Going Back To Fundamentals

Late last year when I pitched Pocket Arena to crypto VCs, some of them were not impressed with the idea of Pocket Arena running on centralized governance and structure (database & private blockchain), and that Pocket Arena intends to use the public blockchain (Ethereum side-chain which we are currently developing) for end user’s P2P game item trading and the ownership purpose only. Instead, they seemed to prefer a project that runs 100% on-chain. Even though I explained why a gaming service should not be 100% on-chain, they were not bothered about that.

However, having experienced the recent two major disastrous events (The 600M$ hacking of Ronin/Axie Infinity & Terra-Luna collapse) that came out of the 100% on-chain projects, investors have now started to realize that giving full-betting on this kind of projects can be very dangerous.

Here are the main overlooked factors.

100% algorithm-based DeFi projects -there are always some structural errors and coding errors in any technology and software development which needs constant updates and patches. Applying this directly to finance can lead to a disastrous situation. That’s why most developed financial centers like Switzerland use human beings for the final release of funds. It takes at least 24 hours for this monitoring process for fund transfer. Conservative approach but it is safe.

100% on-chain GameFi projects, -there are always bots, abusers and hackers who only want to exploit. They are pretty smart but cancerous enough to kill your project. Thus the developers should take into consideration this in their development to prevent these kinds of users and need to move faster than the abusers and should not compromise the security for the users’ convenience.

Today, Pocket Arena runs the following way.

1. Pocket Arena works in a centralized governance manner using database and Hyperledger private blockchain.

2. Our compliance team and bot detection systems are monitoring user behaviors 24/7. We also receive abuse reports from our community.

3. For users who withdraw above a certain threshold of POC (bPOC), KYC is required.

4. POC withdrawal is subject to our finance team’s manual review and approval. It takes about 1–2 days but there is no risk of system hacking.

5. After most of the malicious accounts cleaned-up, our Public Pool XP has decreased significantly, but the positive takeaway is that users enjoy fair esports and fair rewards. Now the winning rate over land is much higher (it was almost impossible to win any land in a legit way) thus, fair players are more motivated to play the Castle Defense.

“ Most importantly, in order to realize the true gaming assets ownership and P2P trading as a true Web 3.0 gaming platform, POC-powered Ethereum side-chain (Falk) is under development and expected to release the Beta this summer.”

At the end of the day, any Web 3.0 projects need to provide intrinsic values for end users apart from the used technology itself. The end user normally is not interested to know and they do not need to know which technology is used underneath.

I have no doubt that the paradigm shift from Web 2 to Web 3 has already begun. Having said that, the journey to a reliable and stable 100% on-chain Web.3.0 gaming platform may take some more time than we expected. In the current transitional period, I believe hybrid solutions like Pocket Arena (adding the benefits of public blockchains on top of centralized structure) would be more and more popular and practically useful.

CEO, Emoji Games

Hyong S. Kim

Pocket Arena Newsletter — Released On 25th May 2022

1. New 40 Forest Land Giveaway event – 2nd series

After a successful run of the first edition of the Forest Land Giveaway, we are proud to release a second edition of the 40 Forest Land Giveaway. This time, we have tweaked the tasks in our gleam campaign to make participation in our various social channels (including Instagram and TikTok). Just like the 2st edition this campaign is open to NFT Castle owners without land. 20 winners will get 2 forest lands each. Please complete all 5 tasks in Gleam!

To participate do visit the link below.

2. Presenting Emoji Games in the PA Metaverse

In case you didn’t know, PocketArena Team has been a leader in brand gamification in the last 7 years before we jumped into blockchain gaming and has developed many casual games (over 80+) for many global brands (such as Samsung Mobile, Kia, BMW, KFC, etc). These games are all in-house developed and all IPs are owned by Pocket Arena Team. We are now utilising our immense gaming assets for Pocket Arena, specifically in Castle Town.

The difference in CastleTown is now in 2022 that we are using NFT, blockchain technology and tokenomics, in order to make this Esports more fun, engaging and especially to enable easy & transparent P2P NFT trading….

The know more about Emoji Gaming read our recent Medium post


3. Public Pool XP share has increased to 50%

We have announced the new XP sharing system. In this revision the Public Pool XP share is changed from from the current 20% to 50%. This change is effective from 20th May 2022.

Follow the update here – https://twitter.com/pocketarena/status/1527253486122975232

4. Developments Updates in May

Since we have published our Dev To-Do List a month ago in April, our dev team has been busy with these tasks and the following have been updated and to be updated in June.

There were lots of operational issues such as blacklisting rule breakers accounts (We have banned now nearly 2000 accounts) and further improvements works were done in order to prevent these abuses from the API and the system (V)

  • Attack strategy simulation feature (V)
  • New KYC process over certain POC threshold withdrawal (To be done in May/June)
  • Attack notification via Telegram (To be done in May/June)
  • Attack strategy P2P trading for POC ( To be done in June)
  • Spectators mode ( To be done in June)
  • Closed alpha version of Falk – ETH layer 2 ( To be done in June)
  • Bugs are constantly being fixed

5. A tutorial on creating attacks

A Tutorial on Creating Castle Attacks
In this video we have described how users can create their own attack strategies in Castle Defense. We have also highlighted the importance of our new “Simulate” feature and how it can help in creating and saving attack strategies.

6. The 5th Hall of Fame Winner is revealed!

We are proud to announce yet another Hall of Fame winner for this month. An active member of the Savage PH guild, Yujin has been bestowed the Hall of Fame status as he maintained the Kings land position from 14-19 May.

Congrats to Yujin on being the 5th Hall of Fame winner.

7. NFT Castle Town coming soon to Luzern

The clock is ticking when it comes to the release of NFT Castel Town. To recap once again, NFT Castle Town in the virtual city of Luzern, is an exclusive area for peace and commercial activities based in the Pocket Arena Metaverse. With NFT Castle Town, you combine the vibe of a city with the thrill of earning that Castle Defense is known for.

The NFT Castle Town will consist of NFT Town Buildings such as churches, restaurants, casinos, coffee shops and much more coming soon,

Presenting Emoji Games in the PA Metaverse

Pocket Arena as a Play-To- Earn #NFT Esports platform aims to fundamentally increase the accessibility and usability of Esports gaming services and provide users with a virtual social life experience within NFT Castle Town. We have discovered that the combination of esports with the metaverse offers quite a number of advantages and rich experiences to our users.

In case you didn’t know, #PocketArena Team which has been a leader in brand gamification in the last 7 years before we jumped into blockchain gaming, developed many casual games (over 80+) for many brands. These games are all in-house developed and all IPs are owned by Pocket Arena Team. We are now utilising our immense gaming assets for Pocket Arena, specifically in Castle Town.

In Castle Town, there will be various buildings such as City Hall, Pharmacy, Police, Restaurants, Cafe, Arcade etc that will be coming into being as the core elements of NFT Castle Town.

This Arcade Building will be the central hub for all casual games where any user can enjoy Esports against other players.

Even in other castle buildings, there will be various gamification and XP earning/burning mechanisms using Emoji Avatars. Here you will need to use Emoji Avatar in order to participate in the Casual Esports. Either you can own yours or rent from other people. If you rent an Avatar from other users, you just need to share XP profits by 20% with the owner.

For example, this Super Pill game will be customised with your Emoji Avatar. You can check how this Emoji Game will be created by using our games studio easily.

Pocket Arena Newsletter — Released on 12th May 2022

40 Forest Land Giveaway

We have lined up an exciting campaign from this week onwards, as there are in total 390 Forest lands plots available. Here is the 1st series of campaigns for 40 lands to be given away for 20 winners! The Forest Land Giveaway is an opportunity for NFT Castle owners to own a piece of precious land on the virtual land map of Lucerne and earn passive income. So , Click on the link to enter this contest in Gleam. Please note. The 20 eligible winners have to have an existing player rental contract and should not own a piece of land during the duration of the contest.

Giveaway link herehttps://gleam.io/9jb5w/pocket-arenas-forest-land-giveaway-v1

Rule Breakers got banned!

We at Pocket Arena are constantly on the lookout for suspicious activities occurring in the Pocket Arena ecosystem. Rule breakers such as multi account players, bot/macro players, cheaters have been manipulating battles, discouraging and taking advantage of other honest players.

To give a perspective to all our stakeholders involved, we have a total of over 85,000 PA signed-up accounts which are verified. Over the last one week we have detected over 1600 accounts to be malicious and we have already taken steps and have banned them.

Also we managed to block most macro used battles which resulted in the Public Pool significantly lower than before. Now, we have a higher attack success rate after the marco players have been blocked. Honest skilled players will win and earn the most!


Sneak Peak into NFT Castle Town

Our team has been really busy and equally productive over the last weeks. Our development squad have now presented the chat feature which will be integrated into NFT Castel Town. This feature will be accessible via NFT Emoji Avatars and will allow users to chat with each other. The preview screenshot above shows the chat feature in action. The first debut of Castle Town may be in Q3 2022!

Spectator mode coming soon

In yet another development update announcement, we are glad to present the “Spectator Mode” which will be coming very soon to Castle Defense. Spectator mode will allow users to watch a replay of the recent battle they have been engaged with. Apart from watching a rerun of the battle the Spectator Mode will also assist users to fine tune their attack strategies and help them win battles.

At the same time, we are gearing up for Esports Broadcasting to pick the most exciting battles for broadcasting on a daily basis.

We are still looking for the eligible esports broadcasters who could work with the Pocket Arena team. Are you interested? Please email to business@pocketarena.com

Full announcement here: https://twitter.com/pocketarena/status/1524298626259992577/photo/1

Update in the tXP to bPOC process

There is an update in the tXP to bPOC conversion process. A maximum of 55,555 POC per day can be exchanged and only accumulated POC (38 POC/minute) can be exchanged. In addition to this only a certain threshold can be exchanged at a time (subject to change).The exchange button will also disappear then reappear after a time interval of 10 mins.

Full announcement here:


3rd/4th Hall of Fame winners are here!

We are proud to announce that MattX from the Gryphons Guild is the 3rd Hall of Fame winner of NFT Castle Defense.

PA TikTok is open and follow us!

We are glad to announce that we have expanded our social media presence to TikTok, where we will be sharing exciting content. Do follow us to know more about Pocket Arena and other developments.

Follow us on TikTok: https://www.tiktok.com/@pocketarena