As Our IDO Draws Near, Let’s Look At Our Tokenomics


The POC Token

The Pocket Arena Token, or POC, is an ERC20/BEP20 token which runs on Ethereum and the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) blockchain. POC serves as the fuel of the Pocket Arena ecosystem. 1. To reward Players and to reward the PA ecosystem participants. 2. To be used as the unique payment crypto currency for NFT Castle trading

The wrapped POC (wPOC) will function as part of an easy, fast, and free currency run on a Pocket Arena private blockchain node in PA Wallet. For wPOC within PA Wallet, there will be no gas fees for XP to wPOC conversion. There will be no gas fees and no metamask needed except upon withdrawal from the network. 

Pocket Arena is about rewarding players for their gaming expertise and POC will comprise the rewards that are issued. Not only players, but also eSports broadcasting participants, HTML5 game partners, guilds supports etc. 

Gamers will also be able to convert accumulated XP into POC to further monetize their playing time. It will also function as an NFT gaming token as well as the main currency of all the DApps in the Pocket Arena network. 

In addition, we are working to facilitate the direct local fiat currency payment from wPOC to their local fiat bank account without exchanging POC to another cryptocurrency which will help to minimize the fee and hassles for our players. 


With our token launching this November 10th, there will be a total supply of 1 billion POC tokens. 

There will be a total of 750k POC tokens available for public sale at $0.10 which will value the project with a total market cap of $100,000,000 upon this IDO. 

It seems like there will be a lot of competitions to get the lottery ticket for this IDO on PAID Ignition platform. However, don’t worry if you missed this chance. Because you can earn POC simply by playing our games. It is still much more worthwhile to earn POC by playing as it increases your playing skills and you can hire other players if you need. 

The token will be launched on PancakeSwap after the IDO within a few days after the IDO and the dates will be communicated as soon as it is confirmed. The initial POC circulating supply upon this listing may be around 2M POC ( 750K POC from IDO + 1,250K from Players). Monthly emission of POC is 1,666,666 POC for 120 months service. In case extended POC rewards are necessary, we will open up the bucket of Company Reserve as the contingency plan of POC rewards. 

Due to this limited monthly POC emission, it is expected that the ratio between XP and POC will be bigger and bigger. So the smart players will play today and convert XP to POC today rather than tomorrow. But you don’t need to worry, because that means the POC price will be increased higher and higher.

As most of our POC categories have been locked up from one month to 12 months except the Players Reward Pool and Liquidity, the POC circulation during the first 3 months are mostly from Players which might increase the POC value significantly due to the limited supply.


We have designed our tokenomics and have put a system in place in such a way that it is always “Players First”. We are sure that players will enjoy Pocket Arena and we aspire to see players prosper as they are an integral part of our ecosystem.

As much as we are dedicated to creating a better gaming experience, we are equally committed to creating a fair gaming platform. Practices like the usage of bots and multiapping are detrimental to the Pocket Arena’s ecosystem and unfair to other dedicated players. As a result, we are committed to take stringent action and penalize players who indulge in such activities. Only those who play fair are the ones who will reap benefits in the days, months or years to come.

How to Grow Your Crypto Portfolio From Gaming

You must have heard this….

“There’s never been a better time than now to invest in crypto.”

Whoever says this, in a way, is right. Crypto is on the lips of every major economy and business leader. People are jumping on the crypto bandwagon mostly by investing in cryptocurrencies and/or Non-fungible Tokens (NFT’s).

Blockchain games have also become a mode of earning crypto rewards. Thanks to the Play-to-Earn model games. Technically, rewards earned and accumulated by playing NFT Games can be called as a user’s crypto portfolio.

Now that everyone’s talking about crypto and investments, how do you join in?

In this article, we’ll talk about how you can grow your crypto portfolio from gaming and most importantly, within the Pocket Arena ecosystem.

What is a crypto portfolio and how does it work?

That’s a good question. A crypto portfolio is nothing but a collection of online currency or instruments. Let’s put it in this way… say for instance you have invested in several cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, NFT’s etc. All these investments put together collectively are termed as your crypto portfolio. It’s as simple as that.

When it comes to Pocket Arena, we have created a healthy ecosystem where eSports gamers (players) and investors (sponsors) play skillfully, have fun and in-turn get rewarded for their continuous efforts due to our Play-to-Earn model.

Similarly, a crypto portfolio works in the same way where a person grows his investment over time by using skillful growth techniques.

Start Your Crypto Portfolio on Pocket Arena

XP’s and owning NFT Castles are 2 aspects of how a user can get started with their crypto portfolios on Pocket Arena. XP’s have become a valuable asset, especially in Castle Defense where players upgrade Castles with earned XP and more importantly, exchange XP for POC.

Our Players earn XP from our flagship game, NFT Castle Defense and other casual games as well. The best part is, unlike legacy gaming, the XP earned can be used by the player to exchange it for POC, an ERC20/BEP20 utility token, a key currency of Pocket Arena NFTs.

Our Sponsors on the other hand, have made fruitful investments in NFT items, predominantly by owning NFT Castles. The castle is rented out by the sponsor to players who use it in-game to battle across different levels. By doing so the value of the NFT Castle increases and XP is shared between players and sponsors as well.

Growing Your Crypto Portfolio on Pocket Arena

The best way to grow your portfolio on Pocket Arena is by earning XP and/or investing in an NFT Castle. Due to our Play-to-Earn model, players start earning XP the moment they sign up and start playing any Pocket Arena games.

We have players and sponsors who have built a strong crypto portfolio on Pocket Arena. Apart from playing other casual games, players have accumulated XP by playing NFT Castle Defense too.

Sponsors have also built a strong portfolio by investing in NFT Castles. By purchasing an NFT Castle with a EUR 98 investment, sponsors have seen their NFT properties grow in value over time. Lucky are those who had taken advantage of our NFT Castle sale where castles were sold for a discounted price of EUR 49!

Now that all 5000 NFT Castle’s are sold out, castle sales are restricted only to the P2P market, where castles are listed for sale from EUR 100 to EUR 500.


Better late than never. It is wise to get started and create a decent crypto portfolio. Follow the steps below to get started on your Crypto Portfolio on Pocket Arena.

  • Create your Pocket Arena account,
  • Rent a castle from the main menu
  • Earn XP by playing NFT Castle Defense in Adventure Mode, 1v1 Challenges (castle required) or Daily Challenges (castle required).
  • All XP earned will be stored in your Pocket Arena Wallet where you can later convert it to POC or wEURO.

NFT Castles are also good investment instruments as they are fetching sponsors good returns. But as for now sale of newly minted NFT castles on NFT Castle Market is paused as we have recently concluded our targeted sale of the 5000th castle.

So what does your Crypto portfolio look like?

Signum Capital invests in Pocket Arena

Singapore-based MAS registered crypto investment firm invests in Pocket Arena, a mobile-first Play-to-Earn NFT games portal and platform that supports skill-based tournaments and user-generated #NFT gaming with an NFT Marketplace.

Founded in 2017, Signum Capital comprises a team of crypto enthusiasts with complementary backgrounds and interdisciplinary perspectives. The Signum team is ready to assist the founders to deploy their ideas, and to facilitate the adoption of their products both inside and outside the crypto community.

Signum Capital is a registered fund management company with the Monetary Authority of Singapore.

About Pocket Arena
Pocket Arena’s vision is to create an easy-to-use and trusted gaming ecosystem for ordinary people to enjoy playing, grow digital assets and become the world’s biggest NFT DApp Mobile Gaming Platform.

Unanimous Capital Invests in Mobile-First Play-to-Earn NFT Gaming Platform Pocket Arena

Unanimous Capital, a Silicon Valley based VC, has announced an investment in Pocket Arena, a mobile-first Play-to-Earn based NFT DApp gaming platform.

“We invest in founders pushing the boundaries of innovation by creating or disrupting markets at scale,” said Chris Ji, partner at Unanimous Capital. “That’s why we’re extremely excited to be investing in the team at Pocket Arena as they expand their play-to-earn NFT game platform and marketplace.” 

The Pocket Arena team is bringing their expertise and proven success in mobile gaming to create a gaming ecosystem around their POC token. Players of all skill sets can earn revenue and use POC across Pocket Arena’s flagship game – NFT Castle Defense, its ever-growing variety of casual games, and its user-generated NFT game studio. The addition of NFTs also allows players to trade and grow the value of their assets as they play.

“We’re thrilled to be a part of their journey to become the largest NFT gaming ecosystem in the world,” Chris Ji adds.

Unanimous Capital is a Silicon Valley based VC, focused on early-stage startups, who have incubated companies and invested over $100M in both equity and tokens since 2010. Some examples include Instacart, Slack, Zenefits, Carta, and Postmates. Some of their notable crypto investments also include Hedera, Kraken, Arweave, WAX, and Orchid. The companies Unanimous Capital have invested in since 2010 are collectively worth over $45B today.

Looking for Sponsors? 3 easy ways to find an NFT Castle sponsor

Your search for a sponsor ends here! 

We are going to talk about how you, as an Esports player, can find the right NFT Castle sponsor, quicker, and start playing Castle Defense right away. 


A professional Esports player of Castle Defense, will know how tricky it was initially to find a castle. But as time passed by we have introduced key updates to the game and also focused on community feedback, to make Castle Defense a wonderful experience.

An NFT Castle owner goes by many names such as sponsor, or castle owner. In our world, we call the NFT Castle owner as the Sponsor. A Sponsor is the person who buys an NFT Castle from our NFT Castle Market for a price. The castle is then listed for renting where Esports players can rent the castle and earn XP for themselves and for the castle as well. As a result, the value of the castle increases, thereby benefiting the player as well as the sponsor.

Do you really need an NFT Castle?

In the Castle Defense ecosystem, an NFT Castle is important to advance to the later stages of the game. Of course, an Esports player can play along without renting a castle, but as the game progresses, the difficulty level increases and in such cases renting an NFT Castle becomes a wiser choice.

Rented NFT Castles come with upgraded weapons such as upgradable lightning and cannon towers. With such upgrades, it’s easier to battle enemies and proceed to different stages of the game.

Also, without a castle, it’s not possible for a player to play Daily Challenges or 1V1 Challenges. Therefore, to have a wholesome Castle Defense experience, it’s important to rent an NFT Castle.

This brings us to our main point : How can one find an NFT Castle sponsor?

In this post we will talk about 3 easy ways to find an NFT Castle sponsor. So read on to know more.

3 easy ways to find an NFT Castle sponsor


1) In-game renting of an NFT Castle

The first easiest way to find a sponsor is as simple as it sounds. A player can rent any sponsor’s castle directly from the menu of Castle Defense

Here’s how. On the main menu of Castle Defense, there will be an alert section on the top of the screen if you do not have an NFT Castle. Upon clicking the link, you will come across the upgrade screen, where a list of castles will be displayed.

As highlighted earlier, a lot of features have been added to Castle Defense for a seamless user experience. One of the notable update, is while renting a castle. 

We have added 4 filters where players can filter out castles based on XP, Newly minted castles, Manual Contracts and Automatic Contracts.

Here’s what you can expect while using the filters:

XP(H): This filter arranges castles with higher XP in ascending order.

New Castles: Using this filter will display newly minted castles. These are new castles purchased from NFT Castle Market and do not have any XP on them.

Manual Contracts: These are castles that require the sponsor’s review. In other words, if you want to rent this type of castle, your rent request will be reviewed by the owner of the castle where he/she will view your gaming history, XP earning ability, etc. The renting of such a castle depends on the discretion of the sponsor.

Automatic Contracts: These are castles that don’t require the sponsor’s review. You can rent the castle immediately and start playing Castle Defense right away.

It’s now easy for a player to find the right castle but if you are still looking for alternate ways, there are 2 more as listed below.



2) Networking through Pocket Arena’s Official Telegram

Our official telegram is a home to over 7,500 Castle Defense enthusiasts which comprises of players and sponsors, who network with each other. As a result, players have found sponsors and vice versa. 

Apart from providing a platform to interact with each other on Telegram, we also provide game updates and customer support regarding Castle Defense and other casual games offered by Pocket Arena. 

We would recommend you to join our Telegram if you are a player looking for sponsors or if you’re a sponsor looking for players.


3) Networking through Pocket Arena’s Official Discord

We started our Discord server in the month of August 2021 and the community on Discord has been growing rapidly. At the time of writing this article, we have crossed 4,500 members on Discord. 

Our Discord is categorized into multiple channels for efficient communication among users. For instance, if you visit Discord you will find a lot of users interacting with each other in our country specific channels like the ones for Philippines, France, Vietnam, Korea, and Japan.

So if you join our Discord server, chances are you can find a sponsor by networking with the right people across channels.




Hope this helps you in finding the right NFT Castle sponsor. The filter update to castle renting has made things easier for anyone seeking to rent a castle, and we feel now it will be easier to rent an NFT Castle in Castle Defense. 

For more updates and announcements, don’t forget to follow us on Twitter, Telegram and Discord.

Pocket Arena: The journey thus far and what’s ahead


You might not know this about us, but Pocket Arena has been around, in one form or another, for quite a long time. Emoji Games, Pocket Arena’s parent company, arrived on the scene in 2005 with the introduction of their try-and-buy micropayment solution to be used by game developers. This development was part of what secured us partnerships with Samsung, Gameloft, Namco, EA, Sega, and Ericsson.

Developing games is our specialty. We went on to create branded mini-games (BMGs) that could be installed within mobile shopping apps to increase daily users. Since then, BMGs have been integrated by more than 100 brands including BMW and KFC. We have also developed many hyper-casual and casual games at the recommendation and request of game publishers. As part of Emoji Games, we have delivered more than 1.5 billion games in 55 countries wide since our inception. 

However, we are not ready to stop there. All of the experience gathered over the last 17 or so years, as part of Emoji Games and beyond, is now being used to develop new blockchain gaming experiences. Over the next few months, we’re going to see new games, new updates, and new features for our community that will continue to bring value to their playing experience. 


          What’s In The Pipeline For Castle Arena 

          Community Building 

          What’s Coming Up 

What’s In The Pipeline For Castle Arena 

One game that takes up a lot of our time is Castle Defense. Our team is always hard at work collaborating with each other to bring you the next set of updates for our flagship game. 

Our guild feature already has registered members from over different nationalities and we’re looking to expand to even more. Guilds are going to be a huge part of the Castle Defense ecosystem, allowing castle owners and players to share XP and build trust between each other for their mutual benefit. Castle Defense will also see the introduction of the new Luzern map, which will host 99 different Guilds and consist of 11,444 land plots with space for a maximum of 5000 NFT castles. Spectator mode will also soon be introduced to the castle defense experience. In order to open Castle Defense to a bigger market, Pocket Arena will be integrating the Euro-pegged stablecoin eEUR. Users will be able to buy NFT castles with eEUR and also withdraw eEUR to USDT.

With all these new features being added to the game, the next few months is set to be a very exciting time for NFT Castle Defense. We expect to see a huge amount of players earning XP on our platform and it is for this reason that we will be introducing our XP audit program. This audit will be for the P2P Castle market and will verify the amount of XP a castle has earned as part of the game. The amount of XP attached to a castle will determine how effective it is in gameplay and therefore, how valuable it is. With this in mind, verifying the XP of a castle will create a healthy and sustainable eSports ecosystem for everyone involved. 

Community Building 

Another area that Pocket Arena is always working on is our community reach. We have over 7000 members on our Telegram, almost 13000 followers on Twitter, and more than 4000 followers on Facebook. Because of the amount of value in our games, it is vital that customer queries and complaints are answered in a timely fashion. Customers should not tolerate any lingering uncertainty concerning digital assets that might be very valuable to them. With this in mind, these social networks will be used to deliver excellent customer support and ensure that we can always be in contact with our community. 

Our community has also recently passed a very special Milestone. In October 2020, the peak daily average user (DAU) of Axie infinity was 5,500. This October our DAU passed that number to reach 6,224. Since last year, Axie Infinity has gone on to become the biggest name in blockchain gaming. Having reached this milestone and seeing very high retention levels Axie’s is a journey we hope to emulate in the coming year.

What’s Coming Up

One of the biggest developments in our Pocket Arena story is soon to be upon us. Within the next few months we will be announcing the launch of our IDO which will finally see our POC token go on public sale. We’re all very excited about this so we can’t wait to see who decides to take part. 

Castle Arena remains our biggest focus though and the new features that include maps, playing styles, and land for our players to capture, are sure to bring even more value into the space. Those looking to get involved should be quick though because once the 5,000th NFT castle is minted we’ll be pausing our NFT sales for a few weeks. P2P sales will continue though allowing investors to continue to realize value from their own gaming assets.

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NFT Gaming: The Prototype Of The Next Version Of The Internet


Consider how fundamental the internet is in your day-to-day life. Consider how online commerce has become a massive part of almost every industry in the world. Consider how everything down to the way we interact with each other socially has been changed by the internet. As of January 2021, the internet had 4.4 billion active users, meaning that nearly 60% of the world population was online. The internet is a tool that can supplement or imitate almost every activity a person can take part in. Its effects are almost impossible to measure because it has been integrated with every facet of our day-to-day lives. 

It would be difficult to convince someone in 1995 when the internet first went online just how ubiquitous it would become. The effects it has had have been simply too seismic for anyone but the most perceptive of futurists to conceive of. It is similarly difficult now to believe that the internet is simply the first stage of something much larger. Something that might not just supplement our day-to-day lives but replicate it entirely. This something is known as the metaverse. 


          The Metaverse 

          NFT Games And The Metaverse 

The Metaverse

The metaverse is the fully immersive 3D world which will replace the internet of today. Like the introduction of the internet, the introduction of the metaverse will change how we interact with each other, do business, play and learn and not only is the metaverse going to change the world but it might do it a lot quicker than people are expecting. 

The software that can power the metaverse already exists. In fact, a lot of what could be classed as prototype metaverses are already live. Fortnite began as a shooting game but it’s grown into something a lot bigger. Powered by the Unreal Engine, the fortnite experience has grown to include a much broader community that even hosts virtual concerts. Fortnite is powered by the Unreal Engine, the same engine used to create AAA game games and CGI in Hollywood films. The popularity of Fortnite events not only proves the feasibility of the metaverse but the demand for it too.

Facebook Horizon is another one of the platforms that could be seen as a metaverse prototype. Horizon is a virtual reality online video game that integrates a game creation system. Released by Facebook for Windows and compatible with Oculus Quest the game is currently still in its beta phase. Facebook Horizon is essentially a virtual reality space where people can meet to play other games. It’s an online community that exists around the space games can be played in. Horizon is powered by Unity, another advanced games engine that could, along with Unreal Engine, prove to be one of the software building blocks of the metaverse. 

The final hurdle that the metaverse must cross before it achieves mass adoption is that the hardware to make it possible needs to become more accessible to average people. This is already well underway with Oculus, Microsoft Hololens and PlayStation VR providing wearables that can immerse their users totally in a virtual reality world. In addition to that, 5G is seeing internet speeds 100 times faster than that of 3G. This will make interfacing with the metaverse completely seamless and allow it to successfully replicate so many real life experiences. 

The implications of this world are massive. The internet will no longer be accessed through a 2D screen but will be a fully immersive 3D world that everyone on Earth has access to. You will no longer need to type into a search bar to find what you’re looking for, instead you will have your own AI virtual assistant that will search for you. In fact, you won’t need a keyboard at all as you walk and talk just like you would in the real-world because you’ll be accessing the metaverse through virtual devices. IP addresses will be unnecessary as you simply have to go to a particular area inside the 3D metaverse to get to what you need. This is a world that could successfully immerse our entire planet. 

NFT Games And The Metaverse 

So perhaps you’re wondering what the metaverse has to do with Pocket Arena. Well the virtual land and virtual items within this world are going to be the most important aspects of it. In order for some of these items to have any value at all, people are going to need to have true verifiable ownership of them. This is where NFTs come in. They provide the metaverse with this ownership. In fact, the ability for a virtual item to be used and also retain its value through ownership is already seen perfectly in the blockchain gaming sphere. 

NFT Castle Defense is, so far, our premier release. Just like Fortnite and Facebook Horizon, NFT Castle Defense can serve as a prototype for the metaverse world that we will see in the future. However, unlike Fortnite and Horizon, it is not the game’s engine that will be utilized. It is the ability for virtual items within our virtual world to retain real-world value based on their virtual utility. This value is what can create a community of players in a mutually developing ecosystem and give a small example of the type of commerce that can exist in the metaverse. 

NFT Castle Defense features players buying NFT Castles that can then be used as part of the tower defense game. Any castle used during a game will gain XP, which will then make it stronger and this increase the value of the item. Players can even choose to be sponsors who purchase castles for professional Esports players and then share the profits with each other. For an example of the value that can be extracted from this ecosystem, castles were originally sold for $50 each by Pocket Arena. However, many of them had since been sold within the game’s online marketplace for nearly 10 times that amount. 

Players can also occupy land within the virtual world and use the NFT castles to defend and grow their territory. The more high quality castles a player owns, the more they win and the more castle they are, in turn, able to obtain. It creates a self-sustaining system where players can earn money by playing. It is a community where people buy, sell, and trade virtual items. Essentially, NFT Castle Defense is already a virtual world where items and space have value, just like they will in the metaverse. 

NFTs are the final piece in the metaverse puzzle. In addition to the games engines and hardware required, this will bring the metaverse to life. NFTs are the technology that will allow whole communities and businesses to develop inside the metaverse. 

Our online world may seem archaic compared to the all-encompassing metaverse that will grow from it. However, Pocket Arena is proud to be a part in the development of this world changing online universe.

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How to Deposit POC From DCoin to PA Wallet

In this post we will talk about how you can deposit POC from Dcoin to your PA Wallet. Follow the steps listed below to know the entire transfer process.

  • Visit to view your assets. Ensure you are logged in or have entered the correct login details when you are prompted to. 
  • To view all your POC investments, type “POC” in the search field located on the right side of the balances menu. You can check the reference image below.

Once POC is displayed, navigate to “Manage” and click on the 3 dotted icon. You can check the reference image below.

  • As shown in the above image, click on “Withdraw” from the dropdown menu. As soon you click withdraw, you will be navigated to the withdrawal page.
  • Enter the public key correctly in the “Withdraw by Address” field. The public key will be as follows: GDPVRT6SSYDJDFBXLUJYZIY4O24GIZU6ODOEAT5CZRMSUCK3BZI3PURK
  • POC Memo must also be entered correctly. Ensure you enter the correct public key here. Otherwise POC won’t be deposited to your PA wallet.

NOTE: POC Memo is different for each PA account. Your POC Memo can be viewed by clicking -> POC Classic -> Dcoin  banner, in your PA Wallet. Please check the reference image below.


Points to remember:

Dcoin incurs a fee.

Minimum withdrawn quantity is 300 POC.

Withdrawal fees will be applicable.

This Withdrawal service is only supported until 15th October 2021.

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