In-game item upgrades are important if you want to progress from one level to another in any game. Upgrades give you an extra edge over the competition and allows you to strategically plan your attack.

Castle Defense fans will know the two popular characters of our flagship game. The Knight and the Wizard, who are essential in battling across various land stages of the game along with the Cannon Tower and the Lightning Tower.

We have now introduced crucial item upgrades to these in-game characters and towers. With these upgrades the characters and towers can now be equipped with gear to increase their power, customize their abilities, and unlock new abilities.

In this post we will talk about the Knight, the Wizard and the towers featured in Castle Defense and their items upgrade. Read to know more.

What is a Knight?

Brave Knights will fend off a spectrum of monsters marching towards your castle. Nothing is better than a traditional mounted armored soldier when it comes to close combat. Equip this defender with multiple items in order to enhance his battle abilities, both offensively and defensively.

What is a Wizard?

Gallant Wizards will cast powerful spells on enemy hordes and protect your castle from damage. Wizards come in handy when resisting attacking monsters from a distance. As you progress in the game, you can equip the Wizard with various items by using your XPs, upgrading his abilities as well.

Knights Retrofit Upgradable Items

There are five items if a player wants to upgrade the Knight. The items available are as follows:

Knight’s Sword

A steel sword that’s designed for battles against monsters.

Iron Helmet 

The helmet covers the head of the Knight and offers a great protection against damage.

Iron Amour

A steel chest that’s designed for brave knights who battle monsters at the forefront.

Iron Boots

A pair of heavy iron boots better suited for knights.

Knight’s Ring

A rare piece of jewelry that brings immortality to its wearer.

Wizards Retrofit Upgradable Items

There are five items if a player wants to upgrade the Wizard. The items available are as follows:

Wooden Wand

A staff made from the branch of an ancient tree which holds vast magical powers.

Wizard Hood

A mystic hat, made specifically for wizards, to boost their attack speed.

Fabric Robe

An exclusive robe for wizards that protect them from various dangers.

Leather Boots

A pair of leather boots better suited for wizards.

Book of Fire

A book containing a powerful magic of fire for magicians.

Cannon Tower

Cannon Towers are very effective against ground attacks, but cannot defend against aerial attacks. By equipping with the Destruction Machine item, Cannon Tower can be upgraded to a Destruction Machine which reinforces the bomb shrapnel to pierce through a huge part of enemies’ armor. 

Lightning Tower

Lightning Towers are very effective against aerial attacks, but less effective against ground attacks. By equipping Storm Tower item, Lightning Towers can be upgraded which inturn  improves the chain power and range, as well as create a static field around itself to strike all incoming enemies at max level.The amount of damage and attack range of a lightning tower is more than that of a cannon tower.

XP required to upgrade Castle Defense Items

XP is required in order to upgrade the knight, wizard and towers with additional items. These upgraded items will enhance damage, attack speed and range thereby allowing players to complete land battle stages and progress to the next round.

The following table below lists out the amount of XP required to upgrade the Knight, Wizard, Cannon Tower and Lightning Tower.