ROBUST PLAN of Pocket Arena Ecosystem until Jan 2019

Advantages of PA games

PA games does not require any plug-ins like MetaMask and it plays, without download, on any internet & mobile browser. It does not feel like a game running on the blockchain, as it is very responsive and works seamlessly on any browser. POC runs on the Stellar network so as the cost of each transaction is so small, it is not passed onto the user. Yet users still benefit from blockchain technology to receive real world benefits along with pathing the way to enable a virtual item exchange for their in-game digital assets.

A total of 400,000,000 POC (40% of total minted POC) are allocated for POC rewards for PA end users.

No. of PA Wallet users * Daily Active User = the number of ledger transaction

DAU will increase when users are:

  • -inviting friends
  • -playing games
  • -buying game items
  • -participating championships

10% of every POC earned by game users will be reserved for the game developers, so it is a great incentivised motivation for game developers to participate in PA projects and help grow the PA ecosystem.


How to grow the PA wallet users


1. Through external publishing partners

Currently Brick Breaker Quest is a one of top ranked games on Facebook Instant Game developed by Emoji Games, generating c.a. 450,000 DAU everyday. This game will be launched as PA version from Aug 20th 2018.

On top of that, we also have 9 more high quality advanced HTML5 games preparing to be launched for the PA platform by the end of 2019.

We shall soon publish these games in partnership with the major game portals worldwide, which shall provide us with additional revenue from advertising. We feel confident about being published by these worldwide partners as they have shown a lot of interest and are keen to have high quality games released on their portals.

2.Through Branded Mini-Games with Casual eSports service

Based on our know-how and experience working with international brands, we will provide a free branded game production service  – asking only that the brands bears the cost for publishing, advertising on third-party platforms and any user prizes their campaign may include. Brands can effectively engage with users and grow their fans through their own branded games and at the same time, we can grow our PA user base through users opt ins.

See details of the BMG Casual eSports offer.

Our aim to to increase the DAU of PA.

Considering the CryptoKitties DAU is below 400 a day. using this strategy for next 6 months by Feb 2019, PA aims to grow the DAU by 10,000 a day within a next 6 months.

This figure will satisfy the requirements of most major crypto exchanges for listing, such as Bittrex.

By Hyong S. Kim

CEO of Emoji Games

03 Aug 2019