If a player knows certain tips and tricks about a game, playing it becomes more fun and twice as engaging. In order to ensure that our users get the most out of our flagship game — Castle Defense, Pocket Arena introduces a series of Pro Tips that are sure to boost the gaming experience. So, let’s begin.

Castle Power-up Features

Castle Shield and the Castle HP are highly beneficial features of the game. When you use the Castle Shield feature, your Castle is surrounded by an energy shield that renders any attack towards it useless for 10 seconds. As for the Castle HP feature, as the name suggests, it restores the Castle health to full.

By using these features, one can stall an opponent’s attacks, recover from the damage, and plan and strategize accordingly in order to win.

Note: Instead of spending 2XP per feature, players will have to spend 6XP now.

Efficiently Revive Your Troop Using the Pause Button

Always prefer reviving your defenders rather than replacing them with new ones as reviving costs less e-coins. When it comes to reviving though, make use of the pause button before to buy more time in order to recover from the damages.

Fill out the e-Coin Pools

As you might be aware by now, e-coins are crucial in deploying troops. The more you have it, the better your defense will be as you will be earning 0.5 e-coins every 3 seconds. So wherever you see the spot to install an e-coin pool, do it; install them as early as possible.

Early Attack Indicators

After each wave, you will see a few attack indicators scattered over your screen. By tapping on one of them, you basically allow the next wave to begin before time. By doing so, you earn extra e-coins in the process.

Note: Keep in mind that if your troops are all defeated and your Castle XP fully depleted at the end of a wave, it is wise to recover before you tap the attack indicators.

Customize XP Sharing

In Contract settings, you can customize the XP sharing system in favor of the potential renters in order to get more applications for your castle. You can then choose the most qualified player to rent the castle.