Launch Schedule Announcements: Castle Arena, and more


Our team has been working extremely hard these past few months to deliver the best service and optimal performance to our users. However, on account of some unforeseen circumstances, we have some important announcements we would like to share with you.

Castle Arena Launch

As Castle Arena was in its final Quality Assurance phase, the launch was expected sooner than later. However, due to some unexpected quality issues detected, our developers need some time to fix them. As a result, Castle Arena launch has been pushed to mid-Feb (tentatively Feb 15). We apologize for the inconvenience.

Issue From the Last Audited Castle and the Compensation

It has come to our knowledge that some errors were encountered regarding previously audited Castles’ XP and Item retrieval process. We will fix this error for those who own these affected castles, and the compensation will be made to the owners before the Castle Arena launch date.

New Map Castle Sales — Kanton Zug

The new map Kanton Zug with a new batch of castles ( 800 Castles) is tentatively scheduled for March 2022 ( exact date will be announced). Kanton Zug is internationally recognized as a “crypto valley” and is home to a cluster of top tier crypto projects like Ethereum foundation, Polkadot, Cardano, Near protocol and… now Pocket Arena (Emoji Games) among others!

We have recently moved our domicile from Luzern to Zug! The land size of Kanton Zug (239 km²) is much smaller than Kanton Luzern (1,494 km²), so the allocated Castles will be 800 only.

The price for the new Zug map castle is EUR 149 along with 150 EUR worth of POC staking for 3 months.

NFT Emoji Avatars

The launch of 100 Limited-Edition NFT Emoji Avatars is going as planned, and they will be available by the end of Jan for selection for those who reserved.

Interactions within NFT Castle Town

Interactions are an essential part of our day to day lives. Keeping this in mind, we have introduced the chat feature that allows the occupants within NFT Castle Town to interact with each other. Here’s what you need to know about NFT Castle Town and its upcoming interactive features.

NFT Castle Town

NFT Castle Town in the virtual city of Luzern, is an exclusive area for peace and commercial activities. Take a break from the arduous battles and earn XPs by performing day-to-day activities in the NFT Castle Town. Interact with other players as an emoji avatar uniquely assigned to you.

With NFT Castle Town, you combine the vibe of a city with the thrill of earning that Castle Defense is known for.

The primary goal of Castle Town is to enable players to earn and spend XPs from completing mundane tasks. These tasks include various casual games (firstly developed by Emoji Games and later in partnership with other game developers) and also user-generated NFT games (created by users and brands) wherein Emoji Avatars of each player have the freedom to express and emote as they go about their journeys as peace-loving inhabitants of Castle Town.

Each Emoji Avatar will have a unique serial number and will be tradable in the NFT Marketplace.

What’s more? There will be a special reservation event for the FIRST 100 unique NFT Avatars on a first-come-first-serve basis, for those who buy min.1000 USD of $POC and stake for 3 months. So, don’t wait up as the slots are filling up fast. Grab a unique emoji avatar that best suits your personality, for double the fun. Reserve now

For more information, read this article:

Trading and Interactions

The NFT Castle Town will consist of NFT Town Buildings such as churches, restaurants, casinos, coffee shops and much more. Each building serves its own purpose, most importantly being a place for trade and commerce, socialising, education, entertainment etc.

For instance the mini-mart 24 building, will be a shopping center. In this shopping center, avatars will be able to trade their collected in-game items. They will also be able to interact with each other with the help of the in-built chat feature.

Amongst the important ones is the Mining Building wherein players can implement the incredibly useful practice of mining that gives them fast means of procuring and recharging strong resources and minerals. Choose the most effective resource to mine and yield the best results for the battles to come.

Think of Castle Town as a resting place with intuitive side missions wherein you play, learn and become better prepared for the battles of Castle Defense.

Special NFT Castle (No. 18 with 100,563 XP) Grab Event

Here’s an exciting opportunity for Castle Owners to enhance their castle portfolios and add great value to their collection by grabbing the Special NFT Castle №18.

Participate in this Castle Grab Event and stand a chance to acquire this special NFT Castle with a total XP of 100,653, at a special sale price of 98 EUR.

In order to participate in the event, one must make a minimum purchase of 300 BUSD of POC between 10th Jan — 13th Jan, 2022, 2PM UTC. For every 300 BUSD of POC, buyers will be allotted a lottery ticket.

Direct link to buy $POC on PancakeSwap

Moreover, buyers can acquire 2 lottery tickets for 500 BUSD and increase their chances of winning.

One lucky winner will be announced on 13th January, 2022 and he/she gets the lucrative castle at the aforementioned price.

Note: Once the lucky winner gets the credit card payment link to buy the castle, they have only 5 days to finalize the purchase. After that, they lose the entitlement to the castle.

So, hurry Up and fill out the participation form below:

Special NFT Castle Grab Event — Entry Form

Key Development Roadmap, Pocket Arena Investors series 2 and more

Pocket Metaverse comes to birth in Q1 2022 within the City zone of virtual map in Luzern, Switzerland. Our current 80,000 users will need an avatar in Castle Town. Two default avatars are provided for free for everyone, but it will look all the same. In order to show yourself with your own NFT character and to take part in the NFT town activities enabling you to earn extra XP, you will need an NFT emoji avatar. Like the initial NFT Castle value has increased significantly after only a few months, NFT avatar might be the same. 2022 would be the year of NFT as everyone predicts!

Reserve the limited edition of NFT emoji avatar NOW!!

The full 100 limited NFT avatar set will be available on Jan 22 on a first-come, first-served basis.

The much-awaited major addition to Castle Defense is here in the form of Castle Arena. In this old-school tower defense strategy game, users can now own land, defend or attack other lands and create or join guilds to plan strategic attacks with 5000 NFTCastles, players and guilds. All of this action is bound to take place across five playable areas on the virtual map of Luzern, Switzerland. These 5 areas are Forest, Desert, Snow, Fantasy and City.

Read the full article here

2021 proved to be a breakout year for team Pocket Arena with the following milestones achieved. For us, the New Year means a year of new possibilities and new ventures. So let’s look ahead to the excitement to come in the first few months of 2022.

Read the full article here

Pocket Arena gathered over 17K users just over the course of last week. Out of those 17K, about 10K were new users with an impressive retention rate of 51%. Our top user countries for the week were Philippines, Vietnam, Romania, South Korea and the US. Moreover, the site alone (app data not included) had a massive 300K views last week.

What happens when an NFT Castle is traded in the NFT Castle Market after Castle Arena is launched? Under the new profit-sharing structure of NFT Castle sales, there is a gross revenue-sharing that is based on sold castle price. Upon the sale of an NFT Castle, 4% of the profit goes to Emoji Games, and 96% of the profit goes to the owner of the NFT Castle.

For more info visit:

Pocket Arena is proud to have Signum Capital, a growth-focused investor team, in our list of esteemed investors.

Signum Capital is a MAS (Monetary Authority of Singapore) registered crypto investor that supports game-changing projects like Pocket Arena. They believe that Pocket Arena can bring sustainable P2E gaming platform which requires FUN part first than rewards part.

Read the announcement here:

Pocket Arena Guilds are gaining a lot of traction of late with the formation of new guilds. In the past week, we have announced a new guild named 1PH-PRODIGY based in the Philippines. This week we introduced Ace Guild. There are more guild announcements in the pipeline, so do follow our Twitter to stay updated.

Creating a Sustainable Play-to-Earn NFT Gaming Platform

Blockchain gaming has really caught the wider public’s attention recently. It has become one of the biggest crypto trends, attracting millions of new users towards cryptocurrencies.

The most popular type of blockchain gaming is the Play-to-Earn model — a unique amalgamation of Decentralized Finance and Gaming, allowing players to have fun while earning valuable assets in the form of tokens, NFTs, or other digital rewards. These projects are specific, and the gamer’s primary goal is to earn.

However, because these games involve the concept of in-game purchases and real-world currencies (stored in wallets), they offer scope for ponzi schemes and a possible platform for fraudsters.

How do some Gamefi Ponzi schemes work, and how to avoid them?

Ponzi schemes work when old investors are paid back with new investors’ money without any value being added at all. These keep functioning with potentially never-ending investors coming in.

Many Play-to-Earn models use this “pyramid” structure to lure in players solely on the pretext of “staking money to make profit”. This, in reality, turns out to be “pay to play” disguised under the “play to earn” analogy.

More players are added in a certain timeframe than the already existing ones, ensuring the demand for NFTs. If the number of new users falls below the level of existing users, the same will apply to the demand for NFTs as well — and the value of the token will plummet.

Play-to-earn games that attract gamers via high investment yields are quite unsustainable on account of high distribution of tokens without burning mechanisms and strong use cases in place to control the supply, eventually causing a bad plunge in token prices.

One must be wary of such schemes wherein people are required to invest in order to make some profit. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

Pocket Arena setting an example for a sustainable play-to-earn model

, a free play-to-earn NFT gaming platform, has developed a sustainable economic model with a robust mechanism in order to maintain a healthy economy by the strategy of combining 

Players here can play the games for free and turn the XPs they earn into POC tokens, that have real-world value, stored in wallets. There’s no obligation to invest, but those who wish to, can.

Take Pocket Arena’s flagship game, , for instance. It works on the premise of buying the fresh NFT Castle, earning XPs, and upgrading castles. In this case, one can choose to buy a castle and hire a player to use the castle in-game, or simply apply to enhance a castle owned by someone else. This way, all parties benefit.

NFT Castles with XPs collected will eventually have more intrinsic value because these XP can not be bought by POC nor by other financial instruments. This XP collected is purely due to the efforts, skills, and time contributed by eSports players. These are priceless and can’t be bought with money.

That is the reason that this XP can be exchanged into real rewards, which can be used for NFT item purchases or can also be cashed out. However, this doesn’t work in the opposite direction where XP can be bought with POC. That is a very clear principle for Pocket Arena that we value the spirit of esports.

Implementing burning mechanisms of these XPs is also important to prevent the inflation of POC prices. In order to win the battle and Esports, you will have to upgrade your in-game items and need to pay some entry fee with XP to participate in the battle as well.

This burning mechanism is very common for the traditional gaming industry as a Pay to Play. Users are required to pay considerable money to upgrade their game items. However, in Pocket Arena, these game item upgrades can be paid with your earned XPs. The XPs make your NFT Castle truly unique and valuable. These high-priced NFT Castle can only be enhanced with the help of highly skilled esports players. If your player has no skills, then he/she will just end up wasting your XP by upgrading wrong items and using them in non-strategic ways.

Eventually, Pocket Arena will pursue the mechanism that true and high-skilled Esports players will enjoy the biggest benefits. Also, those who have no skills can also share the benefits by hiring these pro-players.

From an end-user’s perspective, one gets to experience high-quality entertainment with eSports features (Castle Arena’s PvP battle and eSports mode within PA casual games), and get rewarded with POC tokens.

Moreover, we are fully committed to ensuring that the platform is safe, secure and fair for gamers by conducting regular audits of players’ wPOC in order to detect those which have been collected in illegitimate ways. These users will have no more room in Pocket Arena as we have introduced aPOC that makes sure these XPs are not manipulated via our strict audit process, including KYC. We have seen from a few pioneering gaming projects like Axie Infinity had suffered by some initial whales who used bots.

Pocket Arena’s mission is to create a sustainable eSports platform that everyone can enjoy and engage in safe in-game item trading via blockchain technology.

Key Development Roadmap in 2022

2021 proved to be a breakout year for team Pocket Arena with the following key milestones achieved:

  • First beta launch of NFT Castle Defense in July 21.
  • 5000 NFT Castle sold-out by Oct 21.
  • Successful closing of a $2.14 million private POC investment round in Nov 21.
  • Successful PancakeSwap listing of $POC on 30th Nov 21 (proving a 10x increase of POC price from its private sales price).
  • App release of Castle Defense on the Google Play store.
  • Release of the virtual land map for Luzern for castle owners to get ready for PvP battles.
  • Crossing Daily Active User (DAU) of 10,000 users on Dec 21.
  • Total sign-up users crossing 79,000 as of 31st Dec 21.
  • B2C & P2P NFT Castle gross sales volume from July to Dec 21 — EUR 887,535

So let’s look ahead to the excitement to come in 2022.

1. PvP Castle Arena launch with 5K castles, players and guilds

The launch of Castle Arena (estimated launch date is late Jan 22), will bring the introduction of PvP battles (most likely to be a guild-war conquering with their own guild flags amongst different multi-national Pocket Arena guilds). We will also witness the participation of 5000 NFT Castle battling it out for precious land listed under the virtual land map for Luzern, Switzerland.

Current Castle Placement in the virtual land of Luzern, Switzerland (Forest)

Castle Arena is about PvP Battles where you defend your castle’s land and attack other castles with an aim to defeat them and grab their land. Castle Arena also consists of different Guilds, which are groups of players who coordinate and execute attacks strategically. The real eSports PvP model of Pocket Arena will start with Castle Arena.

2. POC payment in Castle Market

Users will be able to buy NFT Castle by using their POC. NFT Castles ranging from EUR 800 to EUR 3000 will be eligible for trading via POC payment ONLY. The current 6 weeks waiting period for withdrawal will also be lifted. The beta release is aimed to be at the end of January 2022.

3. aPOC to be used in Castle Market or to withdraw for cash-out.

In the past year we have been working hard to create a sustainable and fair gaming ecosystem. With an aim to continue this, we are going to introduce aPOC. For those who don’t know, aPOC is audited, KYC’ed and approved POC within PA Wallet which can be cashed out into Metamask wallet and can be used to buy NFT Castles and other NFT items in Pocket Arena.

There will be two ways of getting hold of aPOC –

1. Users can buy POC from Pancakeswap and deposit via Metamask wallet into PA wallet to buy NFT castles over EUR800 or any other NFT Items above EUR800.

2. Users can also earn wPOC and transfer to aPOC (after audit/KYC/approval process) either for NFTCastle or other NFTitem purchase in Castle Market or for cash-out withdrawal.

4. Pocket Metaverse (Castle Town — NFT emoji avatar and NFT buildings)

Over the last year we have seen how NFT’s are grabbing headlines in the crypto space. When it comes to Pocket Arena we had also experienced the NFT craze as we used to witness batches of NFT Castles being sold out quickly. The unprecedented rise of NFT is expected to continue and we at Pocket Arena are geared with the Pocket Arena Metaverse where our esports players can also take some rest from furious battle and settle down for town life such as city hall, medical center — pharmacy, restaurants, supermarket, police, casino & arcade and most importantly — mining district. These town building elements will be available as NFT items for sale and trading. In each building, there will be XP earning and tax payment mechanism for users via gamification of each NFT building elements and NFT emoji avatar.

In the last week of December 2020, we received promising feedback from our community and stakeholders with the announcement of NFT Emoji Avatars. The 3D NFT Emoji Avatars are NFT items which provide a great amount of value to the owner. Just like how our NFT Castles are unique and valuable (more and more valuable with XP grinding), in the same way NFT Emoji Avatars will also have an intrinsic value to the holder.

The 3D NFT Emoji Avatar will become your own mascot and playable with XP earnings in the Pocket Metaverse. Also, like the NFT Castle, each NFT Emoji Avatar will have its own serial number to ensure only limited numbers are minted. The NFT Emoji Avatar will also be tradable P2P in the NFT marketplace.

How to Reserve

5. Replacement of current Hyperledger private blockchain with public blockchain for PA wallet

Pocket Arena’s vision is to create an easy-to-use and trusted gaming ecosystem where people can enjoy playing games, earn digital assets and grow their digital assets. We also aim to become the world’s biggest NFT DApp Mobile Gaming Platform.

In order to accomplish this vision for easy and frictionless Web 3.0 Dapp Blockchain Mobile Gaming Platform and Portal, we are looking to transfer all-in-game asset transactions in PA wallet into a public based blockchain such as an Ethereum based sidechain. Our in-game digital asset transactions will be then open and public. Users can also claim the true ownership of NFT assets which will make open market trading possible.

NFT Castle Sale — New Revenue Sharing Structure

NFT Castles are real hot-selling NFT items!

Fresh NFT Castles were being sold at 98EUR along with a limited-time promotion of some initial castles at 48EUR during the first two months in July and Aug 2021. Since then, an XP included NFT Castle has also been traded for max 800EUR in a P2P sale at the NFT Castle Market.

So what happens when an NFT Castle is traded in the NFT Castle Market after Castle Arena is launched?

Since castles are rented out to players who play the game, earn XP and upgrade the castle, there is a current profit-sharing that follows. However there will be a new revenue share framework applicable under Castle Arena mechanism in January 2022. The exact date of Castle Arena launch will be announced soon.

Old profit-sharing structure

When an NFT Castle is sold in a P2P transaction in the marketplace, 78% of the sale proceeds go to the sponsor, in other words, the NFT Castle owner. 18% goes to the players as the players are the ones who have rented the NFT castle and have increased its value by playing and upgrading it. Furthermore, 4% is charged by Emoji Games as transaction fees.

New revenue-sharing structure

Under the new profit-sharing structure of NFT Castle sales, there is a gross revenue-sharing that is based on sold castle price.

Upon the sale of an NFT Castle, 4% of the profit goes to Emoji Games, and 96% of the profit goes to the owner of the NFT Castle (also called the sponsor or the seller of the NFT Castle). The figure below depicts the new profit-sharing structure.

Benefits to the players under the new profit-sharing structure

After the launch of Castle Arena, there is no revenue shared with the player from the castle sale, under the new profit sharing structure.

After the launch of Castle Arena the player will have bigger flexibility of imminent earnings of XP as per the new revenue share structure. XP earning will be through Daily Challenges, PvE Battles and also PvP Battles (Castle Arena). Please visit the link below to know more about the new revenue share structure.

Castle Arena New Revenue Share Structure

The NFT Castle sale, new revenue sharing structure will be applicable to the castles which have gone through the P2P trading AFTER Castle Arena kicks off.

The contributions from players under the old revenue sharing program will stay there for the old profit-sharing until the new trading takes place after the launch of Castle Arena (estimated launch date is mid to late Jan).

For Example

Let’s say Castle Arena launches on 20th Jan 2022.

If an NFT castle owner sells his/her castle (№20) on 21st Jan 2022, the old profit-sharing applies to the sale (which indicates a 78% of net profit).

And then if the NFT castle owner (№20) sells the castle on 30th Jan 2022 to another new buyer, then the castle owner receives 96% from the sold castle price.

Besides, as announced previously, the cap of NFT Castle sales price will be increased to EUR 3000 by using POC as the payment method. Credit Card payment is still possible but will be limited to max Castle sale price of EUR 800. The waiting period of 6 weeks will still remain applicable for credit card P2P payment due to stolen card dispute issues. When POC is used in payment, the waiting period will be lifted.

Sneak Peek of Castle Arena

The much-awaited major addition to Castle Defense is here in the form of Castle Arena. In this old-school tower defense strategy game, users can now own land, defend or attack other lands and create or join guilds to plan strategic attacks with 5000 NFTCastles, players and guilds.

All of this action is bound to take place across five playable areas on the virtual map of Luzern, Switzerland. These 5 areas are Forest, Desert, Snow, Fantasy and City.

Difference between Castle Defense and Castle Arena

Castle Defense is about defending the castle with the help of Knights and Wizards. The game consists of Daily Challenges and PvE Battles where players use the default in-game castle or rent an NFT Castle from a sponsor (Castle Owner) and defend it from attackers like Galios, Gargoyles, Demons and more.

Castle Arena is about PvP Battles where you defend your castle’s land and attack other castles with an aim to defeat them and grab their land. Castle Arena also consists of different Guilds, which are groups of players who coordinate and execute attacks strategically. The real eSports PvP model of Pocket Arena will start with Castle Arena.

With the launch of Castle Arena in Jan 2022, the new revenue share framework will be applicable for P2P castle trading. This major change will be explained in another blog very soon.

Let’s walk through some of the key aspects of Castle Arena.

Main Menu

The new menu will see the additions of Arena Pool and Public Pool.

Land Battle in Forest

As highlighted earlier, Castle Arena consists of 5 playable areas on the virtual map of Luzern. The first area is the “Forest,” where you as a player can participate in PvP Battles. Here you can attack others and grab their land and also defend your fortress from attacks.

The screenshots below depict the Defend and Attack process for the land battle in the forest area.

You can only proceed to attack the new land only once you have cleared the stages of each land.

Castle Items

These items are required to upgrade your castle’s armoury. Details with regards to the castle items will be out soon.

Creating Attacks in Castle Arena

For every attack created, there is a strategy that is followed. The better you strategize, the more efficiently you will win battles.

Once you have crafted your perfect strategy, you have an option to save it for future attacks or load it for the current attack.

Attack Strategy Selection

For different stages of game play you can create customized strategies. When you are in the process of creating an attack you are given the choice to select the strategy of your choice.

As shown in the screen below you can choose any one strategy for your attack and also delete strategies if you choose to.

Attack Outcome

If your attack is successful you will be greeted with the following screen below. The screen will show you the XP earned and shared between you, the Sponsor, XP pool and Public Pool along with the land acquired.

My Land

Under the upgrade section in the main menu, we have added the “My Land” tab. Under this section, the player can see the acquired lands pertaining to different playing areas (i.e. Forest Desert, Snow, Fantasy and City)

The player acquires new land by winning the battle.

The Rule of Defense

Defense is about protecting your land from other attacks. If you defend your land successfully, you get to keep your land and get XPs as a reward.

If you fail to defend, you lose your land. In Castle Arena, each land requires a certain number of Defences per day. If you don’t meet the daily requirement, you will lose your land.

Land Battle Status

The screen below shows you your land battle status, which consists of a list of lands you hold along with pending defenses.

After you successfully defend external attacks, you are rewarded by XP, as shown below.

Land Battle History

The land history shows the result of the attack or defense subjected to your land.


When you acquire the status of Kingship in Castle Arena, the following message is shown. The king has special privileges and takes 3% XP from all the battles on the virtual map.

Be aware that your kingship may be challenged by numerous attacks from your opponents day in, day out! So you will need to ally with a strong and faithful guild!

The Different Pools in Castle Arena

Pools in Castle Arena are areas where XP is stored. There are 2 pools, namely Public Pool and Arena Pool.

Arena Pool is a section where the XP earned from Castle Arena and Castle Defense is stored. Arena Pool XP is further used to upgrade the NFT Castle (via Castle XP) and also used to participate in Castle Arena.

Public Pool is a section where the XP earned from Castle Arena PvP battles is stored. Public Pool XP is distributed to players who are land owners

To get a detailed understanding of XP distribution in pools, please follow the article below.

Castle Arena New Revenue Share Structure

“Castle Arena Guilds”

Castle Arena introduces the concept of Guilds whose main aim is to bring pro-players together into organized groups and win battles strategically by XP profit-sharing with castle owners.

The main role of Guild in Pocket Arena

  • Find the castles from owners, and assign them to guild members.
  • Recruit and train guild members.
  • Manage and maintain the progress of all members.

In Castle Arena, a guild is headed by 1 Guild Manager, 1 Assistant Guild Manager who oversee the guild operations, followed by guild members.

Users cannot create guilds by themselves. The guilds are created by Pocket Arena Team (including the initial approval of guild name and guild flag) after due diligence and screening of the guild manager. After the guild is formed, selected managers can manage their respective guild and can update the guild’s name, flag, find and assign castle, recruit/expel members, manage and guide members and set profit shares.

Considering the increase in interest in guilds form different nationalities we have reduced the minimum member requirement from 30 to 20 members. A guild in Castle Arena can have a maximum of 50 members. As of 16 Dec 2021, 47 guilds have been established from 14 different countries (UK, Finland, Germany, France, Philippines, Vietnam, Russia, South Korea, Australia, South- Africa, Romania, China, Thailand, Indonesia) with 1332 guild members who are actively playing Castle Defense.

See discord for details of our guild status.

If you are a manager who wants to create a guild in Castle Arena, please fill in the Preliminary Guild Manager Application form below.

NFT Castle Defense Preliminary Guild Manager Application

In-game Creation of Guilds

Guild is assigned to a manager who will appear on the Castle Market. Sponsors can view and contact these guilds. In order to create a guild in Castle Arena, a manager has to express interest. This is usually done by filling an application. Once Pocket Arena receives the application, a guild is then created and the guild manager recruits members to increase the guild user base.

Once Castle Arena is launched, users will be allowed to join a guild of their choice. The process will include contacting the guild manager to join a guild.

After joining a guild, the player can contact the guild manager via Telegram chat and ask defense support from other guild members.

The player who has joined the guild will be able to view the Guild’s Castles, check Member Ranking, request Guild Support and Contact the guild manager.

Guild Support

The guild support feature is for players seeking protective support from other guild members. The guilds members can offer support to players who need assistance with regards to attacks and defense from other guilds.

Guild Member Management

Leaving a Guild

A player who is a part of a guild can also choose to leave the guild. Once out of the guild, the player will not be able to keep the NFT Castle.

There are more functions and features in this in-game guild system and in a new guild management system that are currently under development. We anticipate this may go live a little later than Castle Arena. The launch date is TBA.