bPOC withdrawal policy

In this updated guide we will discuss how bPOC can be withdrawn, its withdrawal threshold, fees and other relevant information.

bPOC is the shortened version of battle POC which is the converted version of tXP which is acquired in Castle Arena.

If users want to withdraw their earned bPOC, there are certain guidelines to keep in mind. These guidelines are listed as follows:

  1. Since we are in the BETA stage of bPOC withdrawal, there is no KYC required at the moment.
  2. The threshold to withdraw bPOC is 50 POC per withdrawal. There is no weekly limit on withdrawal.
  3. A withdrawal fee of 3 POC per withdrawal is applicable. This withdrawal fee is paid separately with MetaMask to PA Operations wallet address (not deducted from PA Wallet).
  4. There is no withdrawal tax.
  5. MOST IMPORTANTLY, for subsequent withdrawals, the same wallet must be used and a minimum of 5 POC must be continuously remained in the wallet since the previous withdrawal. IF NOT, you will be restricted from withdrawal. That means if you withdraw 50POC, you need to only sell 45POC and leave 5POC in that wallet address until the next withdrawal.

Also note that the Metamask wallet address must be an Ethereum address that supports the BEP20 standard for the BSC network.

Important Note: Please use METAMASK ONLY. We will NOT be responsible for any POC loss if you input the wrong address.

Audit for bPOC is not required at the moment. We are working to automate the bPOC withdrawal process. It can take some more time to make it 100% automatic & safe, but we are getting there.

With regards to wPOC (soon to be transferred to aPOC — after audit), the audit is yet to be performed, and it is planned to be done in March.

Details mentioned in this guide are subject to change at any time with/without prior notice. Please follow our social media channels and TG for more information.

Castle Arena New Term Explained — tXP/cXP and others

Castle Defense V. 2.2.18 has been launched. It comes with quite a few updates, but here are some key highlights to look into.

With the Castle Arena new revenue share system, we have introduced the new XP system as well as a new category of POC — called “bPOC*” means battle POC.

The new XP system is aimed at encouraging players to return to play daily. Let’s start with the terminologies:

  • tXP = refers to temporary XP acquired after the launch of Castle Arena.
  • cXP = refers to Castle XP formed after XP (existing XP from pre-Castle Arena which expires in 30 days), and tXP are clubbed together, which expires in 180 days.




What is tXP?

  • tXP is the XP earned in PVE Stage and Daily Challenge once Castle Arena is launched.
  • tXP is collected/shown in the Arena Pool.
  • Daily max. emission from Daily Challenge and PVE Stage is 250 tXP per user per day. (It does not mean the daily max earning per user is 250 tXP. There is NO max limit of tXP earnings for users in Castle Arena)
  • The tXP in the Arena Pool will be divided into the following: 80% will be used in Castle Arena battles and 20% will be used to upgrade castle items.
  • Your tXP can be used as the entry fee to attack/defend in Castle Arena battles.
  • tXP will also be the reward of a successful attack/defense.
  • The tXP reward can be used again as entry fee in Castle Arena battles.
  • The tXP reward can be converted into bPOC* (battle POC) for Metamask wallet withdrawal.

The total Castle XP (cXP) to be used to upgrade castle items will be the combination of the Castle XP earned in Castle Defense (pre-Castle Arena) and the Castle XP (tXP) mentioned above. This cXP will expire in 180 days.

*There will be another article published soon about how to withdraw bPOC. Upon the next PA wallet ver. release in a week, bPOC withdrawal will be enabled.

Setting — Telegram Chatting


In this new version, you can communicate with the owner or the player via Telegram. Please note this is a quick solution but we are implementing our in-game chatting feature to be launched with Castle Town.

Besides, at the new PvE structure, upon completing stage 10, the castle is granted with an available land plot.


Castle Market Release Notes

Hey Gamerz!

In order to keep the gaming experience fresh and the user experience enhanced, Pocket Arena has released a new version of Castle Market — v2.1.19

What’s new?

– A new revenue-sharing structure offering more flexibility and transparency to the players. For more details, read this article: https://support.pocketarena.com/blog/nft-castle-sale%e2%80%8a%e2%80%8anew-revenue-sharing-structure/

– A “Land” tab is added to let the sponsor check all the occupied lands.

– Feature enabling the user to set separate contract conditions for each castle.

When the contract conditions are set — if a player fulfills them, it will be auto-extended until the end date (up to 84 days).

– Feature allowing the sponsor to self-use their castle and play in the Castle Defense game.

– Users can find the player by name.

– Users can contact the player by sending their Telegram ID to the player.

– Some other UI tweaks & bug fixes for immersive gaming.

Play the game: https://games.pocketarena.com/cmarket/

Pocket Arena — A Driving Force in the Estimated Exponential Growth of Metaverse


The Metaverse Future

Boosting Esports via a Blockchain-enabled Metaverse

Utilizing blockchain and NFT technology, everyone can now enjoy and participate as an Esports team. That is the reason why Pocket Arena has formed its own guild organisation structure where group of pro-players can play against other guilds and the highlights of the match of the day will be broadcasted once Castle Arena kicks off.

Pocket Arena — A Prominent Player in This Journey

A brief history and goal..

Pocket Arena contributing towards the growth