$POC Trading Competition - 2nd Run

Our team at Pocket Arena has been busy introducing events to engage and give back to our community. One of the event was the $POC Trading Event which was created to celebrate the successful launch of $POC on PancakeSwap. Winners (Daily winners + Biggest buyers) won #NFTCastles.

NFT Castles are a precious commodity in the Pocket Arena ecosystem. 5000 of such NFT Castles have been sold out at an initial price of 49 EUR/98 EUR, 3 months ago and now they are being traded at a rate as high as 800 EUR (depending on the XP and the castle number).

NFT Castle P2P trading will be available from Jan 2022 onwards. The trading will also be in $POC and the maximum price of trading an NFT Castle will be raised to 3000 EUR.

The staking and the lottery system will also be implemented in Jan 2022.

Direct link to buy POC on PancakeSwap

You can click the link below and view the BUSD/POC trading pair directly. Please add POC and BUSD once you are prompted to add them in your Metamask when you do the trade/swap.


$POC Trading Event — 2nd run

The 2nd run of the $POC Trading Event is here. Followed by the success of the 1st run of $POC trading competition, we are happy to announce the 2nd run has started from 16th Dec 2pm UTC to 23rd Dec 2PM UTC. The 3rd run will be continued immediately after the completion of the 2nd run.

1. Daily Prizes: There will be daily prizes in the form of NFT Castles, for the biggest buyer and holder of the day during the last 24 hours. The cut-off times and each NFT Castle number is allocated for the daily prizes category is as follows.

2. Final Prizes: This category is further split into 2 sections. It consists of top 5 buyers and holders and top 5 trading volume makers (Buy and sell) during this time frame from 16 Dec 2PM UTC until 23 Dec 2PM UTC.  The top 5 winners of each category can choose their preferred castle among the list by the order of rank. 

The final winners will be announced on 24th Dec 2022 on https://twitter.com/pocketarena. The winners can claim the prizes by sending an email to service@pocketarena.com with the PA ID and the full wallet address. After the address verification, we will send the Castles to the user’s account directly.

For the final prize winners of the 1st Run (from 09th Dec — 16th Dec) as well as the 2nd Run, if you hold the purchased $POC without selling until the 3rd run ends, then 5 special valued NFT castles will be rewarded to the top 5 holders additionally.

$POC Trading Competition

In order to celebrate the successful launch of $POC on PancakeSwap, we will be starting a $POC trading competition on PancakeSwap. The trading competition will be running in 3 series during the next 4–5 weeks. The 3 competitions will have different criteria of winners. The 2nd and the 3rd competition will start, right after the 1st competition is closed.

1. What is this competition about?

We would like to encourage $POC trading on PancakeSwap and give attractive rewards to those who showed the biggest buy within the time frame.

Daily Biggest Buyer — 1 biggest $POC buyer until 14:00 UTC of the next day (CUT-OFF TIME) will be awarded with one fresh NFT Castle. — In total, 7 fresh NFT Castles

Announcement for daily winner — Daily winner announcements will be made via Pocket Arena’s social media channels. (During weekends, the winners will be announced on Monday)

Weekly Biggest Buyer — Top 14 biggest $POC buyers until 16th December 2021, 14:00 UTC (CUT-OFF TIME) will be rewarded with in total 14 special numbered NFT Castles with XPs inside.

NFT Castles with special serial numbers and XPs are as listed below:

Announcement for the weekly winners : will be made on 17th December 2021. Top 5 winners can choose their preferred castles from the above list. As per order of winners, the 1st winner will choose their own preferred castle followed by 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th.

For the rest 9 winners, the castle will be randomly decided by the Pocket Arena Team.

2. Date and time of the $POC Trading Competition

This 1st competition will start from 9th December 2021, 15:00 UTC until 16th December 2021, 14:00 UTC.

Starting Date/Time

UTC, Time Zone Thu, 9 Dec 2021 at 15:00

Zürich, Switzerland Thu, 9 Dec 2021 at 16:00 CET

New York, USA Thu, 9 Dec 2021 at 10:00 EST

Seoul, South Korea Fri, 10 Dec 2021 at 00:00 KST

Closing Date/Time

UTC, Time Zone Thu, 16 Dec 2021 at 14:00

Zürich, Switzerland Thu, 16 Dec 2021 at 15:00 CET

New York, USA Thu, 16 Dec 2021 at 09:00 EST

Seoul, South Korea Thu, 16 Dec 2021 at 23:00 KST

3. Requirement

Participants are required to submit the following information in order to participate, minimum 24 hours ahead of CLOSING TIME (UTC, Time Zone Thu, 16 Dec 2021 at 14:00).

  1. Name,
  2. PA ID — EMAIL
  3. BSC address to trade in PancakeSwap

This can be done by entering the details in the Google Docs Form

4. Rewards Claim

Castle claim for all winners > after all the winner announcements on 16 Dec , the winners can send email to service@pocketarena.com from your registered PA email with the Metamask wallet capture such as shown in the screenshot below.

5. More information about $POC

Current circulating supply of $POC= 656,985 POC (0.065%)

Total/max. supply of $POC = 1,000,000,000 POC

Current Daily Active Users : 9–10K on daily basis as of 01 Dec 2021

Top 5 countries of users : Philippines, Vietnam, US, India, Thailand

$POC main investors : Signum Capital, LD Capital, Unanimous Capital. See more details here

Start trading $POC NOW: s.pocketarena.io/3xIKNsQ

DEXtool info: s.pocketarena.io/3xU1jpQ

$POC Staking Policy

Dear Pocket Arena users

With relation to the recent applications for the 500–1000 POC withdrawal request, we received 1,144 applications within a day and the withdrawal request is temporarily closed.

We are very cautious of releasing this amount of POC at one go as it could potentially result in the high volatility of POC price at this point of time. Thus, after careful consideration, we have decided to implement a new staking policy and a lottery policy.

Staking Policy — Those who staked a certain number of POC for a certain time of period will earn an interest on their staked POC.

Lottery Policy — Those who staked POC for over a certain period and for a certain amount will also receive lottery tickets which will enable them to participate in the pre-sales of the next upcoming NFT Castles for a new city map after Luzern.

Currently our devs are implementing KYC procedures and the details of staking policy. Until then, we kindly ask you to have patience and to have utmost understanding.

No one wants to sell hard-earned $POC at a low price.

This is the main reason why we want to implement this new staking and lottery policy and we apologise that the received applications would be delayed further. The details of the Staking and Lottery policy will be announced within a few weeks time. After that we will re-start the official withdrawal process of $POC with KYC. We are pushing hard to give some nice Christmas gifts to you.

As announced earlier, $POC will be used as a sole payment method at P2P Castle Market, starting from Q1 2022. We may be having various NFT items within Pocket Arena Economy, not only NFT Castles, but also NFT Town Center buildings, NFT decoration items for your land. Therefore, we expect the demand of $POC will increase significantly by then.

Please note that the special one-off withdrawal event of up to 100 POC is still valid. We will start to receive requests from 09th December 2021 as announced which does not require any KYC. This event will benefit as many people as possible.

Team Pocket Arena

Land Map Viewer and Land Selection

Land Map Viewer Release Date/Time

7th of Dec, 02:00 am (Switzerland) Land selection starts.

Philippines — 7th of Dec, 09:00 am

Vietnam — 7th of Dec, 08:00 am

USA, New York — 6th of Dec, 08:00 pm

India — 7th of Dec, 06:30 am

Thailand — 7th of Dec, 08:00 am

Korea — 7th of Dec, 10:00 am

Land Map Viewer is a platform where castle owners will be able to view and select a plot of land for their NFT Castle on the Lucerne map. This feature will be added to the Castle Arena ecosystem.

Here are some highlights as bullet points on how this Castle Arena will work in relation to the land.

  1. All 5K NFT Castle owners will be choosing their plot of land in Forest — “Forest” is the starting point of all the Castle Arena.
  2. As soon as the Castle Arena kicks off in mid-Jan 2022 (The date is to be confirmed), the players contracted with Castle owners can start to attack and defend. The guilds may be joining the Castle Arena a bit later.
  3. Castle owners can take more than one land plot via successful attack. When he/she clears the higher tier land — Dessert, Snow, Fantasy, City stage, then he/she can battle over that higher tier land to win the land.
  4. If the Castle owner wins over land, then he/she will be receiving the passive XP gain calculated from the new revenue share structure. These XPs are able to be exchanged into wPOC.
  5. Some castle owners can lose their land by losing the battle — Homeless Castle owner. In that case, you can still attack other lands and return your land if you win.

Before we talk about the Land Map Selection, let’s summarize the concept of “Land” in Castle Arena.

Land in Castle Arena

In Castle Arena, there will be 11,444 land plots available on the Lucerne map. These plots are classified into different tiers as follows:



Criteria to enter land map selection?

The Land Map Selection depends on the castle number of the NFT Castle.

  1. Castle Number — Castle Number starts from the lowest denominator in the castle series and goes up to the highest. For example, the following image below shows the castle with its number as Castle3592. This indicates that this is the 3592nd NFT castle out of the lot of 5000, with Castle5000 being the highest in the lot.



The process of Land Map Selection in Forest — the lower the Castle number is, the earlier you can select.

An NFT Castle owner can select a plot of land depending on their Castle Number and the Land Stage Completion. Lower the castle number higher the priority to get land of any choice. Furthermore, this choice of land selection will also depend on the stage completion of that land.

Castle with series number 1–7 and which have completed all the land stages, will get the first priority to select any piece of land on the Luzern map. After 1 hours the next 7 castles (castle from series number 8 to 14) will be given the right to select any piece of land.

The above process of allotting castles will happen every hour where 168 NFT Castles will be allotted land in a day. The figure below explains the process.



The castle owner is given a time of 30 days to select the land. If not selected post 30 days, the program or operator will allocate the land randomly.

Case Study

Let’s say Castle Owner A has Castle1 and Castle27.

When the Land Map Viewer is launched, Castle Owner A can choose land in the 1st hour.

Now that Castle1 has its own land, Castle Owner A has to wait for 4 hours to select land for Castle27.

Consider the castle owner did not select land for Castle27 in the 4th hour. In this case, the castle owner has 30 days to do so or else the land will be auto allotted by the system to Castle27.