Welcome to the thrilling Arcade of Castle Town, where a world of casual gaming excitement awaits! Immerse yourself in an incredible collection of Web3 eSports casual games, ranging from the addictive Super Pill to the captivating bubble shooter game Ice Pop, and the mind-boggling brick breaker game Bricks n Targets, various mini-sports, puzzle games and more games to come. Brace yourself for endless entertainment accompanied by your very own or rented unique Emoji Avatar. Tap into the power of your hard-earned XP and mPOC obtained through Castle Defense domination. Utilize them to supercharge your game items in the legendary Arcade of Upgrades. Additionally, gear up for more thrilling adventures and earn additional XP and POC by participating in eSports battles.

Experience the arcade games in Castle Town now.

Not only that, but the Castle Town goes by the vibrant nickname of C-Town. It will serve as a virtual destination for the brand metaverse, where brands can build their very own brand community using ready-made templates and easy tools. This incredible venture will be made possible through the white-label SaaS studio www.brandedminigames.com, powered by the ChatGPT API and Pocket Arena.

The pace at which the ChatGPT API and other AI tools are advancing is truly mind-boggling! It’s incredible how rapidly these technologies are evolving. While it may take a bit of time to keep up with all the latest AI advancements and determine the optimal solution for our upcoming service at kr.brandedminigames.com, rest assured that it won’t be long before we unveil an exceptional offering.

Pocket Arena Team