Land Map Viewer and Land Selection

Land Map Viewer Release Date/Time

7th of Dec, 02:00 am (Switzerland) Land selection starts.

Philippines — 7th of Dec, 09:00 am

Vietnam — 7th of Dec, 08:00 am

USA, New York — 6th of Dec, 08:00 pm

India — 7th of Dec, 06:30 am

Thailand — 7th of Dec, 08:00 am

Korea — 7th of Dec, 10:00 am

Land Map Viewer is a platform where castle owners will be able to view and select a plot of land for their NFT Castle on the Lucerne map. This feature will be added to the Castle Arena ecosystem.

Here are some highlights as bullet points on how this Castle Arena will work in relation to the land.

  1. All 5K NFT Castle owners will be choosing their plot of land in Forest — “Forest” is the starting point of all the Castle Arena.
  2. As soon as the Castle Arena kicks off in mid-Jan 2022 (The date is to be confirmed), the players contracted with Castle owners can start to attack and defend. The guilds may be joining the Castle Arena a bit later.
  3. Castle owners can take more than one land plot via successful attack. When he/she clears the higher tier land — Dessert, Snow, Fantasy, City stage, then he/she can battle over that higher tier land to win the land.
  4. If the Castle owner wins over land, then he/she will be receiving the passive XP gain calculated from the new revenue share structure. These XPs are able to be exchanged into wPOC.
  5. Some castle owners can lose their land by losing the battle — Homeless Castle owner. In that case, you can still attack other lands and return your land if you win.

Before we talk about the Land Map Selection, let’s summarize the concept of “Land” in Castle Arena.

Land in Castle Arena

In Castle Arena, there will be 11,444 land plots available on the Lucerne map. These plots are classified into different tiers as follows:



Criteria to enter land map selection?

The Land Map Selection depends on the castle number of the NFT Castle.

  1. Castle Number — Castle Number starts from the lowest denominator in the castle series and goes up to the highest. For example, the following image below shows the castle with its number as Castle3592. This indicates that this is the 3592nd NFT castle out of the lot of 5000, with Castle5000 being the highest in the lot.



The process of Land Map Selection in Forest — the lower the Castle number is, the earlier you can select.

An NFT Castle owner can select a plot of land depending on their Castle Number and the Land Stage Completion. Lower the castle number higher the priority to get land of any choice. Furthermore, this choice of land selection will also depend on the stage completion of that land.

Castle with series number 1–7 and which have completed all the land stages, will get the first priority to select any piece of land on the Luzern map. After 1 hours the next 7 castles (castle from series number 8 to 14) will be given the right to select any piece of land.

The above process of allotting castles will happen every hour where 168 NFT Castles will be allotted land in a day. The figure below explains the process.



The castle owner is given a time of 30 days to select the land. If not selected post 30 days, the program or operator will allocate the land randomly.

Case Study

Let’s say Castle Owner A has Castle1 and Castle27.

When the Land Map Viewer is launched, Castle Owner A can choose land in the 1st hour.

Now that Castle1 has its own land, Castle Owner A has to wait for 4 hours to select land for Castle27.

Consider the castle owner did not select land for Castle27 in the 4th hour. In this case, the castle owner has 30 days to do so or else the land will be auto allotted by the system to Castle27.

How to Buy POC on PancakeSwap

PancakeSwap allows us to swap tokens and in this article we will provide you with some basic wallet information around PancakeSwap and how to buy POC on PancakeSwap, which includes setting up your wallet and adding POC tokens to your wallet.

BSC Smart Contract Address:

Direct link to buy POC on PancakeSwap

You can click the link below and view the BUSD/POC trading pair directly. Please add POC and BUSD once you are prompted to add them in your Metamask when you do the trade/swap.

BUSD/POC trading pair

Currently it is shown as “Unknown Source”. No worries. We are working with Trust Wallet and the BSC Team to get verified and add our logo.

Tick “I understand” and “Import

After “Import”, you should be able to see POC in your Metamask wallet.

Recommended Wallet

It is recommended to use the MetaMask wallet on your PC browser. The PC browser can preferably be Google Chrome.

You will have to set up Metamask wallet by installing the MetaMask extension for your Chrome browser. Log in to ,select the “Download” option and then click on “Install MetaMask for Chrome”

You will then be directed to the chrome web store where you will have to click on “Add to Chrome” to add the extension to your Chrome browser.

After this you will be directed to set up your MetaMask wallet by importing Secret Recovery Phrase or creating a new wallet and Secret Recovery Phrase. After following these steps your MetaMask wallet will be ready and the icon will appear next to the Chrome address bar.

Adding the Binance Smart Chain Network Compatibility to your Wallet

Since we will be using MetaMask with PancakeSwap to send POC to wallet, we will need to convert MetaMask to Binance Smart Chain compatibility.

MetaMask is an Etherum wallet so you need to add Binance Smart Chain capability to MetaMask so that you can use Binance Smart Chain tokens also known as BEP20 tokens.

To do this click on the MetaMask extension in chrome, followed by clicking the circular profile icon located in the top right corner. Then click on settings.

Under settings select “Network” and “Add Network”

Enter the following details as shown below to add the Binance Smart Chain network to your Metamask wallet.

Network Name: BSC Mainnet
Chain ID: 56
Currency Symbol: BNB
Block Explorer URL:

Once this is done, click on save and this is how the wallet will look like with the Binance Smart Chain compatibility added.

Please Note: And before swapping, you must connect MetaMask.

Adding POC token to MetaMask

To add POC token to your MetaMask click on “Import Tokens” and enter the following details as shown below.

Token Contract Address: 0x1b6609830c695f1c0692123bd2fd6d01f6794b98
Token Symbol: POC
Token Decimal: 18

Adding BUSD token to MetaMask

PancakeSwap supports BUSD so your MetaMask must have BUSD. To do this, click on “Import Tokens” and enter the following details as shown below.

Token Contract Address: 0xe9e7cea3dedca5984780bafc599bd69add087d56
Token Symbol: BUSD
Token Decimal: 18

After setting BUSD, withdraw BUSD to MetaMask on a Crypto Exchange such as Binance, and must select BSC (BEP20) as Network.

You can check the POC price and the transactions on this website below.

Pocket Arena Evolves Into Esports-based Metaverse

The Metaverse tends to be a buzzword for many successful early-stage projects. 

However, what would be the driving force that motivates people to go to the Metaverse and why would people want to spend substantial time and money in the metaverse, especially gamers? Simply put, the answer is ESPORTS.

When it comes to gamers, the Metaverse makes more sense when it is combined with furious battles against other players and real rewards from gameplay. This is the core element of driving gamers into the Metaverse.

Without the introduction of eSports, the Metaverse can be considered a boring shopping center with only spending opportunities, no earning potential, and no competitions.

As for Castle Arena, our upcoming virtual land in Luzern will have 6 different land tiers that NFT Castle owners will be allocated to. As Pocket Arena is truly dedicated in valuing Esports players, we decided not to sell land plots, but rather provide land plots to be taken and benefitted by Esports players and guilds. This was decided from the initial game design.

We believe in rewarding good gaming skills exhibited by pro-players, while not being too commercial by selling land only to those who have enough capital. That is the Esports spirit and the philosophy of the team behind Pocket Arena.

Our journey so far and the plan ahead:

  • Our flagship game, Castle Defense, has 7-8k Daily Active Users from all over the world. The top 5 countries include Philippines, Vietnam, US, India and Thailand (data current as of 24th November 2021).
  • Fresh 5000 NFT Castles (98 EUR per Castle) have been sold out organically. Currently, only P2P Castle Markets are available for sale at the price range of EUR 400-500 (with a max EUR 500 price cap) depending on the embedded value of each Castle (e.g. XP).
  • In Dec 2021, the initial 5000 castle owners will be allocated land plots in Luzern, Switzerland for free. The lower their castle number is, the more central land they can choose. There the castle owners can earn passive XP income from the land they battle and win over from PvP battle. 
  • Castle Arena (another name “Guild Wars”) will be kicking off in Jan 2022. In total 99 Guilds will be formed for the Luzern battle. The Castle owners can ally with guilds to defend their land. The new XP revenue share and the mechanism will be as below.


NFT Town Center in Q1 2022

Within the city of 183 land plots, there will be only 28 Castles placed for battle. The 155 plots of the majority land plots are designated as the NFT TOWN CENTER, where the Metaverse components will be introduced. 

The Town Center will be a settlement zone for people to do business and trade rather than fight furious battles. Within the City, only 28 Castle owners can attack the King. The “King” land (marked in red) will consist of 4 land plots and there will be only ONE castle owner who could take this “Kingship”.



Town Center will consist of NFT buildings, such as a city hall, pharmacy, church, restaurant, cafe, school, casino, metal mining district etc. These town buildings and elements will be implemented as NFTs and available for sale and trade. 

The users of these NFT buildings will have to pay a tax or fee for their usage. One of the most interesting components of the Town Center would be a “mining district”, which is the place to mine basic metal resources to build weapons and equipment for knights (players).

Of course outside of the City, there will be lots of PvP battles going on. Additionally, in most land plots, there will be some NFT decorative items that users can purchase and trade to decorate their land plot to attract good ESports players. 

Most importantly, for all the NFT items trading, $POC will become the key cryptocurrency to be implemented under the Pocket Arena economy within Q1 2022.


$POC PancakeSwap listing, Backers Announcement, $POC Audit Report and More This Week

We are about to enter the weekend. As usual, a lot happened this week at Pocket Arena. Here is are our weekly roundup.

$POC PancakeSwap listing date and other updates

We have finally decided the PancakeSwap listing date for our $POC token which is 30th November 2021, 10AM CET. Currently, we are implementing advanced anti-bot measures to prevent malicious bot activities that could happen on PancakeSwap.

Read the announcement:

Backers Announcement

We have announced the successful closing of a $2.14 million private round from leading blockchain investors. The backers include Signum Capital, Unanimous Capital, LD Capital, Legion Ventures, Ethereal Capital, Calamari Ventures, Brotherhood Ventures, Halvings Capital, Exnetwork, Master Ventures, Standard Merchant, and Minted Lab.

Read the press release:

$POC Audit Report

We are pleased to announce that our $POC, ERC20/BEP20, cross-chain token has got a “Well-Secured” rating by leading smart contract auditor,

Around October 2021, we contacted Hacken for a Smart Contract Code Review and Security Analysis. Following which security assessment of Pocket Arena’s smart contract and code review was conducted.

The smart contract was scanned for commonly known and more specific vulnerabilities such as Reentrancy, Ownership Takeover, Timestamp Dependence, Gas Limit and Loops and more.

View the full report:

Daily Active Users of Pocket Arena

Here are Pocket Arena’s Google Analytics stats from 1st November to 11th November 2021. Our Daily Active Users (DAU) is in the range of 5K-6K unique users with an average session duration (Average Playing Time) of 39 minutes. The retention rate stands at a commendable position of 45%. These numbers exclude users playing Castle Defense on Android, which if included can add approximately 2K Daily Active Users, to the figures above. Then DAU (Daily Active User) are about 7–8K all together.

To know what gets users back to Castle Defense, visit the link below.

Country wise Telegram groups on

Over the past weeks as per our Google Analytics we have been witnessing users across the globe, spending time on Pocket Arena’s web properties. These properties consist of the website, Blog, Castle Defense, Casual games and more). We are experiencing increased activity from users from the Philippines, Vietnam, USA and Thailand to name a few. As a part of our community building efforts we have set up country wise Pocket Arena groups on Telegram so that users can communicate and network with people from their own countries. We have listed all LEGIT Pocket Arena country wise Telegram groups on our listed below. Do take a look and join in.

About Pocket Arena

Pocket Arena’s vision is to create an easy-to-use and trusted gaming ecosystem for ordinary people to enjoy playing, grow digital assets and become the world’s biggest NFT DApp Mobile Gaming Platform.

Website |Linked InTelegram Twitter Facebook | Linkt.ree | Discord

$POC PancakeSwap listing Date and Other Updates

We have finally decided the PancakeSwap listing date for our $POC token. The date is as follows:

$POC PancakeSwap listing Date: 30th November 2021, 10AM CET

POC- BUSD pair

BSC Smart Contract Address (newly updated final one)

Currently, we are implementing advanced anti-bot measures to prevent malicious bot activities that could happen on PancakeSwap. 

Also, the beta version of wPOC withdrawal process on the new PA wallet may be open from the 1st of December 2021. We believe security is the most important thing in this withdrawal process and we are currently implementing crucial security and validity measures such as two factor authentication and bot user detection. 

This updated new PA wallet with wPOC withdrawal function will be in its beta stage, and may require continuous bug fixing and function updates. For that reason, the withdrawal process would require some manual verification and this process could take a couple of days depending on the withdrawal requests. 

Please note the newly updated smart contracts addresses for POC on ERC20 and BEP20 as below. We had to re-deploy the smart contracts due to a minor bug which was rectified and confirmed by our auditor, Hacken.

See the full report.



We have detected there are already a few fake POC addresses created by scammers on BSC. Please be aware of these fake addresses and always check the legit address of POC. 

In other important updates, we regret to inform you that the previously postponed IDO on PAID Ignition Network will NOT be rescheduled. Also no other IDO platform is pursued.


Play to Earn NFT Gaming Portal and Platform Pocket Arena Raises $2 Million

Play to Earn NFT gaming portal and platform Pocket Arena has announced the successful closing of a $2.14 million private round from leading blockchain investors. The backers include Signum Capital, Unanimous Capital, LD Capital, Legion Ventures, Ethereal Capital, Calamari Ventures, Brotherhood Ventures, Halvings Capital, Exnetwork, Master Ventures, Standard Merchant, and Minted Lab.

Additionally, 58 global KOLs (Key Opinion Leaders) and over 160 crypto community groups and channels participated, including the leading influencers such as Slavik Junge (2.9M followers of Tiktok), Alexander Kondrashov (2.5M followers of Instagram), Evan Luthra (2M followers of Instagram), and many other strong KOLs who own various crypto communities from Japan, Thailand, Vietnam, South Korea, Italy, Romania, South Africa, Philippines, India, Turkey, Russia, Latin America and so on.

One of Pocket Arena’s flagship games, Castle Defense, has attracted more than 6,000 Daily Active Unique Users representing scholars/players from all over the world. The most played countries are Philippines and Vietnam with the average playing time of 40 minutes, all of which occurred before the POC token was launched.

Hyong S. Kim, the CEO of Emoji Games, the company behind Pocket Arena says,

“We are excited to have the support of a global network of VCs, influencers, and community members. Community is key to the ecosystem behind Pocket Arena and Castle Defense and everything we do is focused on providing an exceptional gameplay and experience for our users and fans.”

The private round sold 3.3% of total supply of $POC, which is subject to the condition of 3 months lockup and 12 months vesting period.

Article source:

$POC Audit report

We are pleased to announce that our $POC, ERC20/BEP20, cross-chain token has got a  “Well-Secured” rating by leading smart contract auditor, Hacken.  This cross-chain token is a highly innovative token, requiring advanced levels of blockchain technology. We are particularly proud of this audit result because it proves that our blockchain tech team is highly skilled and security orientated.

The reason we decided to go for this cross-chain is that Ethereum networks gas price is getting insanely higher and it does not make sense to pay such high gas fee for game related digital assets, yet ERC20 is a standard protocol which is beneficial for many exchange listing and NFTs open markets, which will help Pocket Arena team to widen our ecosystem. Binance Smart Chain is widely used for many gaming tokens and the gas fee is reasonable and affordable, which is much more practical for game users in reality.   

In October 2021, we contacted Hacken for a Smart Contract Code Review and Security Analysis. Following which security assessment of Pocket Arena’s smart contract and code review was conducted. 

The smart contract was scanned for commonly known and more specific vulnerabilities such as Reentrancy, Ownership Takeover, Timestamp Dependence, Gas Limit and Loops and more.

Deployed Contracts:

1. ERC20 Address:

2. BEP20 Address:


According to the assessment, Pocket Arena’s smart contracts are well-secured.

View the full report:

Public Announcement

We have noticed that there are plenty of FAKE Pocket Arena pages and profiles operating. Please exercise caution while dealing with such groups. For everything OFFICIAL about Pocket Arena, please visit

How to withdraw wEUR

Users who have sold their NFT Castles or the users who earned the eEUR from their contributions can now withdraw their wEUR from their Pocket Arena wallet. The process is rather simple and we have created this step by step guide and a Google Form to facilitate this withdrawal.

Step 1:

Visit the link below to gain access to the wEUR withdrawal application form.

Step 2:

Sign up with your Email ID. Please provide the email ID which you have used to sign up to Pocket Arena.

Step 3:

Enter your Pocket Arena ID (also known as the PA ID) in the field. Your PA ID will be below your display picture. You can use the “copy” functionality to avoid typing manually and past this number from the clipboard to the field in the Google Form.

Step 4:

Enter the usable amount of wEUR you intend to withdraw. Usable amount, is the wEUR which has completed 6 weeks after receiving the same, and this figure will automatically be displayed under the Usable Amount section.

NOTE: You can withdraw anywhere from 200 wEUR up to 800 wEUR once a day. No separate KYC required.


Terms and Conditions of wEUR withdrawal

1. Only in USDT (TRC20 Tron Network) : This is important! Your USDT wallet must be TRC20 wallet (under TRON network).

1.1 If you provide us with your wallet address in another network. you will lose USDT forever and in this case we will not be responsible.

1.2 Therefore, you must provide us with a multichain external wallet address (NOT Metamask) supporting TRC20 tokens. Trustwallet is an example of a multi chain wallet.

1.3 You need to have at least 1 TRON in the wallet in order to activate the wallet.

2. Service Fee: 6.25% service fee against a singular wEUR withdrawal.

3. FX rate from EUR to USDT : at the time of processing.

4. Min/Max withdrawal amount : Min: 200 wEUR. Max: 800 wEUR per day.

5. Processing time : 3-5 working days (No Sat/Sunday, No public holidays in Switzerland)

6. Your wEUR must be in the PA wallet for at least 6 weeks.

Please note from Dec 2021 the withdrawal of wEUR will be done within the Pocket Arena Wallet directly.

Privacy Policy applies

How to Identify and Avoid Pocket Arena Scams

Scams seem to be everywhere today and crypto land is not an exception. With the recent surge of interest in NFT’s, cryptocurrencies, criminals are finding new ways to scam users out of their hard-earned money.

The crypto space is full of opportunities and risks and scammers are actively targeting this space. In addition to fake groups on Telegram, we also spotted a few scam websites using our name to scam users.

Most of these scam websites have also used the identity of reputed organizations and have created fake pages to fool users. We also came across this website that was offering early access to users to buy the POC.

Warning signs of a scam

The ‘Squid Game’ crypto scam shocked the crypto world.

The token developers (scamsters) did a rug pull due to which the token value crashed to zero from its rise of 3000% which was achieved over a span of 3 days!

When the token was initially introduced, there were a range of red flags which were ignored by investors and hence all of them got duped.

Look out for warning signs of what may appear to you as a fraud or a scam. In the crypto space, any reputed organization will have their official channels. Be it social media, website or messaging platforms like Telegram, Discord or Signal.

“Scammers usually target an organization’s communication channels, try to replicate them by creating fake profiles and target users to join these channels.”

If you are added to groups who pose themselves as an organization, there are high chances that it’s a scammer targeting you and this is a warning sign.

Even a person contacting you via DM posing as a company representative, is a major red flag.

Identify a scam and report it

Keeping the promotional aspect of marketing out of this discussion, no organization will contact you first or add you to groups.

At the time of writing this, Pocket Arena has over 18k followers on Twitter and over 10k users on Telegram. None of these users were invited by Pocket Arena admins to join these channels. Our growth is organic and happens through word of mouth, and pure marketing efforts.

But not all community building efforts are considered scams. As complex the work of scamsters may seem, it’s relatively easy to spot and identify a scam.

This can be done by going to the source and verifying the authenticity of any information or update you have come across. As mentioned earlier, scammers replicate organizations and brand names. So a simple Google search will provide you with the data required like Website, social media and customer support channels.

Done merely go on the SSL certificate of the website. Ensure the company website is correct or error free. For example, scammers often trick users by changing an alphabet in the scam website’s domain name. For example, is different from

Take Away’s

As an organization operating in the crypto space, it becomes our responsibility to shield our users from scamsters. We figured the best way to do this is to inform users of the official communication channels. In the case of Pocket Arena, we have created a single source, with link.tree, where everything that is official about Pocket Arena is listed there.

We have also periodically notified our users via social media to exercise caution while dealing with scamsters.

Going forward we would like to inform users that if you spot something suspicious, kindly flag it to relevant customer support teams to verify if the message is valid or a fraud.

As Our IDO Draws Near, Let’s Look At Our Tokenomics


The POC Token

The Pocket Arena Token, or POC, is an ERC20/BEP20 token which runs on Ethereum and the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) blockchain. POC serves as the fuel of the Pocket Arena ecosystem. 1. To reward Players and to reward the PA ecosystem participants. 2. To be used as the unique payment crypto currency for NFT Castle trading

The wrapped POC (wPOC) will function as part of an easy, fast, and free currency run on a Pocket Arena private blockchain node in PA Wallet. For wPOC within PA Wallet, there will be no gas fees for XP to wPOC conversion. There will be no gas fees and no metamask needed except upon withdrawal from the network. 

Pocket Arena is about rewarding players for their gaming expertise and POC will comprise the rewards that are issued. Not only players, but also eSports broadcasting participants, HTML5 game partners, guilds supports etc. 

Gamers will also be able to convert accumulated XP into POC to further monetize their playing time. It will also function as an NFT gaming token as well as the main currency of all the DApps in the Pocket Arena network. 

In addition, we are working to facilitate the direct local fiat currency payment from wPOC to their local fiat bank account without exchanging POC to another cryptocurrency which will help to minimize the fee and hassles for our players. 


With our token launching this November 10th, there will be a total supply of 1 billion POC tokens. 

There will be a total of 750k POC tokens available for public sale at $0.10 which will value the project with a total market cap of $100,000,000 upon this IDO. 

It seems like there will be a lot of competitions to get the lottery ticket for this IDO on PAID Ignition platform. However, don’t worry if you missed this chance. Because you can earn POC simply by playing our games. It is still much more worthwhile to earn POC by playing as it increases your playing skills and you can hire other players if you need. 

The token will be launched on PancakeSwap after the IDO within a few days after the IDO and the dates will be communicated as soon as it is confirmed. The initial POC circulating supply upon this listing may be around 2M POC ( 750K POC from IDO + 1,250K from Players). Monthly emission of POC is 1,666,666 POC for 120 months service. In case extended POC rewards are necessary, we will open up the bucket of Company Reserve as the contingency plan of POC rewards. 

Due to this limited monthly POC emission, it is expected that the ratio between XP and POC will be bigger and bigger. So the smart players will play today and convert XP to POC today rather than tomorrow. But you don’t need to worry, because that means the POC price will be increased higher and higher.

As most of our POC categories have been locked up from one month to 12 months except the Players Reward Pool and Liquidity, the POC circulation during the first 3 months are mostly from Players which might increase the POC value significantly due to the limited supply.


We have designed our tokenomics and have put a system in place in such a way that it is always “Players First”. We are sure that players will enjoy Pocket Arena and we aspire to see players prosper as they are an integral part of our ecosystem.

As much as we are dedicated to creating a better gaming experience, we are equally committed to creating a fair gaming platform. Practices like the usage of bots and multiapping are detrimental to the Pocket Arena’s ecosystem and unfair to other dedicated players. As a result, we are committed to take stringent action and penalize players who indulge in such activities. Only those who play fair are the ones who will reap benefits in the days, months or years to come.