Introduction to mPOC

We are pleased to introduce a new POC category — mPOC to enrich the user experience and fun for Castle Defense and to extend the utility of POC.

mPOC is a short name of membership POC which is basically, the POC that is transferred from Metamask into PA Wallet. Either the purchased POC (currently from Pancake Swap) or the aPOC or bPOC withdrawn to your Metamask wallet, can be deposited back into PA Wallet for the purpose of upgrading your NFT Castles and topping-up your Arena Pool XP via mPOC.

In this guide we will highlight aPOC, bPOC and talk about the uses and features of mPOC.

  • aPOC is nothing but wPOC which was acquired by playing PVE mode of Castle Defense before launching PvP mode (of Castle Arena) and has undergone a prudent audit by the team at Pocket Arena.
  • The audit is carried out as per the following rules: XPs earned from playing max 20 times per hour is allowed whereas XPs earned from playing more than 20 times per hour is cancelled.
  • bPOC is the shortened version of battle POC which is converted from tXP which is acquired in Castle Arena, by participating in battles.
  • tXP earned and accumulated can be converted to bPOC.
  • mPOC is the POC that the user deposits from MetaMask wallet to PA account.
  • mPOC is that it can be withdrawn without any limitation.
  • mPOC can also be spent for buying items like Epoint, player XP, Castle, Castle Item, Attack Strategies and more.

mPOC’s use and features

  • No withdrawal limitations
  • Can be spent in NFT Castle market.
  • Faster transfers from metamask to PA wallet.

Details mentioned in this guide are subject to change at any time with/without prior notice. Please follow our social media channels and TG for more information.

Pocket Arena Newsletter — Released On 10th June 2022

1. New 40 Forest Land Giveaway event — 3rd series


Our ongoing 3rd series of the Forest land giveaway is going to conclude next Monday (13 June). NFT Castle owners without land can visit the link to participate in the giveaway. 20 winners will get two forest lands each.

Just complete the simple 3 steps in this Gleam link.

2. Castle Manager 2022 is released!


Castle Manager 2022 is our latest edition of the castle management system for NFT Castle sponsors. Sponsors can view and manage their castles, players, lands and other Pocket Arena digital assets efficiently. Soon, more functions and features will be added to make your lives easier.

3. Castle Town will embrace brands!


Emoji Games as a leading gamification platform provider for brands (, we have been working with hundreds of international brands (still today). Based on our immense gaming assets, expertise and brand relationships built over many years, we will be bringing our brand’s customers into Castle Town (specifically into the Brand Zone as a Pocket Metaverse). More exciting stuff to be revealed soon!

4. Going back to Fundamentals


The recent article “100% on-chain games are not the best way forward” by our CEO Hyong Kim of Emoji Games has been picked and posted at Hackernoon.

5. Two new Hall of Fame winners


We are proud to announce our two Hall of Famers for May and June 2022. Sisiw, from the PH Prodigy guild, is our first female Hall of Fame winner, for the 01 June — 06 June 2022, Kingship and prior to that we had Tsiken from the Gryphnos guild as the 6th Hall of Fame winner.

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