POC on Coinbase Wallet

Coinbase is one of the most popular platforms for buying and selling cryptocurrencies. It has a mobile app that users can use to deposit and withdraw their cryptocurrency using their mobile device. However, users who want to withdraw POC, you can do so by using the Coinbase app. We have created a deep link that will send the user securely to their Coinbase wallet app on their smartphone. This will add an extra layer of security, and ensure that information remains confidential.

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Presenting the Pocket Arena Dashboard #NFTGames #Web3

The Pocket Arena Dashboard is an all-in-one tracker that provides users with a user-friendly interface. The dashboard tracks all eSport player activity such as weekly/monthly ratings, King’s position, top arena winners of the day, battle replays and more.

As part of your efforts to grow in the Web3 ecosystem the Arena Dashboard was made live mid August 2022. The dashboard also includes a social component and is open for everyone to access, therefore it comes without login restrictions.

Activity is tracked in real time and provides detailed statistics about player performances in NFT Castle Arena. The dashboard also includes a Leaderboard and an achievements system that lets users compete against each other.

The dashboard is available on http://pocketarena.io and https://games.pocketarena.com/dashboard/

Pocket Arena Newsletter — Released On 19th August 2022



1. Development Updates for the week


Our designers and engineers have been busy building the new features and upgrades based on your feedback. The following works have been finally completed!

  • An improved set of monster icons has dropped-in!
  • You can buy Arena Pool XP using mPOC!
  • Castle Defense on iOS is available now!


2. Match of the Day — A Brand New YouTube Channel


We’ve just launched a new arena battles channel on YouTube where the most exciting battles are picked & edited as a Match of the Day . Check out the battle highlights of the day of your peer players and get a chance to learn their attack/defense strategies.

Subscribe to our channel today and click on the bell notification to stay updated on new video uploads.

3. Pocket Arena’s Key Business Model — Branded Mini-Games for NFT


We have announced the integration of Branded Mini Games (BMG) with Pocket Arena and FALK — our upcoming ETH-BSC layer 2 sidechain for branded game, NFT and metaverse DIY studio. There will also be a brand tailored NFT marketplace in one stop! The benefits include buying and trading NFT’s gas-free, fun competitive games and brand loyalty programs in the metaverse. The new website will be released very soon.

View the announcement here: