Share  your stage with us!

Do you enjoy playing Castledefense? 

We want to know which stage you are at! 

Take a screenshot of  your stage, and drop it with Castledefense

The top 3 players will get a big chunk of XPs as a gift! 

To enter this event :

  1. Follow @pocketarena
  2. Take a screenshot of your stage, and drop it in the comment  & tag @ 3 of your friends
  3. Retweet

Prize (the exchange rate XP / POC 20:1)

  1. Best Defender : 5000 XP 
  2. Second Defender : 4000 XP
  3. Third Defender : 3000 XP

This event ends at 9.00(CET) on 10. August 2021

Happy defending!