We are happy to release the new Emoji Avatar version of Super Pill!

In this casual Pocket Arena game, your NFT Emoji Avatar has superpowers! It can fly and fight against viruses. But be careful! If you challenge other players and lose, you will lose XP. On the other hand, if you win, you will earn XP! 

Your XP or mPOC from Castle Defense can also be used in this game. Plus, you can upgrade your game items with E-points to win quicker in Esports.

Don’t have an Emoji Avatar? No worries! You can rent one and share the XP you earn with the owner. For every 9 XP you earn, the Avatar owner gets 1 XP. Gear up and start playing this exciting Play-to-Earn Web3 game now. It is so simple, yet addictive.

Play now and enjoy Pocket Arena Esports with Superpill and  Emoji Avatars!

Pocket Arena integrates ChatGPT!

Why is ChatGPT essential for the brand metaverse?

The ChatGPT craze has only just begun.

Not just limited to academic reports, but also corporations (brands) are utilizing ChatGPT to develop highly advanced ChatBots. While AI ChatBots existed in versions 1.0 to 3.0 of GPT, the widely promoted ChatGPT 3.5 product is yielding incredible outcomes.

C-Town, a Branded Metaverse that will be in beta service from March 2023. This Brand Metaverse will be located in the heart of Castle Arena, a virtual land for Castle Defense PvP battle. We’re using Switzerland-Lucerne as our Arena Land, and the Castle Town is our Metaverse. It will have branded buildings, cafes, and arcades called the Branded Metaverse Zone (BMZ) or C-Town, scheduled to be in Beta service from March 2023.

The Branded Metaverse Zone (BMZ) is to provide brands (corporates) with the followings:

1) Branded mini-games that allow users to earn reward points and receive special benefits in the form of NFT. The NFTs can be exported through our ETH Layer 2 Service FALK,

2) A tool to create a loyalty program and community for a brand using NFTs,

3) Virtual lounge to chat with other users for brand events or internal training, and

4) Virtual lounge to learn about the brand and its products as well as to receive high quality customer service by using the ChatGPT API.

These features will be available through our SaaS platform at www.brandedminigames.com, which is powered by PocketArena.

In the Brand Metaverse, brands aim to offer their community not just entertainment, engagement, and rewards, but also helpful information and training about their products, along with quality customer support. To accomplish this, the ChatGPT API by OpenAI allows brands to create and fine-tune their ChatBots as per their specific needs. This re-design and fine-tuning process for a brand needs some technical works which will be offered by Pocket Arena Team using a studio.

Nevertheless, brands should be wary of a potential pitfall. If a company offers ChatGPT for free on their website, it could result in a price bomb. How does this happen?

The price is per 1,000 tokens. You can think of tokens as word fragments, and 1,000 tokens equals about 750 words. This paragraph is 35 tokens ($0.0007).

This means that if a regular user uses ChatGPT without restrictions instead of ChatGPT Plus (paying a $20 monthly fee), the brand will receive a very large receipt afterwards. And the cost of optimised fine-tuning for businesses (brands) is much higher — 6 times.

The following features will be available in the Brand Metaverse Zone by Pocket Arena to help brands manage their budget for the usage of ChatGPT.

1. Guest Specifies the maximum number of tokens that can be used per day for all users.

2. Specify the maximum number of tokens that can be used per day for one user who has registered and logged in.

3. After the brand mini-game, reward points are paid and can be exchanged for coupons, and ChatGPT tokens can be exchanged with the corresponding coupons.

4. Supports fine-tuning where corporate (brand) data is entered as well as general chat GPT.

We are developing the above functions so that they can be set up and operated through the studio.

While all of our pre-built branded shop designs are identical, you can also add your own buildings to C-Town by these guidelines. (The beta service will be launched only in S.Korea)

Once the beta version is launched, your brand building will feature an Arcade lounge similar to the one shown below. Each brand building and arcade machine can be played using a range of mini-games (browser games) that are created by the brand using www.brandedminigames.com.

To access the Brand Metaverse Zone or C-Town, you must rent an Emoji Avatar. These Emoji Avatars are all unique as NFT.

We are currently working to launch our first beta service with a well-known dental brand from South Korea in March 2023. We can’t wait to showcase our first beta service with a successful result.

Pocket Arena Team

Join our New Castle Defense Live Stream!



1. Live streaming on Twitch, Facebook and YouTube Live!


We are glad to announce that we have started streaming live on Twitch, YouTube and Facebook live. Along with Kaush as the host, users will now be able to experience live gameplay of NFT Castle Defense and Castle Arena.

Check out the streaming now! Don’t forget to follow or subscribe for the upcoming live streaming.                

                              Twitch: YouTube : Facebook

From our next stream on 30th September 2022 at 5PM(PH)/ 8AM(CH) onwards, we will also be featuring players from our community who will be in conversation with our host talking about battle strategies along with a feature of live gameplay.


2. Do you want to participate in the live streaming and earn 10$?


Stand a chance to be featured LIVE on Twitch, YouTube and Facebook Live.


– Desktop with internet connection

– Webcam and Mic

– Ability to talk in basic English

– Experienced player of Castle Defense 

The 10 selected players will be featured on LIVE streaming for 20-40 mins together with Kaush, our streaming host and get rewarded 10$ BUSD right after the streaming. Apply here today!



Falk, L2 based NaaS (NFT-as-a-Service) for brands and game developers.

Is the “Play-to-Earn” Party Over?

Over the last 9 months, the Pocket Arena Team has been working hard to create a sustainable business model based on our gaming assets and blockchain tech assets. There are many debates and questions that ask if the Play2Earn model is really sustainable in the gaming market.

The Pocket Arena Team went through a substantial amount of trial and error due to the challenge presented by some players who sought to exploit our games and discourage other peer players. This left us busy patching the game SDK and updating our systems to prevent this exploitation. It was also noted that the methods of exploitation are getting smarter!)

In spite of the pitfalls of play-to-earn games, we still believe that they have a future if the NFT becomes the key facilitator of the metaverse and consists of various play-to-earn games with Esports features. Enabling and authenticating digital ownership of various gaming items, NFTs in combination with smart contracts, is a core facilitator of the transactional metaverse and play-to-earn games.

On top of this, equipping the marketplace for NFTs will be the key infrastructure allowing us to build a strong ecosystem for play-to-earn NFT games. The NFT marketplace for Pocket Arena will be running on our own L2 solution (Falk), which will be available for Web3 game developers and brands with no gas fee (except for the only 1% of the traded price for game developers & 1.75% of traded price for brands).

FALK — ETH/BSC supported layer 2 for game developers

Earlier this year, 2022, me and our tech team started to develop our own Ethereum L2 sidechain which also supports Binance Smart Chain via bridging. This L2 development has been implemented by our internal blockchain & security tech team under my architecture, design and control (all in-house).

So far, our latest achievement is that we have successfully tested the bridging between ERC721 and BEP 721 on our Ethereum test net. I have not encountered any ETH/BSC supporting L2 solutions in the current L2 market, which are optimised for game developers. Either Polygon for Opensea or ImmutableX for ERC-721 are used. Polygon is good for arts and collectables, but not optimised for Web3 game developers. Immutable X seems to be the best L2 for Web 3 game developers. The trading fee is a minimum 2% or higher. The biggest downside is that it supports only Ethereum and cannot be used for BSC-based Web3 games. In the current market, many P2E game projects are based on BSC. Therefore, half of the web3 games (maybe more than half) will not be covered.

Falk may become the first game developer-friendly L2 solution and service platform in the market that supports both ERC721 and BEP721. Another beauty of Falk is that there will be no minting-fee, no gas-fee, no set-up fee and no monthly fee (except for the only 1% of trading fee from seller), which will be especially welcomed by indie and small web 3 game developers. We also support the IPFS format as Token ID to verify the authenticity of the NFT. The game related properties for the corresponding NFT (such as the power level of the game item) will be transmitted via the Falk system to the IPFS and will be updated on a daily basis.

As an NFT-as-a-service platform, developer-friendly approach is essential. Emoji Games, as a long-time game developer since 2005, are aware of the common behaviours of game developers, so we are currently developing with a special focus on developer-friendly UI/UX (e.g., test mode, uploading/minting NFTs in bulk etc) and the Falk API which will be distributed to developers for free upon a simple sign-up.

Web3 NFT Studio for Brand

Big waves have been initiated by a few international brands that are preparing for Web 3 community building. Just a few days ago Starbucks unveiled Starbucks Odyssey, which is the scaled corporate project of building an NFT digital loyalty programme and building NFT community to engage with their members and partners. Recently I encountered a job posting by Addidas HQ in Luzern, Switzerland, seeking to hire a Head of Web 3 Strategy. Also, there is a big success story about the NFT project by the big department store (Shinsegae) in South Korea.

On top of our existing gamification studio for brands (www.brandedminigames.com), many of which have been used by international brands (e.g. BMW, KFC, Samsung, Kia etc), we are currently upgrading this white label DIY platform into a web 3 version. Both large and small brands can easily mint NFTs and provide their own customised NFT marketplaces and metaverse option by using our NFT studio. Thus, any brand can simply initiate their own web 3 projects by using our NFT studio with ease. Beta release is planned for Q4 2022.

Our L2 solution Falk would be the key component of the Pocket Arena ecosystem, expanding and offering for web 3 game developers and brands.

Falk will be firstly show-cased with our own games Castle Defence and Castle Town (PA casual games integrated), followed by worldwide web 3 game developers and brands. There are no limitations in the industry of brands for web 3 projects rendering it highly scalable. For the Pocket Arena ecosystem, we have been insisting only one token economy from the beginning — POC. There will be no second token for Falk.

The bear market has started already, early this year and there are lots of fears of a global recession, worse even than now. Bubbles popped out and lots of water (liquidity) drained in the swimming pool. The time is coming closer to find out who was swimming with a proper swimming suit for the web 3 journey and the wide extension of the POC ecosystem will be ready to go with the launch of Falk.

Hyong Kim

CEO, Emoji Games

What to Expect Q4 22

Our Pocket Arena Team has been focusing on the development of Falk and Castle Defense updates as well as the Castle Town components. We would rather under promise but over deliver. Check out what is expected to be delivered by the Pocket Arena Team by the end of 2022.

1. Castle Defense


2. Castle Town Metaverse


3.Falk & NFT Studio


4. CEX listing

  • We have been pursuing to list POC in different CEXs. We will be using the best endeavor to list at decent CEX(s) to increase POC transactions.

POC on Coinbase Wallet

Coinbase is one of the most popular platforms for buying and selling cryptocurrencies. It has a mobile app that users can use to deposit and withdraw their cryptocurrency using their mobile device. However, users who want to withdraw POC, you can do so by using the Coinbase app. We have created a deep link that will send the user securely to their Coinbase wallet app on their smartphone. This will add an extra layer of security, and ensure that information remains confidential.

Please read the guide below:


Presenting the Pocket Arena Dashboard #NFTGames #Web3

The Pocket Arena Dashboard is an all-in-one tracker that provides users with a user-friendly interface. The dashboard tracks all eSport player activity such as weekly/monthly ratings, King’s position, top arena winners of the day, battle replays and more.

As part of your efforts to grow in the Web3 ecosystem the Arena Dashboard was made live mid August 2022. The dashboard also includes a social component and is open for everyone to access, therefore it comes without login restrictions.

Activity is tracked in real time and provides detailed statistics about player performances in NFT Castle Arena. The dashboard also includes a Leaderboard and an achievements system that lets users compete against each other.

The dashboard is available on http://pocketarena.io and https://games.pocketarena.com/dashboard/

Pocket Arena Newsletter — Released On 19th August 2022



1. Development Updates for the week


Our designers and engineers have been busy building the new features and upgrades based on your feedback. The following works have been finally completed!

  • An improved set of monster icons has dropped-in!
  • You can buy Arena Pool XP using mPOC!
  • Castle Defense on iOS is available now!


2. Match of the Day — A Brand New YouTube Channel


We’ve just launched a new arena battles channel on YouTube where the most exciting battles are picked & edited as a Match of the Day . Check out the battle highlights of the day of your peer players and get a chance to learn their attack/defense strategies.

Subscribe to our channel today and click on the bell notification to stay updated on new video uploads.

3. Pocket Arena’s Key Business Model — Branded Mini-Games for NFT


We have announced the integration of Branded Mini Games (BMG) with Pocket Arena and FALK — our upcoming ETH-BSC layer 2 sidechain for branded game, NFT and metaverse DIY studio. There will also be a brand tailored NFT marketplace in one stop! The benefits include buying and trading NFT’s gas-free, fun competitive games and brand loyalty programs in the metaverse. The new website will be released very soon.

View the announcement here:



Pocket Arena Newsletter — Released On 29th July 2022


1. Development updates of the week

  • Here is an update on Falk, the $POC powered layer 2 sidechain by #PocketArena team. We successfully tested the bridge between ETH and BSC for ERC-721.  Falk will be stronger than any other ETH sidechains due to this multi bridging feature and will be widely used for white-label NFT minting/marketplaces for brands.
  • Castle Defense updates : guest users are able to rent NFT Castles and play castle defence. Also a dashboard where an option to allow guest players to rent an NFT castle is provided to the castle sponsor. https://twitter.com/pocketarena/status/1551825485025271810


2. Interactive emoji avatars in NFT Castle Town Metaverse Zone


Being interactive is the key element in NFT Castle Town. We have provided another feature of what it will look like when emoji avatars interact and move around in Castle Town buildings. Users can select their Emoji Avatar, enter their screen name and join the room. Interactive elements like gamification and chat features will also be added to this. 

The beta version is expected to be released in Q3



3. Hall of Fame winner – Brent


Here’s presenting the 11th winner of the NFT Castle Defense Hall of Fame. Brent from the 1PH_Prodigy guild has claimed the spot for July 2022. Yet again this winning makes 1PH_Prodigy guild with the high numbers of hall of famers till date.


Pocket Arena Newsletter — Released On 14th July 2022



1. Branded Mini-Games NFT – A white label solution for enterprise to gamify, mint NFT’s and create branded NFT marketplace –  ALL IN ONE STOP



Branded Mini-Games has been one of our key products since 2017 as a Game-as-a-Service platform for brands to gamify their marketing and create branded games used by various international brands. (BMW, KFC, Kia, Samsung Galaxy, Hyundai, etc.).

We experience that there is an increasing demand from these brands who want to integrate their licensing system with NFT in addition to their own branded games. This white label one-stop solution for brands will enrich brand customers’ experience through gaming, metaverse, chats, avatars and NFT P2P trading on their own marketplace at a very competitive price for enterprises.

This B2B enterprise platform Branded Mini-Games NFT will be specially implemented based on the Falk- ETH Layer 2 chain powered by POC which is planned to release in Q3 2022.  

Check out the deck for more details.

2.Development updates of the week


  • Spectator mode is live ( Forest land)
  • My Attack Strategy updates
  • Castle upgrade with mPOC (new POC category and utility case)



3. Match of the Day

The spectator mode is now live and is slated to be a key feature that will help users develop their battle strategies. Under “My Battles” users will see the “WATCH” button where the battle gameplay can be replayed. This can in turn help players evaluate and rebuild their attack strategies. 



4. Your emoji avatar  in NFT Castle Town

Your emoji avatar in NFT Castle Town will be able to earn you 20% XP whenever other players rent your emoji avatar. With the help of various games and activities in arcade buildings, the renters can earn XP by playing various avatar games and branded games. Under a XP sharing structure 80% of XP earnings are for the player while the Emoji Avatar owner get 20% from the proceedings. 

NFT Castle Town is coming soon.


5. Hall of Fame winner – Imyours

We are proud to announce yet another Hall of Fame winner for this month. An active member of the Eternals guild, Imyours has been bestowed the Hall of Fame status as he maintained the Kings land position.

Congrats to Imyours on being the 10th Hall of Fame winner.