you progress through the game, and feel the satisfaction of all the effort and time you put in. And who knows, maybe your trusty Emoji Avatar will lead you to become the ultimate cricket player. Don’t miss out on the chance to challenge other players and earn double XP in Esports mode. Join the fun on this exciting web3 play-to-earn casual cricket game in the Arcade building of Castle Town! (All the P2E mini-games will be integrated in the Arcade soon as a form of metaverse!)

Inside the Arcade of Castle Town

Your Pocket Arena Team

Bricks n Targets is Live!

Welcome to the exciting world of Pocket Arena, the web3 esports platform that is getting ready to take the web3 gaming industry by storm! Today, we’re extremely happy to announce that one of the all-time classic games in the world of gaming — the new Emoji Avatar version of Bricks n Targets is live. This game is guaranteed to keep you entertained for hours on end with its simple yet addictive gameplay.

In Bricks n Targets, your mission is to destroy the numbered bricks by shooting a ball at them. It may sound easy, but as you progress through the levels, it becomes increasingly challenging. However, don’t fret because there’s a catch! If you manage to collect all 8 animal cards, your NFT Emoji Avatar will light up with vibrant moves, giving you extra points to help you dominate the competition!

Are you up for the challenge? You have two modes to choose from — Stage Mode and Esports Mode. In Stage Mode, you can clear levels one by one, facing increasing difficulty as you progress. In Esports Mode, you’ll go head-to-head against other players in the ultimate challenge, battling it out for the top spot. It’s a Play-to-Earn game, which means that the rewards are pretty awesome too. Win XP and POC to boost your earnings, and if you’re the winner, you take it all!

The best part about playing Bricks n Targets is that your Emoji Avatar adds more personality and fun to your gameplay. Not only do you get to enjoy the game, but you also earn rewards along the way. The web3 technology behind Pocket Arena means that you have access to a world of exciting features, including NFTs and blockchain technology, making your gaming experience even more immersive and enjoyable.

So, what are you waiting for? Gear up and get ready to have a blast with Pocket Arena’s Bricks n Targets in the Arcade of the Castle Town ! It’s the perfect game for gamers of all ages and skill levels. With its simple yet challenging gameplay and exciting rewards system, you’ll be hooked in no time.

Pocket Arena Team

We are happy to release the new Emoji Avatar version of Super Pill!

In this casual Pocket Arena game, your NFT Emoji Avatar has superpowers! It can fly and fight against viruses. But be careful! If you challenge other players and lose, you will lose XP. On the other hand, if you win, you will earn XP! 

Your XP or mPOC from Castle Defense can also be used in this game. Plus, you can upgrade your game items with E-points to win quicker in Esports.

Don’t have an Emoji Avatar? No worries! You can rent one and share the XP you earn with the owner. For every 9 XP you earn, the Avatar owner gets 1 XP. Gear up and start playing this exciting Play-to-Earn Web3 game now. It is so simple, yet addictive.

Play now and enjoy Pocket Arena Esports with Superpill and  Emoji Avatars!

Pocket Arena integrates ChatGPT!

Why is ChatGPT essential for the brand metaverse?

The ChatGPT craze has only just begun.

Not just limited to academic reports, but also corporations (brands) are utilizing ChatGPT to develop highly advanced ChatBots. While AI ChatBots existed in versions 1.0 to 3.0 of GPT, the widely promoted ChatGPT 3.5 product is yielding incredible outcomes.

C-Town, a Branded Metaverse that will be in beta service from March 2023. This Brand Metaverse will be located in the heart of Castle Arena, a virtual land for Castle Defense PvP battle. We’re using Switzerland-Lucerne as our Arena Land, and the Castle Town is our Metaverse. It will have branded buildings, cafes, and arcades called the Branded Metaverse Zone (BMZ) or C-Town, scheduled to be in Beta service from March 2023.

The Branded Metaverse Zone (BMZ) is to provide brands (corporates) with the followings:

1) Branded mini-games that allow users to earn reward points and receive special benefits in the form of NFT. The NFTs can be exported through our ETH Layer 2 Service FALK,

2) A tool to create a loyalty program and community for a brand using NFTs,

3) Virtual lounge to chat with other users for brand events or internal training, and

4) Virtual lounge to learn about the brand and its products as well as to receive high quality customer service by using the ChatGPT API.

These features will be available through our SaaS platform at, which is powered by PocketArena.

In the Brand Metaverse, brands aim to offer their community not just entertainment, engagement, and rewards, but also helpful information and training about their products, along with quality customer support. To accomplish this, the ChatGPT API by OpenAI allows brands to create and fine-tune their ChatBots as per their specific needs. This re-design and fine-tuning process for a brand needs some technical works which will be offered by Pocket Arena Team using a studio.

Nevertheless, brands should be wary of a potential pitfall. If a company offers ChatGPT for free on their website, it could result in a price bomb. How does this happen?

The price is per 1,000 tokens. You can think of tokens as word fragments, and 1,000 tokens equals about 750 words. This paragraph is 35 tokens ($0.0007).

This means that if a regular user uses ChatGPT without restrictions instead of ChatGPT Plus (paying a $20 monthly fee), the brand will receive a very large receipt afterwards. And the cost of optimised fine-tuning for businesses (brands) is much higher — 6 times.

The following features will be available in the Brand Metaverse Zone by Pocket Arena to help brands manage their budget for the usage of ChatGPT.

1. Guest Specifies the maximum number of tokens that can be used per day for all users.

2. Specify the maximum number of tokens that can be used per day for one user who has registered and logged in.

3. After the brand mini-game, reward points are paid and can be exchanged for coupons, and ChatGPT tokens can be exchanged with the corresponding coupons.

4. Supports fine-tuning where corporate (brand) data is entered as well as general chat GPT.

We are developing the above functions so that they can be set up and operated through the studio.

While all of our pre-built branded shop designs are identical, you can also add your own buildings to C-Town by these guidelines. (The beta service will be launched only in S.Korea)

Once the beta version is launched, your brand building will feature an Arcade lounge similar to the one shown below. Each brand building and arcade machine can be played using a range of mini-games (browser games) that are created by the brand using

To access the Brand Metaverse Zone or C-Town, you must rent an Emoji Avatar. These Emoji Avatars are all unique as NFT.

We are currently working to launch our first beta service with a well-known dental brand from South Korea in March 2023. We can’t wait to showcase our first beta service with a successful result.

Pocket Arena Team

2023년 경제위기에도 웹3기반 상품들이 성공할수 있는 방법은 무엇일까?

특별히 가중되는 글로벌 인플레이션, 경제 침체 위기상황에서, 웹3 NFT프로젝트들이 2023년 어떻게 마켓과 소비자들을 파고들어갈수 있을것인가?

코로나19이후 유동성 파티는 끝났고 Bored Aped Yacht Club NFT 의 가격이 1년전에 비해 90%이상 떨어졌다. 코인마켓켑의 비트코인 뿐만 아니라 많은 알트코인들의 가격이 1년 전에 비해 평균 60%-95%이상 내려 앉았다.

그럼에도 불구하고 많은 기업들 글로벌 브랜드 들이 NFT프로젝트를 앞다투어 발표하고 있는데, 그 이유는 무엇일까?

2022년 3분기를 기준으로 아래와 같은 글로발 브랜드들이 Web3 NFT프로젝트에 뛰어 들었다.

  • Starbucks
  • Adidas
  • BMW
  • Nike
  • Porsche
  • Louis Vuitton
  • LimeWire
  • Reddit Inc
  • Netflix
  • TAG Heuer
  • Gucci
  • Tiffany & Co.
  • National Football League (NFL)
  • Hello Kitty
  • GameStop
  • PUMA Group
  • Mastercard
  • Zara SA
  • Balmain And more

그외에도 한국 브랜드로는

  • 신세계 백화점
  • 이마트 24
  • NH 증권
  • 아모레 퍼시픽
  • LG 유플러스
  • 신한은행
  • 카카오 브레인
  • 롯데백화점
  • SBS

등이 NFT프로젝트를 준비 중이거나 이미 발표한바 있다.

주목할만한 성공사례로는 Nike가 NFT만으로 올해 $185M의 매출을 발생시킨바 있고, 그중 $92M은 리세일에 의한 로얄티 매출이라고 한다.

그중 가장 앞서가고 있는 스타벅스는 공식적으로 NFT 로열티 프로그램 “Odyssey”를 출시했다. 이 프로그램은 유저를 위한 게임 경험과 결합된 web3 이니셔티브의 선구적인 브랜드 중 하나로 보인다. 이들 브랜드들은 NFT와 게임을 묶어서 로열티 프로그램에 적용하는 마케팅이 MZ 세대를 초대하기 위한 혁신적이고 멋진 마케팅이라는 점을 인지하고 있는 것 같다.

스파벅스 오디세이 프로그램은 크게 4가지 요소로 구성돼 있는데, 아직 베타이다.

1. 미니게임을 통한 엔터테인먼트 제공 및 포인트 추가 제공

2. 할인 쿠폰과 같은 실물기반의 리워드 제공

3. 스타벅스 커피에 관련한 공동의 관심과 토픽을 기반으로 한 유저 커뮤니티를 개발

4. NFT 멤버쉽을 사고 팔수 있는 블록체인 기반의 마켓플레이스와 연동 ( 폴리곤 및 오픈씨 사용)

스타벅스 오디세이 프로그램

이마트 24 NFT 멤버쉽 프로그램

불경기와 침체가 본격적으로 시작되는 2023년에도 브랜드들의 NFT 프로젝트는 계속될 것인가?

기업의 입장에서 이런한 혁신적인 프로젝트를 추진하는데 가장 큰 문제는 비용과 ROI (Return on Investment) 이다. 문제는 혁신프로젝트는 ROI의 Return이 입증되지 않았다는 점에서 아직 더 많은 기업들이 NFT 프로젝트를 주저하고 있는 이유이다.

예를들어 고품질 브랜드 게임(앱 네이티브 게임)을 구축하는 비용은 아웃소싱 기준으로 게임 하나당 약 50K -100K USD 정도이다. 웹 3 전문가와 엔지니어를 고용하는 것은 시간과 비용이 훨씬 더 많이 지출된다. 예를 들어 5년 경력의 블록체인 엔지니어는 월 평균 약 7–10K USD의 급여가 나가고 Web3 프로젝트를 위해 3–4명으로 구성된 전체 팀을 구성하면 여러 간접비를 더하여 매월 회사에 100,000달러가 쉽게 예산이 나갈것을 각오해야 한다.

스타벅스나 나이키와 같은 강력한 글로벌 브랜드, 체인과 유저를 가진 멀티내셔널 브랜드라면 위와 같은 비용을 지출해서 다양한 시도를 해보는것이 브랜드 이미지 상승 및 규모의 경제 효과를 가져올수 있겠지만, 규모가 크지 않는 중소기업 Small Medium Sized Enterprises (SME)의 사정은 어떠할까? 디지털 마케팅의 일환으로 시도해 보고는 싶으나 블록체인 NFT라는 높고 어려운 기술장벽 및 게임제작이라는 비싸고 시간이 많이 드는 이러한 시도는 SME 브랜드들에게는 마음은 간절하나 진입장벽이 너무 높은, 어려운 분야임에 틀림없다.

최근들어 많은 스타트업과 빅 테크 기업들이 직원을 해고하고 생존을 위해 고군분투하고 있다는 소식을 듣고 있다. 2023년부터 본격적으로 시작된다고 하는 이 침체기가 얼마나 갈지는 아무도 모른다.

다만 확실한것은 침체기에 더욱 왕성해지는 산업은 아래의 이 분야가 아닐까?

  • 브랜드가 제공하는 게임과 그에 따른 보상
  • 소비자의 호주머니 부담을 조금이라도 덜게 해줄 실물 혜택이 있는 쿠폰 및 멤버쉽
  • 이 소비자를 공통된 주제로 가상으로 만나게 하는 메타버스 공간,
  • 브랜드 쿠폰 및 멤버쉽을 유저들간에 투명하게 거래하고 양도가능하게 하여 (Transferability) 현금화 할수 있게 하는 안전한 이커머스 장터
  • 그리고 이 모든것을 플랫폼으로 제작하고 커스터마이징 할수 있는 쉽고 가격이 부담되지 않고 퀄러티 있는 안전한 플랫폼

결론적으로, SME 기업들의 브랜드가 월 몇십만원의 지출만으로 스타벅스 오딧세이와 와 같은 NFT 커뮤니티 조성 및 로열티 프로그램을 진행하고 소기의 마케팅 목적을 달성할수 있으며 추가 NFT판매 관련 매출을 올릴수 있게 된다면 ? -이것이야 말로 이 브랜드 NFT 산업이 대중화 될수 있는 시발점이 될 것 같다.

NFT 및 게임과 메타버스 기반의 커뮤니티 조성은 , 소비자를 대상으로 한 디지털 마케팅 용도 뿐만 아니라 각종 회사에서 필요한 직원교육, B2B 파트너사 교육 등에 특히 유용하게 활용될수 있다. 기존의 딱딱하고 재미없는 교육환경에서, 게임과 메타버스 그리고 NFT를 통한 실물보상을 받을 수 있는 매채로 탁월하다.

기존의 기술들와 블록체인 기술이 융합함으로써 결국은 공동의 주제과 관심사하에 가상공간 와서 교육받거나 NFT라는 소유권 Digital Ownership 이 확실한 블록체인 기술 기반으로 투명하게 거래할수 있고 (transferability) 이러한 디지털 자산을 현금화 할수 있게 된다.

이모지게임스는 2016년부터 전세계 200개가 넘는 유명브랜드들이 사용하는 Gamification 을 위한 SaaS 플랫폼인 Branded Mini-Games를 제공해 오고 있다. 현재 이 Web2기반의 SaaS를 Web3 게임 플랫폼인 포켓 아레나 (Pocket Arena)를 기반으로 업그레이드 중이다.

Web3 Branded Mini-Games will be launched in Q1 2023

위의 스타벅스가 제공하는것과 같은 브랜드 전용의 미니게임, 2.5D 메타버스 공간, NFT 발행 및 관리툴, 로열티 프로그램 통합툴이 2023년 1분기에 출시할 예정이며, Pocket Arena가 지원하는 Ethereum과 BNB Chain을 동시 지원하는 Layer2 체인기술이 접목되어 이 기업용 NFT를 외부 마켓플레이스와 연결하는 기능도 순차적으로 지원될 예정이다.

블록체인 Web3기술은 그 하나만으로 마켓에서 지속되는 상품성을 갖기는 힘들다. 여러 콘텐츠와 기술이 융합되어 있는 기존 서비스를 기반으로 Web3 기술을 통한 조그마한 혁신이 가능해 질때 그리고 그 혁신이 주는 장점을 체험할때, 사용자는 기존의 신뢰를 바탕으로 환호하게 될 것이다.

Hyong S. Kim, CEO of Emoji Games

How can brands’ web3 products succeed in 2023 amid the economic crisis?

How can Web3 NFT projects penetrate the market and consumers in 2023 in a situation of particularly aggravated global inflation and economic recession crisis?

After COVID-19, the liquidity party is over and the price of Bored Aped Yacht Club NFTs has dropped by more than 90% compared to a year ago. The price of many altcoins, as well as Bitcoin, has fallen by more than 60%-95% on average compared to a year ago.

Nevertheless, many companies and global brands are participating in the NFT projects. What is the reason?

As of the third quarter of 2022, the following global brands have jumped into the Web3 NFT project.

  • Starbucks

South Korean brands are

  • SINSEGAE department store

etc. are preparing or have already announced their own corporate NFT programs.

A notable success story is that Nike generated sales of $185M this year with only NFT alone, of which $92M is said to be royalty sales through resale.

Starbucks, which is the most advanced among them, has officially launched the NFT loyalty program “Odyssey”. The program appears to be one of the pioneering brands of the web3 initiative combined with various gaming experiences for users. These brands seem to be aware that marketing that bundles NFTs and games and applies them to loyalty programs is innovative and cool marketing to invite the MZ generation.

The Starbucks Odyssey program consists of four major components, and it is still in beta.

1. Provide entertainment and additional points through mini-games

2. Provide physical-based rewards such as discount coupons

3. Develop a user community based on common interests and topics related to Starbucks coffee

4. Integration with blockchain-based marketplaces where NFT memberships can be bought and sold (Polygon and OpenSea)

Starbucks Odyssey Program

This NFT membership programs by Emart 24, which is one of the fastest growing convenient store chains in South Korea has been also announced by the SinSeGae Group which combines with gamification and Metaverse as below.

Emart 24 NFT membership programme in South Korea.

However, will brands’ NFT projects continue in 2023, whilst the global recession is seriously kicking in and possibly getting worse?

From a SME (Small Medium Sized Enterprise)’s point of view, the biggest problems in pursuing such an innovative project are cost and ROI (Return on Investment). The problem is that innovation projects have yet to prove ROI returns, which is why more companies are still hesitant about NFT projects.

For example, the cost of building a high-quality branded game (app-native game) is around 50K-100K USD per game on an outsourcing basis. Hiring Web 3 experts and engineers can be very time consuming and costly. For example, a blockchain engineer with 3 years of experience earns an average salary of around 7–10K USD per month, and building a full team of 3–4 people for a Web3 project can easily cost a company $100,000 per month including other ancillary costs for the headcounts.

If you are a marketing boss of a multinational company with strong global brands, global chains and global users such as Starbucks or Nike, having the such budget and trying various marketing attempts could be worth doing it. It improves your brand image as an innovative company and brings these NFT projects at scale, but what about Small Medium Sized Enterprises (SME)?

Due to the high costs and the difficulty of the web3 technology itself, this kind of NFT projects like the Odyssey of Starbucks must be quite difficult for SMEs to initiate.

Lately, we’ve been hearing that many startups and even big tech companies are laying off employees and struggling to survive. No one knows how long this recession could go and how bad it could go in 2023.

However, the following fields of industry could become more vigorous during a recession.

  1. Branded casual games which are entertaining and educational, free of charge yet giving rewards to end users;

What if you are able to create an NFT community and loyalty program such as Starbucks Odyssey with just spending a few hundred dollars and achieve your desired marketing goals, and add additional turnover related to your brand’s NFT ? This could be fantastic news for any brand.

Community building based on NFTs, games, and metaverses can be particularly useful not only for digital marketing purposes targeting consumers, but also for internal training by various companies and training for B2B partners. In the current educational environment of corporate training, the conventional training method can be highly costly not only boring to the audience. NOT COST EFFICIENT.

But these innovative ingredients of games, Metaverses, NFTs and most importantly real rewards on NFT can work very effective for corporate training fields.

Since 2016, Emoji Games has been providing Branded Mini-Games, a SaaS platform for gamification used by more than 200 well-known worldwide brands for digital marketing & corporate training. Currently, this Web2-based SaaS is being upgraded into Web3 version powered by Pocket Arena.

On top of the current gamification studio, a Web3-based 2.5D metaverse, NFT mining and loyalty program integration SaaS for brands will be launched in Q1 2023. Then any brand can implement and maintain a web3 loyalty program like Starbucks Odyssey at a very reasonable price with easy UI.

Subsequently, Ethereum & BNB Chain supported layer 2 chain solution (called “Falk”) by Pocket Arena will be offered for free to connect this corporate brand NFT with external marketplaces like OpenSea or so.

Blockchain Web3 technology alone is difficult to stay as a sustainable product/service in the market. Based on the existing service where various contents and technologies are converged, also when a small innovation of Web3 technology is positively experienced by users without them even knowing that it was blockchain technology, then we are already in the Web3 era. I believe the demands for brands will be enormous in 2–3 years time.

Written by Hyong S. Kim, CEO of Emoji Games

Web3 Branded Mini-Games

Join our New Castle Defense Live Stream!



1. Live streaming on Twitch, Facebook and YouTube Live!


We are glad to announce that we have started streaming live on Twitch, YouTube and Facebook live. Along with Kaush as the host, users will now be able to experience live gameplay of NFT Castle Defense and Castle Arena.

Check out the streaming now! Don’t forget to follow or subscribe for the upcoming live streaming.                

                              Twitch: YouTube : Facebook

From our next stream on 30th September 2022 at 5PM(PH)/ 8AM(CH) onwards, we will also be featuring players from our community who will be in conversation with our host talking about battle strategies along with a feature of live gameplay.


2. Do you want to participate in the live streaming and earn 10$?


Stand a chance to be featured LIVE on Twitch, YouTube and Facebook Live.


– Desktop with internet connection

– Webcam and Mic

– Ability to talk in basic English

– Experienced player of Castle Defense 

The 10 selected players will be featured on LIVE streaming for 20-40 mins together with Kaush, our streaming host and get rewarded 10$ BUSD right after the streaming. Apply here today!



Falk, L2 based NaaS (NFT-as-a-Service) for brands and game developers.

Is the “Play-to-Earn” Party Over?

Over the last 9 months, the Pocket Arena Team has been working hard to create a sustainable business model based on our gaming assets and blockchain tech assets. There are many debates and questions that ask if the Play2Earn model is really sustainable in the gaming market.

The Pocket Arena Team went through a substantial amount of trial and error due to the challenge presented by some players who sought to exploit our games and discourage other peer players. This left us busy patching the game SDK and updating our systems to prevent this exploitation. It was also noted that the methods of exploitation are getting smarter!)

In spite of the pitfalls of play-to-earn games, we still believe that they have a future if the NFT becomes the key facilitator of the metaverse and consists of various play-to-earn games with Esports features. Enabling and authenticating digital ownership of various gaming items, NFTs in combination with smart contracts, is a core facilitator of the transactional metaverse and play-to-earn games.

On top of this, equipping the marketplace for NFTs will be the key infrastructure allowing us to build a strong ecosystem for play-to-earn NFT games. The NFT marketplace for Pocket Arena will be running on our own L2 solution (Falk), which will be available for Web3 game developers and brands with no gas fee (except for the only 1% of the traded price for game developers & 1.75% of traded price for brands).

FALK — ETH/BSC supported layer 2 for game developers

Earlier this year, 2022, me and our tech team started to develop our own Ethereum L2 sidechain which also supports Binance Smart Chain via bridging. This L2 development has been implemented by our internal blockchain & security tech team under my architecture, design and control (all in-house).

So far, our latest achievement is that we have successfully tested the bridging between ERC721 and BEP 721 on our Ethereum test net. I have not encountered any ETH/BSC supporting L2 solutions in the current L2 market, which are optimised for game developers. Either Polygon for Opensea or ImmutableX for ERC-721 are used. Polygon is good for arts and collectables, but not optimised for Web3 game developers. Immutable X seems to be the best L2 for Web 3 game developers. The trading fee is a minimum 2% or higher. The biggest downside is that it supports only Ethereum and cannot be used for BSC-based Web3 games. In the current market, many P2E game projects are based on BSC. Therefore, half of the web3 games (maybe more than half) will not be covered.

Falk may become the first game developer-friendly L2 solution and service platform in the market that supports both ERC721 and BEP721. Another beauty of Falk is that there will be no minting-fee, no gas-fee, no set-up fee and no monthly fee (except for the only 1% of trading fee from seller), which will be especially welcomed by indie and small web 3 game developers. We also support the IPFS format as Token ID to verify the authenticity of the NFT. The game related properties for the corresponding NFT (such as the power level of the game item) will be transmitted via the Falk system to the IPFS and will be updated on a daily basis.

As an NFT-as-a-service platform, developer-friendly approach is essential. Emoji Games, as a long-time game developer since 2005, are aware of the common behaviours of game developers, so we are currently developing with a special focus on developer-friendly UI/UX (e.g., test mode, uploading/minting NFTs in bulk etc) and the Falk API which will be distributed to developers for free upon a simple sign-up.

Web3 NFT Studio for Brand

Big waves have been initiated by a few international brands that are preparing for Web 3 community building. Just a few days ago Starbucks unveiled Starbucks Odyssey, which is the scaled corporate project of building an NFT digital loyalty programme and building NFT community to engage with their members and partners. Recently I encountered a job posting by Addidas HQ in Luzern, Switzerland, seeking to hire a Head of Web 3 Strategy. Also, there is a big success story about the NFT project by the big department store (Shinsegae) in South Korea.

On top of our existing gamification studio for brands (, many of which have been used by international brands (e.g. BMW, KFC, Samsung, Kia etc), we are currently upgrading this white label DIY platform into a web 3 version. Both large and small brands can easily mint NFTs and provide their own customised NFT marketplaces and metaverse option by using our NFT studio. Thus, any brand can simply initiate their own web 3 projects by using our NFT studio with ease. Beta release is planned for Q4 2022.

Our L2 solution Falk would be the key component of the Pocket Arena ecosystem, expanding and offering for web 3 game developers and brands.

Falk will be firstly show-cased with our own games Castle Defence and Castle Town (PA casual games integrated), followed by worldwide web 3 game developers and brands. There are no limitations in the industry of brands for web 3 projects rendering it highly scalable. For the Pocket Arena ecosystem, we have been insisting only one token economy from the beginning — POC. There will be no second token for Falk.

The bear market has started already, early this year and there are lots of fears of a global recession, worse even than now. Bubbles popped out and lots of water (liquidity) drained in the swimming pool. The time is coming closer to find out who was swimming with a proper swimming suit for the web 3 journey and the wide extension of the POC ecosystem will be ready to go with the launch of Falk.

Hyong Kim

CEO, Emoji Games

What to Expect Q4 22

Our Pocket Arena Team has been focusing on the development of Falk and Castle Defense updates as well as the Castle Town components. We would rather under promise but over deliver. Check out what is expected to be delivered by the Pocket Arena Team by the end of 2022.

1. Castle Defense


2. Castle Town Metaverse


3.Falk & NFT Studio


4. CEX listing

  • We have been pursuing to list POC in different CEXs. We will be using the best endeavor to list at decent CEX(s) to increase POC transactions.